ESC to close 3.53 (by 543 users)bulryang gajok 불량 가족
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized bulryang gajok
english Bad Family (literal)


genres comedy, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 22 Mar, 2006 - 11 May, 2006
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 22:55
status released


avg. score 3.53 of 5 by 543 users
total users 964
rating 1916
favorites 26



On the way into vacation, Na Rim and her family get into an accident, of which she is the only one surviving. Though unfortunately, she suffers from amnesia as an effect. Wanting to unveil the true reason behind the accident, her uncle then hires O Dal Geon to create a fake family, which still should be similar to what Na Rim had before. But will this strategy work? Can Na Rim regain her memory?




O Dal Geon
Baek Na Rim
Gong Min
Ha Tae Gyeong
Kim Yang A
Jo Gi Dong




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cocci 10 Jul, 2012
Refreshing, different and surprising.

This drama is so different from other k-drama that I almost felt like I wasn't watching a k-drama. There is no evil mother-in-law, no kimchi gift to your future in-laws, no adult being controlled by their overbearing parents, etc etc... There is, however, a clingy girl clinging to the male lead... (btw, if you know a drama without that, I would like to know because I'm sick of that already even if I only watched 5 k-drama)

The plot is crazy and contains a few plot-holes but I choose to not care too much about that and just enjoy myself. The uniqueness of it all greatly made up for its small flaws.

Cute, funny, touching, heartwarming, cheesy at times.

The end is somehow previsible but you can't help to love that story who is mainly about love and family and the importance of love and family in one's life. The importance of helping each other and support each other in hardships. It's truly a very universal topic.

I don't think this drama had the best actors out there but I really liked the two main leads (really good chemistry) and the little girl. That girl is so cute and so good at acting!
catchxfireflies 19 Jun, 2012
Funny and adorable. I think my shriveled little heart grew three sizes. And Kim Myeong Min is hilarious.
yumiru 01 Nov, 2011
This drama was SO LOVELY. ): ♥
thefreak 19 Sep, 2011
This sounds like a story perfect for Heechul xD
pearline94 21 May, 2011
I didn't expect much from this when I watched it in 2006, it might be too late for me to comment now, but after so many gets I still love this drama and remember the story. Will watch this again after Dong Yi. ^^
koreanlady 08 Feb, 2011
I didn't expect it will be that great
loved it soooo much from the beginning to the end
absolutely masterpiece <333333333
specially the last ep soooooo cute
chikuma 31 Dec, 2010
I'm at 9th episode so far and it's very good! I thought it would be kind of dull drama with uninteresting plot but I'm starting to like it more and more ^^.
Very unique story is shown here. A few people are gathered in one house and have to pretend to be family. I was sure it will not work at all but it does ;o.
Screenwriters - good job! ^^.
Of course I can't finish my comment without saying: OMG, Heechul! <3. I love Gong Min and the wa he tries to attract this noona, awwww :D. I wonder if they will end up together :D.

Have finished watching some days ago but forgot to write a comment.
I've marked this as 'very good'. It's not a masterpiece that will just sweep you off your feet but not good drama too - it had too much factors to make you choose 'good'.
At first story is unbelievable and makes one think "What the hell? And what if this girl gets her memory back, he!?". I had the same thoughts, believe me. After about 4 episodes I wanted to drop this, really. I thought the storyline is cheap and written halfheartedly. I decided to watch it till the end because of Heechul ^^. I love this guy and want to complete all of the dramas he acted in, soo...
Well, By Gyeong character is so annoying @@. Het voice too >>. I disliked her for the whole series. I started to like her about 15th episode, lol. She turned out to be quite nice and warm for other people. I'm so happy she didn't end up with whom she was flirting! Lol ><
Dal Geon was so cute ^^. He was screaming all the time, cursing and so on but he was so cute in all of this! And so innocent in the last ep <3. I hated the fact he listened to his hyung...
and left his family when they needed him the most! I was soooo pissed of

As for Gong Min, well. I loved him! :D. Alien! <3. His story was very interestings. I've been suspecting it and I was glad I was right. But still... Very sad and very heartwarming at the same time :).

Overall it's a very very good drama to watch if you feel like watching some heartwarming story that will make you laugh like crazy and cry.
syrian90 29 Jul, 2010
It was surprisingly good, very good, I enjoyed watching this drama very much. I loved the characters and the acting too.