ESC to close 3.31 (by 153 users)bai jin nü wang 拜金女王
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized bai jin nü wang
english Material Queen (literal)
aka Queen Worships Money, baai gam nui wong


genres romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network CTS


date 17 Jun, 2011 - 11 Nov, 2011
episodes 22
duration 90 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.31 of 5 by 153 users
total users 403
rating 507
favorites 4



Ruthlessly abandoned by her mother at the front gates of an orphanage, Lin Chu Man doesn't believe in miracles and love anymore until she meets Jia Hao, the body double of the rich bachelor 'Mr Norman' in Paris, where she has a model job. Firmly convinced that Jia Hao is the rich bachelor, Chu Man tries to win him over and starts avoiding her fat, old and lazy fiancé who she only accepted because he was a rich Taiwanese businessman. But then she loses her model job to the younger model Sasha, and her fiancé throws her out. Left on the streets, she finds a room in one of the areas owned by tycoon and rich bachelor Yan Kai Ming. Living next door with his sister is Jia Hao, who is a poor music student in reality. But can Chu Man throw away her high standards?


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Cai Jia Hao
Lin Chu Man
Yan Kai Ming
Cai Jia Hui




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24 Feb, 2012
Both dramas are about a woman who was abandoned as a child and tried to become successful all by herself. Both women are eventually caught in a web of lies they spun themselves.


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natss 27 Aug, 2014
Amei a Chu Man, amei a OST, e até chorei com o final, mas nada disso salvou o dorama =( Esperava mais~
malice 24 Aug, 2012
the start was good and the eps when she had a relationship with Yan Kai Ming were the best but after that everything was so messed up and it was boring to watch.
But it had many funny moments and i was curious to see how the story will go on but the ending was exactly what i expected
i knew since ep 12-13 (?) when Cai Jia Hao left that his sponsor will help him with his relationship too
blackkxstar 11 Jun, 2012
Just bad... but I guess if you can stand a billion cliches shoved into one single episode plus BAD ACTING then it's probably the drama for you.
yuyumaus 05 May, 2012
the last episode was sooo cute :D and I loved the ost :))
kasumii 04 May, 2012
my first taiwanese was nice,funny and interesting,in some points a little bit too dramatic and complicated relationships but still an amazing love story between the main characters.
loved the costumes
that tricky old man XD...but that was definately a very happy(in all meanings) ending lol
yokochan 17 Mar, 2012
i really loved this drama *___* it was really U N I Q U E <3
the ost was great and the cast was perfect =D beautiful love story !
dressed 11 Jan, 2012
In general the drama was nice and a bit exciting. But I found the ending disappointing. :(
thefreak 23 Dec, 2011
This show was pretty decent. Some new ideas, good music and great setting/costumes.
And I think this drama had one of the most epic endings xDD
But throughout the episodes in the middle, the whole thing got a bit dragged out~~ on the other hand, it never lost its suspense.