ESC to close 3.6 (by 129 users)singisaengdyeon 신기생뎐
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized singisaengdyeon
aka New Gisaeng Story, New Tales of Gisaeng


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 23 Jan, 2011 - 17 Jul, 2011
episodes 52
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:50 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.6 of 5 by 129 users
total users 341
rating 465
favorites 7



Dan Sa Ran is recent traditional dance major graduate who, while doing a performance for a friend of her professor, meets A Da Mo, the heir to the family company. Intrigued by one another from the first meeting, Sa Ran attempts to distance herself. When recruited by the only modern Gisaeng house in operation, Sa Ran finds herself at a crossroad. Either she continues to see Da Mo -- a future wrought with uncertainty -- or she gets a steady job that's frowned upon by all those but the VIPs that visit.




Geum Ra Ra
A Da Mo
Dan Sa Ran
O Hwa Ran
Han Sun Deok
Dan Cheol Su




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sonoko 25 Dec, 2011
it was interesting
it should be only 40 episode
keelin 16 Oct, 2011
It was dramatic, it was romantic and it was classy. I loved it!

although Sa Ran later on get annoying ....
stopsearch 09 Oct, 2011
I have mixed feelings about this drama, having finished it just now. It is the first 50 episode drama I made it through to the end and I enjoyed watching it in that time so I can't say it was bad. However, I was disappointed by the actors who played Sa Ran and Da Mo - they certainly weren't lacking in the pretty but such green and inexperienced actors should not have played the leads, IMO. I also found the character of Sa Ran infuriating - we are told repeatedly through the story from other characters that she has the perfect personality, composure, beauty, attitude, skills as a dancer with not a single flaw (need I go on?) but I never really saw these traits played out in the actual character (which screams "Mary Sue"). To me, she seemed bland and subservient. Examples of this are
in the beginning of the drama, she was always telling her friends off for having fun or laughing too loudly which may come across as her having a good sense of propriety but to me made her a very boring lead character without any spunk. Finally when she achieved her 'happiness', marrying Da Mo and being accepted into the Ah family, she spent about five episodes where the only time she spoke was when she was being submissive towards her father-in-law or was listing off the health properties of food she had made for him. Perhaps this is my western background speaking, but this does not seem like happiness to me and left a bad taste in my mouth. Also, not very important but probably a necessity of having the 'perfect character', even after marrying Da Mo she acted coy and sometimes refused to be kissed by him - oh please

Having said all of that, I loved the supporting cast, the costumes and the music. Also I liked that none of the characters were inherently evil (so no makjang scheming) and they all seemed to have realistic motivations for their behaviour (at least compared to other dramas). Though, you could dispute that after the fate of some of the characters at the end. Overall good drama :)
daelyna 13 Sep, 2011
This was a great drama ... I enjoyed every moment of it ♥
p3rk3le 30 Aug, 2011
okay, this is probably the most stupid drama I've watched... like, I was #WTF most of the time. That Saran character........ seriously stupid! Most (if not ALL) the things she does make no sense, worst character of the bunch. Even Damo is better of a character, but the actor's acting is pretty bad. Well at least he looks hot..
Her sister's pretty awesome tho. Her character and her love/friend/sister life..

still. I dont get why, but I kept watching...... telling myself to give up, but it just makes so NO sense that I had to see where it'd go..
sarah 07 Aug, 2011
I liked it but the last episodes were so random, very sloppy.
What is the point of that body-possession? The screenwriter has written the last episodes like she is the one possessed! XD

Ah, the cast wore too much makeup, they looked like they were made of plastic XD
kiki10 25 Jul, 2011
I like this ^^
faysun 25 Jun, 2011
wow! I am at ep.7 ! its a great drama! there are times that Sung Hoon looks like a puppy...