ESC to close 3.55 (by 1435 users)densha otoko
  • 2005
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized densha otoko
literal Train Man

Based On

based on real story


genres comedy, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 07 Jul, 2005 - 22 Sep, 2005
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.55 of 5 by 1435 users
total users 2262
rating 5092
favorites 151


densha otoko
2005 film jp
same setting
densha otoko deluxe: saigo no seisen
2006 TV jp
side story
densha otoko butaiban
2005 video jp
same setting


Yamada Tsuyoshi is a weird, creepy, coward Otaku. One day, he rides a train bothered by a drunk, fat man. This man starts to trouble a beautiful woman, who Yamada notices as attractive while sitting in front of her. He decides to help her, to stand up and tell the old man to go away. In return, she sends him Hermes teacups as thanks. Inexperienced with women, he turns to the single men's message board for advice and support.


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Aoyama Saori
Yamada Tsuyoshi
Yamada Aoi
Sakurai Kazuya
Minamoto Munetaka
Jinkama Misuzu




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29 Oct, 2011
It's about how bunch of otaku are trying to support each other through a website. In Densha Otoko they are trying to support one member's otaku love relationship, while in Akihabara@deep they are gathering together to fight against bullies. It's about their friendship and the way they support each other, and of course it's about Akihabara and the mania of the anime otaku.

05 Oct, 2010
Both are about otakus, except it's from a different gender's point of view.


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leviathan 26 Dec, 2016
Sweet story but sooo boring :(
kate64100 31 Jan, 2015
I adore how this drama show the kind of support that a person can get from people on the internet, without judgement and expectation, just warm advices and words of encouragement and interest in how you're doing, for everything to go well for you, when one often doesn't get those from people in the real life. It's really amazing.
And the growth of Yamada, it's shown so well and it makes one's heart warm up.
mikkuchan07 07 Jan, 2013
One of the best drama series. The soundtrack ist great, all the old fashioned songs ^^ Great!

The actors did a great job, I love all of them; Hermes-san, Atsushi, the "villain" Toyohara and of course the small role of Oguri Shun (great!)

While watching I could feel the tension between Hermes and Densha ^^
And I was touched about the theme of the drama; for me it is about tolerance, love and acceptance.

A drama I would recommend everybody
arashime 09 Feb, 2012
this dorama is surely rocks my day!! can't stop smiling! haha...i love tsuyoshi 2 otaku friends xDD the special and the deluxe is choOoo funny!! ahhh~~ benoist~~ (*≧▽≦)
japanfreak 24 Jan, 2012
Dad, big brother"s broken!! THIS IS EPIC LOL
omg when kazuya blocked his calls at the bar there was a Romanian song...they play Romanian songs in japan that's a surprise....
im almost like yamada and when i saw that is after a real story... Anyway i feel like the people on the board Densha Otoko somehow give me courage
I highly recommend this JDrama
sayitaintsojoe 09 Nov, 2011
This drama is sooo goood! I loved it!! DENSHAAAAAAAAA.....!
gumitko 04 Jul, 2011
It really exhaust me, this drama...
All the faltering and stammering...There was a moments I really wanted to drop it and don't continue with it again...
But in the end, I did finish it and I also quite like it.
And Shiraishi Miho and Oguri were anyway the best!!! ♥
akiratouya 29 Apr, 2011
In the end I liked this dorama. It was cute too. The characters were mostly funny but Densha's over-nervousness was somethimes kinda irritating.
I loved the message board scenes, especially when everyone was supporting Densha and Hermes's relationship really fervently 8D Everyone was really super otakuish. The Another Ending episode was especially interesting, got to know more about the A-chans guys. (you know, and extra episode, not alternative ending unlike the name suggests)
Oguri Shun's character was nice too as the mysterious hacker type of a nerd.

I am an Anime Otaku (in a milder way than in this series xD) too so in the scene when Densha was trying to stop being an otaku I was all "Nooo~ Don't throw the figures away! Sell them or give to someone but don't destroy them!" ^^;