ESC to close 2.93 (by 1018 users)my black minidress 마이 블랙 미니드레스
  • 2011
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized my black minidress
english Little Black Dress
aka my black mini dress, mai beullaek minideureseu, naui beullaek minideureseu, 나의 블랙 미니드레스

Based On

based on book
title my black minidress
author Kim Min Seo (김민서)


genres drama, life, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 24 Mar, 2011
duration 108 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.93 of 5 by 1018 users
total users 1717
rating 2978
favorites 2



Four best friends graduate happily. A few months after graduation, they realize how hard it is to cope with the real world. They struggle with love, jealousy, stardom, examinations, death and employment. All of these end up being obstacles to their friendship.




Yu Min
Hye Ji
Su Jin
Min Hui
Seok Won
Seung Won


director, screenwriter


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07 Jun, 2016
Both film centre around four female best friends in their twenties.


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dodii 08 Jan, 2014
Liked the movie! It quite resumes a bit of my life after graduation and friendship~
leylachan 25 Feb, 2013
hansol 20 Jan, 2013
alright movie, liked the cast and the moral. nothing special though, I must say.
mikomi0e 04 Jul, 2012
@naryui agree. They could film so much better with the cast. Just a waste of their careers, imo.
erutaiyou 01 Jun, 2012
I really liked this movie! Seriously, it had nice, flowing script, a good proportion of sad and funny scenes, beautiful outfits(!!!) and the girls were all very good! maybe this isn't a masterpiece that will make history but that doesn't make it less enjoyable!
fernandaalves93 19 Apr, 2012
Não gostei muito
kimjihoi 12 Feb, 2012
In my oppinion this movie is... to messy. There're a lot of unfinished small stories and i think they tried too hard to make it look USAstyle. I liked it but.. it's not the best. I think it could be better as short drama serie.
nehaahmed 13 Jan, 2012
I agree with yoonmin and bleachtsubasa. It was nothing too interesting or exciting; rather, a nice, simple slice-of-life movie that shows... well, a slice of life. It shows how even best friends go through tough times and how difficult jealousy can be to deal with, especially when it seems unfounded. It also shows how death and bad times can bring people closer together. And that there is a lot of distress in this world, a lot of people who are unsatisfied with where they are.

When one friend rises to fame while the others are still struggling, the others feel jealous and it splits them up. But because they are split up, Hye Ji does not have success anymore. Later when they all manage to come back together, they support each other and so their characters develop as they go from being jealous of each other's successes to supporting each other as each of them find their stage in life one by one. And at the end, although Yu Min is the only one who is still unsuccessful, she's no longer stressed by that fact, but rather works hard and looks forward to the day she'll become big because even as she works to that point, she enjoys what she's doing.

I think that's a very important message portrayed in this movie: that although you may feel unsuccessful, you still have the power to change what you're doing and do something that you enjoy, and as long as you have people supporting you, you'll be fine. Friendships go through a lot of rough patches, especially as we grow and mature, but it is important to keep them strong, because they're what keep us going!

I also thought the whole thing with the 'black minidress' was pretty awesome, and I love how its true significance wasn't revealed until the very end. :)

All that said, I recommend this movie to people in their twenties or older, because I think they'd be able to actually relate to it and so it would be a lot more meaningful to them. I'd certainly have enjoyed it a lot more if I was a little older, because some concepts felt so distant from me as a high schooler who doesn't yet have any concerns that I'm getting nowhere in life or that I'm not where I thought I would be by now. And I think that's also the reason for the low ratings; because it was rated largely by people who were unable to relate to the movie and hence unable to understand its significance.

All in all, I give it a 4/5 :)

**Edit: Oh and I have to add, as a 17-year-old girl the most exciting thing for me in this movie was the appearance of Dong Ho from U-Kiss omoooo~~~~ *excited fan-girl squealing* :D:D ♥