ESC to close 2.94 (by 536 users)i am sam 아이엠샘
  • 2007
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized i am sam
aka I Am Teacher, I'm Sam, ai em saem


genres comedy, romance, school


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 06 Aug, 2007 - 02 Oct, 2007
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 2.94 of 5 by 536 users
total users 1177
rating 1574
favorites 15


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Jang I San is a teacher, but his circumstances are pretty bad -- especially when one new student is entering the school.


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Jang I San
Yu Eun Byeol
Chae Mu Sin
Heo Mo Se
Sin So I
Ji Seon Hu


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kirtil 26 Jun, 2015
big names, little content, and an awful love story.
iosimo 01 May, 2015
boring -.-
somiboo 10 Nov, 2013

Finally completed it, each episode was almost more unbearable than the other. The teacher was the major disappointment, but the storyline was just as bad. This could have been a pretty good drama but it doesn't seem as if the writers took any time at all to think things out.

As for the romance:

WTH was up with the teacher and Eun Byeol suddenly falling for each other? That was the stupidest attempt at a romance, and one of the most disgusting, that I have seen in a awhile. It was so forced, so un-natural, nasty, and out of left field. The series was bad enough without this but then this came and killed it.

First Post:
I'm forcing myself with this right now. The students are not bad, and I'm not saying that because its Lee Min Ho, and T.O.P, the student characters are so far pretty interesting..BUT the Teachers, now thats another story. The teachers make this unbearable, starting with Jang I San...god he's awful, just annoying and stupid. I'm only at episode 3 right now..yet I feel like its episode 50.
satzu 24 Jul, 2013
well it was worth to watch but it would have been more romantic... 4/5
blackgoten11 13 May, 2013
it really isn't a bad drama, it turned out to be good
nanael 10 Jan, 2012
Oh boy, it's so hard to see one episode. I saw 4 episodes in two years.
They tried to do an autistic teacher, but he's acting is so bad. It's ridiculous.
And I want to slap Ms Shin.

I hate myself because I hate to drop dramas. Why? Why? Why forcing myself? I want to die.
erisadesu 14 Oct, 2011
it was so boring that i didn't bother to finish it...Even the presence of Top sorry I meant tap didn't save the situation.
eunhye 02 Sep, 2011
Daaaamn it was so boring, but i finished it. Sank's you TOP and Min Ho, and Ryan, you made this drama just a bit better. I think this was the most boring drama i've ever saw. That teacher if sooooooooooooo annoying, i wanted to drop this every time he appeared at the screen. Eun Byeol - well, not bad, not bad.
Chae Mu Sin - it was just haha! He was orphan, right? But he had a great motorbike. And yeah, the pink helmet. The most rude and strong guy in school riding with a pink female helmet. Just great. TOP's acting aren't so good as now ^^ But still, he's cute.
Mo Se - my love here! Aaaawww, Lee Min Ho playing such a silly *_* (the idea to watch Boys Over Flowers appeared again, but the presence of Gu Hye Seon make me sick).
Yu Jae Gon - aaaaah, my lovely ajeossi <3 'Jae Wook's father' forever)) He was great, as always.
Another one benefit - Ji Seon Hu - he's adorable))) Ryan was look like Taec + Brian to me)
The cast and personages are nice (most of all), but i didn't liked drama at all.