ESC to close 3.63 (by 674 users)what's up 왓츠업
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized what's up
aka Zero Plus, watcheueop


genres romance, school, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBN


date 03 Dec, 2011 - 05 Feb, 2012
episodes 20
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.63 of 5 by 674 users
total users 1534
rating 2447
favorites 33



The drama tells the story of a group of students in the theatrical department of a university. Each of them has his own life, his problems and his past. But now that they're going to study together as musical actors, they start to share the successes, failures, friendships and loves with each others.




Ha Do Seong
Jang Jae Heon
O Du Ri
Eun Chae Yeong
Seon U Yeong
Park Tae I




18 May, 2013
I love this series! There's a lot of good actors and a lot of new faces but they all play their roles very well. There's a lot of dynamic between the characters and I like it how the series won't tell you all and always in the end of the episode is a little sneak of what happened "behind the scenes" and I don't mean it literally. It is those little unimportant parts of the life of the characters but it gives them depth. Totally recommend the series to anyone who likes some diversity. It's not your usual funny drama but there's comedy as well. The music is good but although it's a drama about musical student's there's not so much singing and dancing. The drama concentrates in the dynamic between the characters.

I have to say gotten to the end of this drama I loved every second of it and it was very realistic since there isn't always happy endings and even not so happy endings can turn out very heartwarming.
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19 Feb, 2012
What, another drama about a music academy?

I guess that's what What's Up might come of as since there's been a flood of dramas like that lately. Still, while it technically really just is a drama about students majoring as musical actors, it's so very awesome. It's not even so much the storyline because that's just made up of all the single students struggling to find their way in life. It's all the characters that make the drama. Whether it's the former rock star who has to hide his identity, the former musical star who can't sing anymore, the scheming actress, the songwriter genius, the scatter-brained but talented girl, the guy who doesn't even know what a musical is or the random man in red. There are so many oddballs among the characters that one would think that the drama couldn't be anything but ridiculous. But this is the cool thing: It's not. It's fun, it's beautiful, it's sad. It's like watching real people.

The music and cinematography totally add to the whole feeling.

Now the thing is, I never doubted this to be good and I faithfully waited for it since it was first announced, simply because Song Ji Na, the screenwriter, is awesome like that. I knew that the characters would be well-written and that the storyline would be smart. I wasn't surprised when I found myself sympathizing for characters that seemed horrible at first. My expectations were really high. I expected to give it four stars from the moment I heard that Song Ji Na would write a drama about musical students. I think that this ultimately spoilt the fun a little for me.

The drama is definitely very good, no question. But something felt amiss. I liked all the characters but I didn't really root for any of them. Like, objectively speaking the drama is very good. I also quite enjoyed watching it but it didn't fully get me on an emotional level.

Anyway, I can still only recommend it.
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12 Feb, 2014
Both focus on students at a school for the performing arts. Both series also have a heavy focus on the students' actual talents, so you do get to see performances.

10 Mar, 2012
Both dramas are about musical production. In both, the teacher is an musical actor and motivates kids to do a musical. Also, these two dramas are very funny, have nice songs playing in the background, and the leading couples deal with some problems. Both also feature pop idols as the main characters.


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ralphina 14 Oct, 2015
This drama was a lot better than expected, especially the actors surprised me - they were quite good.
The ending however kind of faded off, so that is sad.. But guess they ran out of time and money and ideas and who knows what.

I am really wanting to know what happened to all of them after that, after the school, how did they and their families develop... Because only a good story makes you grave more.
xxmai 06 Jul, 2015
For a drama that was promising, the freaking ending was disastrous. What the heck? Where did all the stories go? I am left with a gazillion questions. What happened with all the characters and their stories? The only, sort of, resolved character would be Kim Byung Gun. -sigh-
smilla217 28 May, 2013
@xdsmile Well, you know...he IS an musical actor..... ^_^
kamilles 18 May, 2013
A very good drama! It could have been 18 episodes though. the last two episode were a little slow, but overall, a great drama! i
089110 12 Feb, 2013
What I really liked about this drama was the development of the characters and the natural relationships created between them, however, I hated how the writer decided to end it. The main focus should have been the growth of the students and not the teacher though he did play an important part, too.
liyirna 09 Feb, 2013
Never encounterd series that went so fast from greatness to total shit with a little bit of redeeming at the end (lack of Park Tae Yi obviously helped). If only they had more musical numbers and less melo-stale cliches - suddenly!cancer, beloved killed by cars and 'I killed your father!'.
whytedraegon 25 Sep, 2012
I loved this drama big time but i felt it needed more time season 2 anyone
crimsonmoonlight 24 Sep, 2012
I like this drama well enough, but I can't say I'm really addicted to it.
I could probably just quit watching it and not really care that I didn't finish it.
And I just wanted to state this, I hate Tae I.
I think she's quite possibly the stupidest and most naive character I've ever seen in a Korean drama.
And every story line in the drama seems to revolve around her. It's so annoying.
I wish the writer focused more on Du Ri instead of Tae I. She's such a more likable character.