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  • 2011
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized gantz: perfect answer
aka gantz 2, ガンツ2

Based On

based on manga
title gantz
author Oku Hiroya (奥浩哉)


genres action, sci fi, psycholog.


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 23 Apr, 2011
duration 162 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.71 of 5 by 879 users
total users 1424
rating 3263
favorites 24


2011 film jp
gantz: the second stage
2004 TV jp
same setting


Five months have passed since the events of the first film. In the meantime, a team has formed itself alongside Kei and Suzuki. But odd things are starting to happen; a small black sphere has appeared, battles are dragging innocent people into the fight, and there's a group of people who is tracking down the room that contains GANTZ. But most importantly, Katou is back, though no one has revived him. GANTZ seems to be in a rush, and only one person knows why that might be. The last target comes as a shock. What is GANTZ's purpose behind this all?


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Katou Masaru
Kurono Kei
Shigeta Masamitsu
Nishi Jouichirou
Kojima Tae
Suzuki Yoshikazu




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01 Nov, 2011
The story of this movie starts where the first Gantz film ended; after Katou's death Kei tries to do everything he can to collect 100 points and be able to bring his friend back. He also spends a lot of time at Katou's place and tries to support the boy's brother, Ayumu, to whom he told his brother is away because of work. But then, when Katou suddenly appears, without a single bruise or scare, Kei gets confused; how can Katou still be alive?

Anyone who says this movie doesn't answer all the questions is either lying or should re-watch the movie!

At some points it can seem confusing, and there are loads of new things in this one that weren't even mentioned in the first movie, but for me, it answered everything. Okay, except for maybe one thing and that is where those aliens came from and why? But really, everything else was perfectly answered.

The idea of this movie (just like the first one's) is excellent, and even though it was a bit brutal and bloody at same points, it wasn't more violent than needed. Some deaths may look pointless, but in the end you will understand everything!

I loved the relationships between Kei and Katou, Katou and Ayumu, and Kei and Tae. I also loved Nishi's actor's play, and Ayumu's character and the actor's play. They were amazing.

The ending was also a masterpiece! When Kei died I was like 'what the hell, that can't happen, Kei was the best fighter, and anyway, he doesn't deserve this, what is happening and why?', but then, when seeing those last scenes about how people continue their lives and so, it became so heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time. Kei-chan saved everyone, and that last message of his; "I wish you happiness." was like the sweetest thing ever. He made this whole thing stop, and made loads of people happy by giving their lives back.

He promised that there won't be any more fights like that, no more people will be brought to that room, and he really 'fights' for that.

This movie (or these two movies if we count Gantz and Perfect Answer together) are real masterpieces with amazing storyline, talented actors and actresses, great effects, and hard-working staff as a whole. It is visible that everyone did their best for these movies to be as perfect as possible, and it was a huge success.

Also, these movies, even if it doesn't seem like that, can actually teach us how important a friendship is, how important our lives are, how important it is to spend time with those we love, to tell them we love them...

...before it will be too late.

Recommended to everyone who is not afraid of a small amount of (or maybe just a little bit more) blood and violence in order for something more important. I also recommend watching it at night in a dark room - believe me, it has a better effect like that than if you would watch it during daytime with sunlight breaking through your windows. (;
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02 May, 2011
Perfect Answer - The Perfect Answer to all our questions?

Unfortunately not. But the movie does not fail to entertain anyway, with both action and tear-jerking moments likewise. The acting of both Matsuken and Nino gets even more dramatic in Part 2 and the co-stars do a great job again.

Atmosphere-wise, Part 2 can't really keep up with Part 1, but the movie at least answers SOME of the questions from the first part.

If you did like the first part, you will probably like the second part as well. Be warned, though: The action scenes in Perfect Answer are even harder and bloodier than before.

Good watch, even though not as good as the first part, unfortunately. I still recommend watching it, though!
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revy 03 Jul, 2013
It was pretty meh, but I was entertained. I'm a fan of the manga so I was kinda pissed they didn't go further because the Katastrophe-storyline is A++. Also needed more Nishi. But it was still entertaining. Plus points for the appearance of the vampires. (I don't think it was ever mentioned they were vampires in the movies though lol but still).
dramaaddict 12 Mar, 2013
I loved this movie! In my opinion, it is better than the first one! But it's very sad at the end...
Only reason I gave this movie 4 stars out of 5 is, that some characters were useless and that there were many things which weren't answered. So it's not a "Perfect Answer" after all, but for me it was netherless a very good movie.
dodi1d 08 Mar, 2013
I like it but i couldn't understand the end!
I think Part 1 is better.
melissa 18 Feb, 2013
Good good good good. Thank you Maxprime for show it.
sayitaintsojoe 12 Feb, 2013
I take it back. Yes it could have been better but it was still really cool. I've realized that it said perfect answer and not perfect answers, meaning that it wasn't going t give us all the answers just the solution.
sayitaintsojoe 11 Feb, 2013
hmmm... kinda disappointed in Gantz 2. It could have been better.
kiraning 10 Mar, 2012
Disappointing. It couldn't compare to the first. I think the first film, though equally open-ended, was tighter.
r0lan 30 Oct, 2011
I liked this movie. Not as draggy as the first, but there WERE some things left unexplained...WHICH I HATE IN MOVIES ;w;
If he knew he was going to be what he was, why not let her just die? They all came back, due to Nino, right? :|