ESC to close 4.19 (by 4087 users)city hunter 시티헌터
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized city hunter
aka siti heonteo

Based On

based on manga
title city hunter
author Houjou Tsukasa (北条司)


genres action, crime, drama, romance, law, politics


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 25 May, 2011 - 28 Jul, 2011
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 4.19 of 5 by 4087 users
total users 6302
rating 17123
favorites 882


city hunter
1987 TV jp
same setting
sing si lip yan
1993 film hk
same setting


After hearing about his real father and the circumstances of his death from his foster father, Lee Yun Seong is seeking revenge. His enemies are five of the most powerful South Korean politicians. However, his own feelings start to get in the way of their plan of vengeance.




Lee Yun Seong
Kim Na Na
Kim Yeong Ju
Lee Jin Pyo
Go Gi Jun
Jin Su Hui




09 Jan, 2012
Aah, the other contender for best drama of the year 2011 (with Choegoui Sarang).

To say that City Hunter is magnificent is such an under-statement. No, City Hunter is so much more than just magnificent. The plot is highly intriguing and beautifully orchestrated. What is most brilliant is the balance the drama found between the main story (the revenge for Operation Clean Sweep) and the father-son relation between Lee Yun Seong and Lee Jin Pyo.

While the father came across as the villain of the drama, I believe his role was the best of all, perhaps because I warmed to his somewhat extreme personality, twisted by anger and revenge. His death was heroic and him taking the fall for his son to offer what he (Yun Seong) always sought (a normal life) was ultimately the best way to express the feelings he had for him as his father but that he never really showed.

Lee Jun Hyeok (Kim Yeong Ju) was brilliant in this role, he really has grown as an actor. His role was awesome too, again : we had the cliché of corrupt father vs upright son and all the angst and conflicted relation that stems for it, but Kim Yeong Ju ultimately falling at the hands of his fathers' minions (in a way) is so tragic and fitting at the same time.

I could go on forever, I should probably stop here. City Hunter is my personal favorite, because it's so gorgeous.
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29 Jul, 2011
I started watching this drama with my doubts. When I saw the previews, I thought, "oh...another cop/revenge show with a good looking lead that they'll exploit just to get fan girls to watch."

But in the first episode, it showed that it would be the storyline that would be focused on more. And it is a good story. I wasn't sure how Lee Minho would do in this role, since it's quite a different character from what we'd expect. (Would it be just another lady killer prowling the night?) But--as each of the characters were introduced to us, we were shown different sides and watched as Yun Seong carried out the tasks in a way that he believed was right.

What I love most about this drama is that with this type of storyline, the acting and the actions taken by the characters could have all become a bit too over the top and take on the over-dramatic quality that so many Asian dramas have. But here, everything was just right. The characters showed that they could be calm, calculating and collected, but also passionate when the situation arose, which made them so much more believable. So for that, I have to say the writers did a great job for putting absolutely no annoying characters in this drama.

Nana is perhaps my favourite female character in a kdrama, for always maintaining what she believed in and being such a great support for Yun Seong. There was a good balance of entertainment from the side characters as well. I also really liked the prosecutor character, who is determined to catch the City Hunter, as this was what he believed to be the just way.

The ending, while some may wish it was more expanded on, I felt was appropriate for the drama. There were heartwarming moments, but also lots of action and the viewer is always drawn in to cheer for the City Hunter whenever he succeeded. There is a hint of romance, but it doesn't overshadow the main action of the story.

I would definitely recommend this, as it was a nice break from all the cheesy, romantic, or overdramatic dramas out there.
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28 Dec, 2014
Both shows are action-packed drama with a romantic sidestory. Seo Jeong Hu (Healer) as well as Lee Yun Seong (City Hunter) have to hide their true identity to accomplish their goal.

15 Sep, 2013
Both dramas have a character who plots revenge for their wronged family members.


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neo9000 21 Feb, 2019
Went with avg because over the course of 20 eps it developed too many issues.

The first ep honestly sucked. Then it was funny, good balance between romance and dynamic action. Then suddenly romance part was dropped entirely and never rlly picked up again (even last episode was a disappointment in this regard). Full focus on action would have been ok, if they didnt lose that much dynamic and they never got it back. They even added this dump scenes where nothing much happens but dramatic bgm.

Well as I knew it was based on a japanese work, I also didnt have much expectation towards the romance part - which I was totally correct about.

Beyond episode 6 or so it sadly turned gradually into a waste of time.
sweetsuga 24 Jan, 2017
@strawberryz vou confiar em você.
strawberryz 20 Apr, 2016
Definitivamente um dos melhores doramas que assisti, com um roteiro muito bem construído e cheio de revira voltas e com ótimos personagens secundários. Todos deveriam vê-lo pelo menos uma vez na vida. <3
karinchen 18 Mar, 2016
it was really really really good, but whats wrong with the last minutes? that was .... *there is no right word for it* :/
ataruko 26 Aug, 2015
It could become a better drama without too many flashbacks, overdramatised moments and moments of "thinking" that I had to fast forward.

As it was said already every time someone was wounded no one called the ambulance and it was the stupidest thing in this drama. It's like their reality doesn't have ambulances at all.
And I couldn't believe that Yeong Ju is dead even at his funeral. Why did they have to kill him??? Will never understand that.
xylaire 20 Aug, 2015
After all these years hearing that City Hunter is one of the best dramas out there, I finally watched it and boy... That's an extremely overrated drama if I know one.

It's not bad but certainly not worth the hype imo. It's full of clichés, I often found some story points to be absurd/over-the-top and the romance veers often into annoying territory and has waaay too much screentime for a drama that's suppose to be about revenge.

The acting range from just ok to good from the veteran actors but seriously what's all the fuss about Lee Min-Ho ? I could never trully believe in his character there, nor could I connect emotionally with him.
I guess I'm one of the few (do they even exist ?) who's impervious to LMH appeal. So when you can't appreciate the hero, well that poses a certain problem.

I agree with you, it's one of the point I found completely absurd.
'Meh' is just the right word to describe that ending ;)
danisensei 15 Aug, 2015
@taekyul893 I agree with you. I also had the same feeling about him.
Another thing I couldn't understand was
why Yoon Sung didn't call an ambulance. Same thing when Yoon Sung was shot in the last episode. Na Na was just beside him, crying. I was like 'what are you waiting for to call an ambulance?'
And I expected a happier ending. It was kinda 'meh', imo. :P
letty93 19 Jun, 2015
70% Romance / Relationship
20% Strategic crushing of politicians
10% Action [2]