ESC to close 3.43 (by 829 users)asuko march!
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized asuko march!
aka asukoo maachi!

Based On

based on manga
title asuko march!
author Akiyama Kaori (アキヤマ香)


genres drama, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)


date 24 Apr, 2011 - 03 Jul, 2011
episodes 9
duration 55 minutes
air day Sunday
at 23:00 - 23:55
status released


avg. score 3.43 of 5 by 829 users
total users 1312
rating 2844
favorites 15



After Yoshino Nao fails to get into the high school of her choice, she ends up at a technical high school. Unfortunately for her, almost all of the students at the school are male.




Yoshino Nao
Yokoyama Aruto
Tamaki Makoto
Takeuchi Kazuya
Wajima Tsuyoshi
Hirose Satomi




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yohxq 14 Jan, 2016
"So-so for me I guess. It was good, but nothing special. Hana-Kimi meets Gokusen cliche." [2]

And of course Team Tamaki!
There was nothing special about Aruto except for his appearance. He did nothing! I really don't like that kind of guy.. Arghh.. Annoying.. I can accept even Takeuchi. At least he is more reliable than him and he has some cute sides too :)
satoshii 27 Jan, 2014
[First Review, excuse my babbling and the length but I have too many feels]

Personally, I will always watch reverse-harems.
Asuko March for me was one of the most interesting I have seen so far. In a genre that normally just goes off on a normal high school way, Asuko March was something different and I really liked that about it! It actually had the ability to make me laugh aloud (which for me, despite my love of humour is hard) [spoiler]But I mean, how can you not laugh at episode 8 everything about that was hilarious! I even teared up a bit in places.

Still there is those annoying girls that we could do without however I must say momo-chan grew on me in the last couple of episodes

One thing that I can NEVER get over would be the fact that
she never gave love with tamaki-kun a chance. Maybe I am just being bias as I am (kinda) in love with him but he had so may good scenes. Aruto wouldn't have been my first choice; even though I can see why she likes him.

Actually I believe ALL the guys have great qualities and I might have a slight crush on a few Tamaki (^as i said before), Hirose and even Takeuchi. All of their episodes where meaningful and important.

Overall I truly, really liked this drama and I believe some of the messages spread throughout it are actually kinda powerful in there own way (just a personal opinion, some of the stuff just got to me) Now, for the extras haha.

[End babbling]
vanityfull 16 Feb, 2013
So-so for me I guess. It was good, but nothing special. Hana-Kimi meets Gokusen cliche. Plus, too much difference between drama and anime. So many things were omitted in the drama, so there might be some confusion within those who haven't read it - for example, why Meari was able successfully stalk Aruto during work and make Ryusei quickly retreat after she saw him beating Aruto. Of course, she was one of the regular clients, but there is more to it. And a lot of other good stuff was missing >< boohoo~

I did love Kento's character though, he was really sweet, and Kazuya in the end...awwww...(he didn't stand a chance anyway since
Makoto was rejected
, but it was cute).

One thing that REALLY ticked me off was, that Nao always called Aruto by his first name and referred to Makoto as "Tamaki-kun", using his surname. WAE??? what a waste of such a pretty name! i mean, come one! throughout the whole drama only Makoto's dad said his name once - AND THAT'S IT ><

sigh...extras cheered me up though. live behind the scenes is much more interesting xd
krissasaur 12 Feb, 2013
Not the type of drama I typically like,
but Arutos familly issues made it more interesting. I am depressing, aren't I? lol

One thing I hate about this drama though is that whoever made it cant seem to understand that she may want to go to a school that will BENEFIT HER FUTURE and that she has NO INTEREST IN FACTORY WORK AS A CAREER and that that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT SHE LIKES.. HER FRIENDS.. BECAUSE.. PEOPLE NORMALLY... LIKE THEIR FRIINDS!?

I don't see how "Oh I have friends I care about!!" is a reason to mess up your whole future and how all the adults would think that way as well?

rikatokato 31 Dec, 2012
such a great drama .. i love it
beautifur 13 Oct, 2012
I liked it, It was cute :)
Also: Team Tamaki! [/Kaku Kento bias] [2]
katies 17 Jul, 2012
Unexpectedly good! I thought it would be just another school drama (which I of course enjoy!) but it was different and I liked it. But the ending was too mild...
I want more of Tamaki/Nao/Aruto!! :)
draconia 12 Jun, 2012
'Unfortunately for her, almost all of the students at the school are male.' - UNFORTUNATELY?! SRSLY?!