ESC to close 3.54 (by 608 users)appaset eommahana 아빠셋 엄마하나
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized appaset eommahana
english One Mom And Three Dads (literal)
aka three dads and a mother


genres comedy, family, life, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 02 Apr, 2008 - 22 May, 2008
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 22:55
status released


avg. score 3.54 of 5 by 608 users
total users 1177
rating 2153
favorites 22



Na Yeong and Seong Min are a happily married couple who is unable to have children because of Seong Min's impotence. Therefore, he asks his three friends to help him out, though after they do, he dies in an accident, leaving his wife pregnant. The problem is, Na Yeong has no idea who the father is among her dead husband's friends.


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Choe Gwang Hui
Song Na Yeong
Han Su Hyeon
Na Hwang Gyeong Tae
Jeong Seong Min
Jeong Chan Yeong


costume designer


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02 Jan, 2011
Both deal with having to raise a child in abnormal circumstances ('appaset eommahana' is lighter). The actress of the mom is the same.


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rozendoll 12 Oct, 2013
lovely drama <3
anulka406 15 Sep, 2013
The drama was very good and I enjoyed it a lot, even though the narrator was irritating, like, seriously... You know what I mean. It just makes the story less plausible. The ending was also pretty foreseeable and common for dramas. It was obvious who was the father... So predictable. I have to admit I cheered for Gwang Hui a lot, though... It was really cute how he took care of the baby! He was also very adorable :) I loved the characters in the drama. The main hero wasn't irritating at all and the boys were original and amusing. The drama had a lot funny moments that made me laugh :) It's also really addictive, I couldn't stop watching for a few days! I'm happy I'm done since I have to go back to my life already.
theodelisle 07 Jul, 2012
I didn't want to watch it. Not a fan of movies about kids. But I started watching because of a bet, and this drama turned out to be super sweet, cute and really funny! I don't normally laugh out loud when I'm alone in the room, I just note that this and that was kinda funny. But the three dads crack me up! Every episode makes me burst out laughing
embery 01 Jun, 2012
Loved this, I knew all along who the father was. I just had a feeling as to who it was and I knew it!
kasumii 24 Apr, 2012
that was...reallyyyy cute and funny,the three dads were awesome,the main lead wasn't annoying(thank god for that),the baby was sooooo adorable and i laughed a also had some teary and touching(=sweet) moments.thumbs up for the music,plot and good looking cast.
we didn't have much of love stories that tears the crowd in know what i mean when the heroine can't choose between some amazing guys and you can't choose who to cheer for.that thing.also,amazing end.YESSS!!!!!!!i knew it she was seong min's daughter
it left a warm feeling.totally recommended.
PS:don't you just love the reactions of the three dads towards ha seon?
shineegirl 20 Nov, 2011
I just love it! I haven't laughed so much on a drama before! And the story is really sweet <333
murii 29 Sep, 2011
I've watched till ep 4 and I've laughed a lot. They are so funny specially Seong Rok
manaacass 28 Sep, 2011
I watched the first ep. and it was very funny, the actors are good looking and the story is very good :D