ESC to close 3.98 (by 285 users)iryuu
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized iryuu
english Team Medical Dragon


genres medical


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 13 Apr, 2006 - 29 Jun, 2006
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.98 of 5 by 285 users
total users 489
rating 1134
favorites 23


iryuu 2
2007 TV jp


Asada Ryuutarou is a brilliant surgeon who, after being framed for a misdiagnosis, went into exile. Soon after, he was sought out by Katou Akira, a female doctor who had aspired to become a top professor. However, she needed to successfully perform a surgery using the Batista technique and complete a thesis on it, and she believed Asada to be the one who could help her achieve her dream.


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Asada Ryuutarou
Katou Akira
Satohara Miki
Ijuuin Noboru
Kitou Shouko
Kirishima Gunji




25 Jan, 2010
First off, may I mention how much of an excellent OST Iryuu has? Okay. What I really enjoyed about this was that it was much more than a simple medical drama of doctors saving patients. It delved into hospital management and corruption, things that I think are fairly realistic (at least the motives). This was the kind of show that had me on the edge of the seat.
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29 Jan, 2015
They are both about brilliant, but unconventional doctors.

15 Nov, 2010
Both series are about a male surgeon who, creating the image of a whole patient's body in his head, is able to create miracles, operating only with the most difficult and almost impossible cases. With his skills, there is nothing impossible!


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sodium 15 Apr, 2012
Usually I really dislike medical series so I was a bit hesitant to watch it, but in the end I don't regret it at all. It was boring sometimes, but the latest episodes are really good. I especially loved Kirishima in that drama, a very touching character. And for sure, really liked Asada, hospital's hero.
zuzuniko 03 Jan, 2012
one of the best dramas <3
daredaniel 02 Apr, 2011
I know that dramas are supposed to be about things that don't happen in real life, they want to be fun and entertaining in the first place, but iryuu is like an insult to the audience's intelligence. You can't put a doctor reacting like he was watching blood for the first time in his life, or hearing Asada Ryuutarou's explanations on operating methods like he never heard of them... I feel more ignorant after watching 2 episodes of this show.
zaharisa 02 Apr, 2011
@daredaniel- well.. it's about being used to it.
You are right about it.
And also- in mine country- almost all doctors are ignorant like this /although that's a generalism, but.. yeah- that's how it is/, so- it wasn't so unrealistic in that part- more in the heroic one ('cause we don't have a heroes like that here- to save us- nor people's powers are like this..).
In the end- I must say.. they are not a lot smart&positive stuff to watch these days- try to find some and you will end up watching something "cheesy". I'm sorry, but I just generally dislike depressing series and movies, so.. better choose a cheesy one like this that gave me some hope of being a patient /a human being/ here and also some good mood at the same time.
daredaniel 27 Mar, 2011
This is one of the most unrealistic things I've ever seen in my life, dropped it after 2 episodes. The reactions taken by some doctors during the operating scenes are ABSURD, it's like Asada Ryuutarou was the only person there that studied to be a doctor and the others are a bunch of ignorants. Also cliche story, lame characters, boring for most if the time... I wonder how people can swallow something so cheesy like this.
efchan 01 Feb, 2011
great, one of the best drama i've ever seen ^^
flcl 16 Nov, 2010

I found this slightly boring but overall it is very good with great actors, especially Abe Sadao. Something that I wanted is a better soundtrack.
genosan 16 Nov, 2010
Fantastic drama. The way that this drama exposes the cold hearted world and the backstabbing nature in the world of healthcare has been captured brilliantly.

The ways that the characters progress through the course of the drama as they grow and change is one of the highlights of this drama especially in the case of Ijuuin and Katou. It also managed to play with the settings of each scene to really capture the nature of each of the characters especially Noguchi as he has the very stereotypical "lair" that he does business in.

Other highlights include the way the plot has been woven throughout the eleven episodes as what you think the whole series will revolve around is not actually the thing that it revolves around a few episodes later. And throughout all of this it also manages to stay well within the realms of realism which is no easy feat when your main character is a surgical genius in Asada.

The only real thing I didn't like about it was that it lacked an opening theme song and instead we only got a little dragon graphic and the song that rolls with the credits. That is only a personal problem but in no way changes the drama itself it's just an extra that I would have preferred to actually be there.

Overall it was a fantastic drama in every sense and I cannot wait to begin season 2 and later on season 3. 5/5