ESC to close 3.26 (by 69 users)banjjakbanjjak bitnaneun 반짝반짝 빛나는
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized banjjakbanjjak bitnaneun
english All That Glitters
literal Twinkle Twinkle
aka Shiny Shiny Shining, Shining, Sparkling


genres drama, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 12 Feb, 2011 - 14 Aug, 2011
episodes 54
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 20:40 - 21:50
status released


avg. score 3.26 of 5 by 69 users
total users 191
rating 225
favorites 4


ba ai dai hui jia
2014 TV ch


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Han Jeong Won
Hwang Geum Ran
Song Seung Jun
Gang Dae Beom
Han Seo U
Jin Na Hui


assistant director


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08 Apr, 2012
AMAZING. Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing! I don't understand why this drama has such a low rating; it pulled me in right from the start and only got better. I usually get bored around 8 episodes into a Korean drama, but this one I was completely absorbed right up to the end!

The story focuses on two girls, Han Jeong Won and Hwang Geum Ran, who were switched at birth, and all the trials and difficulties that they and their families face once the truth is uncovered. Tension and emotions run high and parent-to-daughter relationships are beautifully explored. All with, of course, a sweet love story playing out as well.

The actors have done a wonderful job! The story is beautiful! All the characters portrayed are realistic and I felt a personal connection to a lot of them. Hence the lessons they learn, the development they go through, and the advice they give are all real things that I want to apply to my own life.

It was produced really well too. The soundtrack is beautiful and fits the mood perfectly. This drama is so rich with symbolism and motifs that I was overjoyed whenever I noticed something. It has obviously been well thought out, and it's clear that everyone involved in making this drama gave it their all.

Also, I love all the messages it gives about life. Don't give up. People shine not because of their situation, but because of what they decide to do with what they have, even if what they have is close to nothing. Han Jeong Won is an extremely inspiring character who touches the hearts of all those around her and makes them change. And it's not the sudden unrealistic change that you see in a lot of other drama. It takes its time; other characters, like real people, dislike her purity at first and take time to realize what she represents. Yet they do not take so long that the drama seems draggy. Even with 54 episodes, nothing was dragged out. The length was absolutely perfect.

I loved watching this drama and was so sad to have it end. I recommend it to everyone; don't be discouraged by the length and just go for it! It's definitely worth it!

And I have to add, Han Seo U (played by Park Yu Hwan) is adorable! A genuine character with a bit of a complex stemming from the fact that he's years younger than his nephew and niece, he displays the most maturity in some situations, while his innocence as a young high-school student is still clear. He was my favourite character in the drama. The actor did a great job and I was delighted when I discovered he's Park Yu Cheon's (from JYJ) little brother! ^^


Now my all-time favourite drama.
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rooomanoooma 13 Apr, 2018
"Let's Twinkle and live in the Light and be the salt of the earth"
One of the best dramas full of motherhood emotions that you'll never regret watching
highly recommended ^.^ I'm so glad I got the chance to complete it after being a mom this year
❤ . ❤
rooomanoooma 05 Mar, 2018
Omo, can't believe how ones life could be so busy !! Mine, forced me to put so dramas on hold
not because of their stories or Cast .Noooo!!! it was because of my life
to resume watching a drama from 2011 , that's amazing by itself ^.^ thankfully, I had downloaded all episodes on my hard desk. Otherwise, it will be so difficult to track an old drama online
studying 4 my master degree then graduating , getting married & having my precious son took all the meaningful time in my life (❤ . ❤)
so happy that you enjoyed watching the drama ^.^ I'm so excited to complete it too
thanks a lot for the feedback chingu ^.+
blackkxstar 08 Aug, 2012
This is the perfect example for a 54 episode drama gone down the right road instead of passing through the short cut with bumps and scrapes along the way. One thing long 60 minute episode dramas have when trying to hit the 50+ episode mark is the pacing. The drama can start off wonderful and you'll think you've come across a gem. Sadly because of the pacing and development of the story it starts to drag in the last 10 episodes and that's a solid 10 hours. Twinkle Twinkle thankfully NEVER dragged and I never found it boring! NEVER!

The romance between Han Jung Won and Song Seung Joon was great! but compared to others it did lack however they did have their cute chemistry and they had their fair share of memorable scenes. Song Seung Joon's personality and Han Jung Won's while different they mixed together perfectly to create the perfect team.
nehaahmed 08 Apr, 2012
AMAZING. Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing! I don't understand why this drama has such a low rating; it pulled me in right from the start and only got better.

The acting was amazing, the storyline was amazing, the soundtrack was wonderful - it's obvious that everyone involved in the making of this drama gave it their all. Concerning the length - they neither dragged it nor tried to fit in too many things; it was just perfect! You can read my review if you want a little more detail; there isn't much spoiler stuff in there.

I recommend this to everyone! Do NOT be put off by the length; this drama is amazing and definitely a must-watch.

All-time favourite
golden91 19 Mar, 2012
@anji Sorry, I forget to add the spoiler button ^^
anji 18 Mar, 2012
@golden91 could you please stop to spoil here?
I think you know the meaning of the spoiler button?
golden91 29 Dec, 2011
then after she get hurt and went to the hospital she changed to a better character, but still can't understand her in the beginning when she was selfish and full of hatred to Jung won

I hate Seong Jun silent feelings, he couldn't help him self to grab in jung won but left her and at the end she went to find him and he said that he regret leaving her

the ending was perfect and I love so much ..

the rating for this drama is "masterpiece"
although there was some boring scene for the supporting role

but the overall is so amazing
golden91 23 Dec, 2011
it's amazing until eps37...
keep watching ^_^..

I've seen stupid main character in golden bride, but I did endure her character although she was stupid, but Guem Ran is worst than her!! I can't stand her face at all!! >_<