ESC to close 4.28 (by 1294 users)white christmas 화이트 크리스마스
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized white christmas
aka monster


genres crime, drama, mystery, psycholog.


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 30 Jan, 2011 - 20 Mar, 2011
episodes 8
duration 70 minutes
air day Sunday
at 23:15 - 00:25
status released


avg. score 4.28 of 5 by 1294 users
total users 2202
rating 5542
favorites 257



During Christmas break, seven students and a teacher are left in their private high school because they decided not to leave for the break. Apparently, the students received a threatening note which caused them to stay at school and investigate.




Lee Jae Gyu
Jo Yeong Jae
Park Mu Yeol
Kim Yo Han
Yun Su
Yang Gang Mo




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28 Aug, 2012
White Christmas is an introspective show that delves into the darker side of humanity; pondering the question of whether monsters are made or born.

Taking high schoolers and setting them amidst a mystery and horror, the show hits the trifecta. The directing is simple, there's nothing fancy, no gimmicks, but there's clear thought put in and the shots are designed to push the story along. The writing is tight (it only really weakens in the end and only momentarily) with no scene or line wasted. And the acting elevates the scene as all the nuances are played to their cues.

White Christmas is a dark drama, that leaves you pondering. While not perfect, it's about as close as possible and possibly the best drama of the year.
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10 Jul, 2012
This show was unbelievably spectacular. I literally could not stop watching it, and ended up marathoning all 8 episodes within two days. The plot is fascinating, the actors do an amazing job at portraying extremely messed up characters, the cinematography was stunning and added another layer to it, and the OST was very delicately interlaced with the narrative; so much so that some of the characters now embody certain songs to me. The plot was incredibly intricate and no stories were left ignored or unfinished. I'm honestly not one to like psychological thrillers normally, but this show had just enough dark humanity to keep me on my edge the entire time. Honestly, if I could say anything bad about it, I'd say that I want more than just the eight episodes there are. However, the story is so perfect at the moment, I think if there were more episodes they would just ruin it and bog down the fast pace of the story.

I absolutely fell in love with all the characters in this drama, as well as the dark, melancholic feel it gave me. I would recommend it to anyone, and it has quickly rocketed into my favorites list.
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09 Jun, 2015
Though a different in format (an anime with a semi-fantasy setting and a Korean drama with a realistic setting), both deal with people put into extreme conditions and whether or not they come out of them as monsters.

24 Feb, 2012
Both dramas are about high school students who are confronted by a mystery while struggling with their daily lives.


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ryofanka 04 Jun, 2018
Boring and so bad...the acting the plot...I want 8hrs of my life back!
cncll 24 Sep, 2017
It was a slow and confusing start. I can understand why a lot of people decide to drop it. But I'm glad I gave it a go. Writing was great, bgm was great, acting wasn't too bad either. Last few minutes shook me though.
They did become monsters after all. Although I am disappointed with the kids, the drama did leave a massive impact because of this.
vanart 27 Jul, 2017
Ok it was so insteresting, catching, and unexpected drama. I recommend it if you like suspense, criminal and psycholog dramas.

I din't undertand why the serial killer turned into a monster because of that song. Dis his mother was killed by his neighbor?
inukko 24 Jun, 2016
Overrated. It's so boring, I can hardly make it through an episode. Not to mention the acting.
ilate 20 Jun, 2016
daaaamn, first episode was so boring I fell asleep. Dropped.
bluediamonds 15 Jun, 2016
I don't even know how this drama got "4.3" here..
I couldn't even finish it. It took me two months to watch the last two episodes.

The script was okay, but the direction and the editing were so bad! The acting was poor most of the times and there was no chemistry between the actors. That was bad for the drama cause even if it was a watchable one i couldn't focus on it thanks to that. I believe that their expectations were high and tried to make a mystery, dark drama that, at the end, took the wrong way.
yokochan 15 Nov, 2015
OK. . . this Drama was a little bit Weird and really Sad sometimes! =´(
the ending was okay . . . .

i like the cast *-*
misekeith 03 Jul, 2015
I can understand why a lot of people like it: it is kind of a standalone work in the Korean television panorama, which is pretty homogeneous and mostly stays out of genres which aren't purely 'feel good' or sheer melodrama.

But still, frankly, this could have been a LOT better: the script was on the whole good, but there were some really irking plotholes, and some of the flashbacks and motives of the characters were just plainly confusing, because the scriptwriter tried to keep the tension high till the end and had to loosen too many knots at the same time.
See the Yun Su story in the last episode, or even Kim Yo Han's "cause of the crack", which wasn't explained at all - it was just said that there was one. And... it's not that we viewers really needed to know it, it's just that the rooftop scene is just too hurried, in my opinion.

Also: some scenes were REALLY cheap, and the acting was often lazy or immature, which kind of spoiled the atmosphere. :/

This said: the ending has been satisfying (and frankly, expected) for me. There couldn't be any other solution. The story is interesting, but even more of it, its setting is. I'm pretty sure that with a bit more of polishing this drama could have been pretty great - but it was a special, so they cut on too many things to make it shine.
Still, it's good, and Korean television needs more of this genre - and this kind of products. :)