ESC to close 4.13 (by 2801 users)49 il 49일
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized 49 il
english 49 Days (literal)
aka Pure Love


genres drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 16 Mar, 2011 - 19 May, 2011
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 4.13 of 5 by 2801 users
total users 4369
rating 11572
favorites 495



Sin Ji Hyeon gets into a car accident and ends up brain dead. She was not fated to die that day and thus she was given the chance of surviving. Walking around as an incomplete soul she has been lent the body of Song I Gyeong. She has been told to find three people who truly loved her and collect their tears within 49 days. Family members are excluded and do her friends really shed pure and sincere tears for her?




Han Gang
Sin Ji Hyeon
Song I Gyeong
Gang Min Ho
Sin In Jeong




12 Feb, 2013
Amazing drama! Well written, great acting by the cast especially by the main actress who plays both Song Yi Kyung and Shin Ji Hyun. I loved the character development and the interactions between characters. The synopsis will make you think that it'll be predictable but the twists are pretty unexpected and so is the ending but satisfying in its own way. It has a bit of everything, romance, comedy, happy, emotional scenes. It is one of those dramas that changes your outlook on life, rather than just entertaining us, it also teaches us a lot. Love this drama!
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04 Nov, 2011
49 Days is a story about a girl named Ji Hyeon, that has a terrible accident one day before her wedding. Since her lifetime wasn't used up yet, heaven gives her a chance to return to life: She has to collect pure tears from three people that love her in 49 days to get back to live. They can't be members of her family. Since Ji Hyeon feels like a loved child she accepts the challange. To collect the tears she has to borrow the body of I Gyeong, a rather depressive girl who lost her only one and important person 5 years ago. During her 49 days she discovers many unpleasant secrets, learns about friendship, love and family and gets closer to I Gyeong.

This doesn't sound like a very romantic story, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it. After seeing many gifs and pictures and reading only good reviews, I gave it a chance. I can't say I regret it. It's a really touching drama, very unique in it's own way because it's not the normal comedy-romance you see. I would rather say it's a very realistic drama. Maybe not because of all the story with the Scheduler who takes you when you die or the 49-day-traveller, but because of how the characters behave. I enjoyed this kind of realistic drama. It's not the whole time frustrating to watch it, it's rather enjoyable and you feel with the characters. It's a really good example of what I like in "realistic" dramas. When they give you a problem, show how cruel the world is but while doing that showing how to deal with that cruel world, how to get over it or how to think of a solution. You're not left frustrated at the end but rather happy because it somehow makes you feel content.

For the characters, I can finally say I found a good husband for the Nuna from "My girlfriend is a gumiho". Min Ho deserves to marry a girl like Nuna, and so she deserves a horrible husband like Min Ho. His character and that from In Jeong made no sense to me, because they had no real reason for being how they were. I see that it's only normal like that. You don't always have a reason for hating someone in this world and I can somehow understand their reasons, but on the other hand, it's such a weak reason that you really have to think a lot about the drama to not be only angry at those two.

Ji Hyeon and Han Gang as the main characters aren't much better, but I still could feel sympathy for them, since they seemed to "click". They understood each other without talking, so I didn't get frustrated about their characters.

I Gyeong and the Scheduler are my favorit characters in this drama, so I can't even tell you how much I love them. I Gyeongs character is what I understood the most in this drama. And the Scheduler just brightened up the whole story. It was a good mix of characters.

For the story, it was hard to follow in the beginning. The drama contains a lot of time jumps. Best example would be in the last episode, where they made a flashback in the flashback. From the beginning on you keep jumping back and forth in time and when you're not used to the characters, it's really hard to keep up with the storyline. I couldn't see a difference between "then" and "now", so it was hard. But after some episodes it gets better, so nothing too serious. I was still able to enjoy, because if you think about it for a second you know where you have to put this scene in the timeline.

About the ending... I don't know, I think it was predictable, except for that one thing with one of my favorite characters. It wasn't predictable, because there were absolutely no hints about it. Well, at least in my opinion. Not that it made the ending bad, it explained a lot of things! It just seemed wrong at first.

I give this drama 4 stars, because I'm really content with the story. It was thought up so well, I like all the connections and reasonings. The scenery was beautiful, the music was nothing big but also not medicore. I was addicted to this drama even without the usual heartbeats. I felt reminded of a "Secret Garden", just without my heart beating faster. Even I Gyeong reminded me so much of Gil Ra Im from Secret Garden. It made me like 49 days even more.

If you want to watch it, don't expect heavy romance. Be prepared to cry a lot and get confused at the end of many episodes. It's a more serious drama, even if it's a fantasy drama. So enjoy!
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29 Apr, 2016
In both, someone who has died is allowed to return to life for a limited amount of time, however, not in their own body. Thus they can learn more about their death and people around them from new perspective. The main difference between the two is that 'dorawayo ajeossi' is much more comedy oriented than '49 il'.

26 Oct, 2015
Both revolve around 49 days after a person's death and how their soul enters another's body to fix their past mistakes.


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thomasnl 11 Mar, 2019
Seems like I am one of the few who'se struggling to complete this series.
eriinnye 27 Oct, 2017
This drama was one of the first Korean dramas that I have watched and I seem to have really liked it since I gave it the highest rating in 2011. 6 years later I was curious about it again and wanted to find out if it's really that great (since I used to be quite generous with my ratings^^) . I did rewatch it now and I still liked it a lot - even though I probably wouldn't rate it that high anymore, but I won't change the rating because during all these years I never forgot this drama and can even imagine to rewatch it another time in the future.
bhagwanti 13 Jul, 2016
I am so disappointed in this drama. Looking at the rating expected more. Second part seem more interesting but ending was just... horrible. I almost gave 2 stars, just because of the last episode. Twisted doesn't always mean good, in this case for me it was too much... But story of Yi Kyeong and Yi Soo is good. It actually made this drama quite ok.
hafsa 18 Jun, 2016
The only thing I like about it is the ending. It was awesome that twisted final [2].
★★★ for the two last episodes.
sachi 12 Jun, 2016
BEST DRAMA EVER! [2] I think I shoul rewatch it soon~
mizuxmizu 24 Nov, 2014
Let's just say this turned out as one of my favorite kdramas.
The plot, the mystery and the ending.... THAT TWISTED ENDING!!!
ryofanka 12 Feb, 2014
@hephzibah OMG I so agree with what you wrote about this drama...I LOVED the first 18 episodes but then the last two...I decided to erase them from my
Very good drama...just the ending was...:(
fafa71 23 Nov, 2013
@hephzibah YeeeeeeeeeeeeS....
I agree with every thing you mentioned(even the things that you didn't mention :D )...the last 2 episodes shocked me so much that I can't even cry..... :O
4/5 :((