ESC to close 3.85 (by 2654 users)last friends
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized last friends


genres drama, life, romance, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 10 Apr, 2008 - 19 Jun, 2008
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.85 of 5 by 2654 users
total users 4042
rating 10220
favorites 323


last friends special: encore tokubetsu hen
2008 TV jp


Michiru finally leaves her parent's nest to live with the boyfriend she very much loved -- Sousuke was everything to her and living with him was her dream. She realizes her mistake when Sousuke reveals how twisted and dangerously jealous he can get, and she ends up having to seek help from her childhood friend Ruka. The Share House that Ruka rents with several others is a meeting point of several troubled lives that have their own tangled problems, but perhaps the 'house' could become a 'home' if shared with good friends.




Mizushima Takeru
Kishimoto Ruka
Oikawa Sousuke
Aida Michiru
Takigawa Eri
Hayashida Kazumi




20 Jul, 2010
This easily ranks as one of my top favourite dramas so far. Reading the synopsises I found online I went in not expecting to like this at all but I easily got addicted & ended up watching it in one go.

It's a very interesting & well thought out human drama with a very solid story. The acting on all parts is really good with each one suiting their role perfectly. I especially enjoyed what Eita brought to the drama as well as Nishidiko Ryo. He did an amazing job considering the complexity of Sousuke's character.

I also think the insert song "Prisoner of Love" by Utada Hikaru & opening credits suit Last Friends perfectly. Tying everything together from start to finish.

The only downside is the special as most of it was re-caps except for the start & end. I would have preferred a proper special. There's only really about 10 minutes of new footage. I’d love to see a 10 years down the line special. Once Rumi is grown up. That would be cool!

Now to go admire my Okaeri Takeru mug XD!!! One day I will have the full set…
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29 Nov, 2011
Both series are about a group of people who meet 'by chance' and end up building a strong friendship between them. Also, characters in both series hide some dark things in their life and the plot touches on topics such as homosexuality or suicide.

07 Oct, 2010
Very similar themes of love, betrayal, jealousy etc. Also same artist doing the theme song.


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dramaaddict 14 Feb, 2017
This drama started off SO STRONG for me, I couldn't stop watching, but as the episodes progressed it just got unbelievable and repetive... I hated Sousuke and Michiru got on my nerves so many times. Ruka and Takeru were awesome though.
The last episode felt flat and boring, because it was too long, and some things stay unsolved.
What is going to happen to Ruka and her Gender Identity? Is Takeru ever resolving the thing with his sister?
I still love the first half of the drama, but after episode 5 it was sadly just more or less ok for me :/
zor6a 02 Jun, 2016
Адски силен и разтърсващ сериал! Винаги ще го помня! Остави дълбока следа в сърцето ми! Perfect Actors! Love it!! ❤❤❤
fuyuu 21 Feb, 2016
To the end it become not such interesting and detailed story, but overall a very good 5/5
Ueno Juri are brilliant here! I recognized her only in the second series :D
pyapi 25 Aug, 2015
I honestly don't know what people see in Sousuke. Since there were so many comments about loving him I thought something must happen before the end to make him redeemable but... That didn't happen for me.

Yes, his suicide was sort of sad. His letter made his character more gray-ish, it certainly made me pity him because clearly he wasn't well at all, but I couldn't find myself to like him even in the end. In fact, the way he decided to kill himself convinced me he was even more messed up than before

Overall, a very solid drama, I think, although I found myself more interested in Ruka's storyline than Michiru's. Probably had to do with the acting because Ueno Juri and Eita were very, very good in this while I didn't like Ryo's or Nagasawa Masami's acting much (It's not bad, but I felt it paled compared to how well Ueno Juri did)

I don't know how to feel about the ending. It's standard 'everyone's got a happy ending' end, although I did find it interesting that they settled on focusing on the friendships rather than romantic relationships and decided to raise Rumi in the sharehouse. Still, I can't help but feel a little bit unsatisfied by the end
danisensei 22 Nov, 2014
Before I started watching this drama, I read the comments, and many talking about how ppl liked Sousuke. When watching the episodes, I couldn't understand why was that; he was detestable to me. In the last chapter I got it. How I did it.
It was an amazing drama due to its plot and important details correlated to the characters' personalities and events.
natachu 29 Sep, 2014
I loved Souske. From the beginning to the end. Even if he was psycho. [7]
junho1582 29 May, 2014
Very solid drama from start to finish, few things bothered me, but overall very addicting and a great watch.
silentscream93 18 May, 2014
I liked the way how those five got closer to each other.
Ryo was amazing in this, even if he was a psycho.
One of the best j-dramas!