ESC to close 3.51 (by 3372 users)minyeoneun goerowo 미녀는 괴로워
  • 2006
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized minyeoneun goerowo
english 200 Pounds Beauty (literal)
aka Being Beautiful Is Agonizing

Based On

based on manga
title kannasan, daiseikou desu!
author Suzuki Yumiko (鈴木由美子)


genres comedy, life, romance, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 14 Dec, 2006
duration 120 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.51 of 5 by 3372 users
total users 4312
rating 11827
favorites 96


kannasan, daiseikou desu!
2009 film jp
same setting


With two hundred pounds on her back, Hanna undergoes plastic surgery to get the man of her dreams and become a pop sensation.




Gang Han Na
Han Sang Jun
Chinese Noodle Stalker
Park Jeong Min
Lee Gong Hak
Han Na's Dad


director, screenwriter
costume designer


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15 Jun, 2015
The two centre around a girl who undergoes plastic surgery to earn herself a better life as a good looking person.

13 Apr, 2012
Both are about a heart-warming but overweight person who was dumped by the person they loved, because of their looks. Since they want to have this person's love back, they undergoes plastic surgery. They even become famous for being a natural beauty, which is, of course, a lie.


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danisensei 10 May, 2015
I thought this filme was gonna be very boring, but I suddenly decided to watch it. I didn't think I'd like it this much.
jangminhae 25 Jun, 2014
okay.... i didn't really like it in the begining, because fat hanna was shown in a rediculous way, but then it got waaaaay better! i liked the ending
because she became confident at last and happy about herself, not because of the surgury, but because of being sencere to everyone...

well, i really liked it, though...
and i couldn't help myself singing Maria, ave Maria for three days or so afterwards!!! =]

Good: 3/5
beautifur 31 May, 2014
Great movie about plastic surgery. Both funny and sad. Recommended!
iluvlynx 02 Mar, 2014
I liked that it was frank about plastic surgery, which so many Koreans get nowadays... It was interesting to see the mentality behind the surgery and how it changed her life, and what girls expect their lives to be like after going under the knife.

Sometimes it's not just about the looks, but also the beauty inside. I think this movie showed that theme well.
satzu 11 Jan, 2013
I almost gave it 4/5 because I felt so bad about her dad ;__;
the best movie that I have seen in a while!!!
and I loved the OST!! Mariaaaaaaa~ Ave Mariaa~
prinseu 05 Jan, 2013
never seen a fat person that looks so ridiculous.. why are fat people so exaggerated when it comes to Korean dramas/movies? but I loved the OST and even though the lead character made me cringe so bad several times the actress that plays her is ever so beautiful. the ending was so touching. but I agree with palepaleta, it would've been better as a mini drama.
makiru 12 Nov, 2012
I really love this movie, I even forced my mom to watch it lol
My mom is not into asian movies but she likes this one.
The OST got stuck in my head forever... Maaaaaaaariaaaa~
palepaleta 23 Aug, 2012
The actress is beautifull, and in the beginning it was a funny movie...

but then, it was so slow and with SO MANY THINGS.

Koreans have this problem, they kind of want to adapt a long script in a short movie.

this will be better like a mini drama, of six episodes maybe.

(And I kind of want to know if sang ju loved her in her chubby form!)

Sorry clumsy english, too lazy to open a translator.

Oh, btw... the OST was really good!

I kept singing Ave Maria hahaha.