ESC to close 3.9 (by 77 users)ookiku furikabutte
  • 2007
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized ookiku furikabutte
english Big Windup! (literal)
aka oofuri, おお振り

Based On

based on manga
title ookiku furikabutte
author Higuchi Asa (ひぐちアサ)


genres comedy, sports


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TBS
by A-1 Pictures (A-1 Pictures)


date 13 Apr, 2007 - 28 Sep, 2007
episodes 25
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 01:25 - 01:55
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 77 users
total users 130
rating 300
favorites 3


ookiku furikabutte: natsu no taikai hen
2010 TV jp


Mihashi was ace pitcher in his schools baseball team but he was hated by his teammates because it seemed that he only got the position because Mihashi's grandfather was owner of the school. After graduating middle school Mihashi has an impression that he is lousy pitcher but still he joins the baseball team after transferring to new school. With new teammates he slowly starts to gain confidence and as a team they start to practise to the upcoming summer tournament.






director, screenwriter, storyboard creator
character designer, animation director
original creator
singer, composer


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06 Jul, 2016
Two baseball animations about a school aiming to compete in the seasonal baseball tournament.

29 Jan, 2015
They are both about high school school baseball teams that are about to take part in a national competition. Both teams are very small, and have little chance of getting very far.


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r0lan 08 Jul, 2016
@Random chan fanservice!! thats it thats the word i was looking for hahaha
you probably know, but i dont mind a bit of fanservice :P especially in sports anime ;D ;D

I've only seen 1 eps of Days as its the only eps released so far... im ok w/ the protag rn, i mean, unlike Echizen Ryoma (who is a cocky lil'brat frm eps 1 bless his character) they all gotta start somewhere right? haha :P

anyways, i hope you enjoy oofuri
i'd like to hear what you think about it after all this haha :P
Random chan 07 Jul, 2016
@r0lan Just watched first ep since the discussion seemed interesting, I can totally understand why you dislike Mihashi. The same reason that I'm having trouble with liking the main protagonist in DAYS. I find such insecurity unbelievable to some degree.

A lot of animated series would not be classified as shounen ai and still fit into 'bromance', which is not any different. It's just pure fanservice that is put into a series without any reason other than being fanservice. And I really don't like bromance. Friendship is cool and whatever but there is this fine line that makes it suggest there is more (I'm also this weird person who gets overattached to others XD, but overattachment looks different). I haven't really seen it in the first ep, but I'm sure it might happen in the future (lol, the screenshot XD).

I really hope the protagonist changes a little bit because I want to die inside ever time he's on screen and it's only ep 1...
r0lan 07 Jul, 2016
@Random chan @milisia
Mihashi and Abe's relationship a special one. Their relationship in terms of battery power I really like. However imo I do find oofuri to have bl undertones even tho the series isn't classified as shonen-ai in the slightest. I guess it's just a viewers perspective [this like one scene]. The way the scenes are portrayed just doesn't sit well with me in most cases (and i have nothing against bl series); my main issue why i didn't particularly enjoy this series as much as other sports anime is bc... the protag just got under my skin haha :P

Random chan, still give it a try tho, it's up to you whether you do find it to have undertones or not. Perhaps you might enjoy the series, perhaps not. And milisia, you can defend the series as much as you want, but my opinion stands haha sorry ^^
milisia 06 Jul, 2016
@Random chan it almost has none BL undertones , belive me. I watched both seasons and read manga sooo :/ ok, the guys all quite close to each other, but for me it was far from any BL more bromance/deep friendship etc. where you have a bunch of young guys, in on team, fighting for their dreams. We have some stupid jokes about the "tension" and Ren x Takaya relationship is...ekhm well "special" i can say, but i never would call it as shonen-ai undertones, more just like Mihashi, is..super attached to Takaya, but he has he's own reasons, and it's far from bl vibe :P Just Takaya is weirdo here :P and Mihashi for the first time has some friends here and there, so he's also weirdo, and that make their relationship , for some people "too deep" :P but for me, still "proper" . So give the title some try, just for Ren.
Look at him :

Random chan 06 Jul, 2016
@r0lan oh noes, I was planning to watch this... BL undertones? :(....... *tear*
r0lan 06 Jul, 2016
Slightly disappointed tbqh as ive heard so many good reviews about this series.

I love sports anime, but somehow I jst couldnt really enjoy this one.
Not bc of the shonen-ai undertones (it's not even a bl series) but bc i jst cant be on the same wavelength as Mihashi. He is so friggn flipping annoying it ended up being quite a turn off.

i love Abe tho, however I just cant get past the protag as he is too pathetically....... pathetic.
Will resume to watch S2 tho.
Random chan 30 Jan, 2015
@d0npian0 omg so true *_*
d0npian0 25 Jul, 2014
I will never not love a Japanese story around high school baseball!