ESC to close 3.19 (by 824 users)meitantei conan 10 shuunen kinen drama special: kudou shinichi e no chousenjou sayonara ~ made no prologue
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized meitantei conan 10 shuunen kinen drama special: kudou shinichi e no chousenjou sayonara ~ made no prologue
english Case Closed 10th Anniversary: Kudou Shinichi's Written Challenge - The Goodbye Prologue
literal Detective Conan 10th Anniversary: Kudou Shinichi's Written Challenge ~ The Goodbye Prologue

Based On

based on manga
title meitantei conan (名探偵コナン)
author Aoyama Goushou (青山剛昌)


genres mystery


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network ytv (Yomiuri TV)


date 02 Oct, 2006
episodes 1
duration 108 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 22:48
status released


avg. score 3.19 of 5 by 824 users
total users 1206
rating 2626
favorites 8


meitantei conan
1996 TV jp
same setting
meitantei conan drama special: kudou shinichi no fukkatsu! kuro no soshiki to no taiketsu
2007 TV jp


Kudou Shinichi is the current teenage in the spotlight, being a brilliant young detective he is. His popularity makes him receive a strange letter from an unknown sender declaring a challenge. It is said in the letter that something bad will happen at his school's trip and Shinichi has to solve the case. The 'bad thing' mentioned in the letter does happen. His classmate, Suzuki Sonoko, goes missing mysteriously. After a few days, another challenging letter comes and this time it is Shinichi's childhood friend, Mouri Ran, who vanishes. Being given 24 hours as a time limit, he has to save both of the girls before a time bomb at the place where the girls are kept explodes.


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Kudou Shinichi
Mouri Kogorou
Nishida Mai
Minamida Kyousuke
Mouri Ran
Suzuki Sonoko


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mikkuchan07 07 Jan, 2013
The story seems ok, the acting of Oguri Shun was great. He seems to fit into the role of Shinichi. Unfortunately he didn't continue the series...
dodi1d 19 Nov, 2012
it's not good like the anime, but i loved it Oguri shun is a great actor he's really awesome #^.^#
suzumemichi 11 Mar, 2012
I don't really know what it was, but I really hated this. I think it was small things that rubbed me the wrong way+ me being too much of a fan of Conan, perhaps? Sometimes being too much of a fan makes you dislike some of the franchise, after all. The case was too easy too, I only watch it to the end for the sake of completing it.
r0lan 07 Jan, 2012
Oguri Shun really is a good actor XD
zelman 26 Sep, 2011
not bad, but they should made more and develop the story a lil
crizbiii 10 Jan, 2011
It was pretty interesting. I thought that it's gonna be..worse? :D The plot was good and I liked almost all actors [Ghh, I hate Kurokawa Tomoka!!]
Anyways, I'm a fanatic Detective Conan fan, so yeah. ^^"
And I love Jinnai Takanori, his acting was AMAZING! Just like Kogorou. ^//^
arminna 05 Aug, 2010
for me it worked the other way round. the case (for me at least) was rather simple, not to say simplistic.
but I just had to see this absolutely epic scene with ball :)
mikomi0e 25 Jul, 2010
Well, for me the acting was bad. The only reason why I finished it was to find the culprit.