ESC to close 3.81 (by 537 users)bara no nai hanaya
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized bara no nai hanaya
english Flower Shop Without Roses (literal)


genres drama, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 14 Jan, 2008 - 24 Mar, 2008
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.81 of 5 by 537 users
total users 923
rating 2046
favorites 55



Shiomi Eiji is a man who lost his wife and raises their child by himself. Everything changes when, one day, a blind woman enters his flower shop.


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Shiomi Eiji
Shirato Mio
Shijou Kengo
Kudou Naoya
Ono Yuuki
Anzai Ruri




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22 Dec, 2011
Both are about a man who is raising his child alone. He meets a woman and falls in love with her. Their points of view are different; the man is caring and passive, while the woman is more aggressive and also selfish in her feelings. While showing the man her point of view he suffers. Seeing his honesty and gentleness she falls in love with him. Her love is the opposite of her goal.


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valen 28 Apr, 2013
It was an incredibly well-written drama that got better and better with every episode. It told about a lot of things that all got united in the end. It was a beautiful story from every aspect. I also loved Shingo's acting and character a lot, I think he did a really great job with portraying Ohanaya-san. <3
eunhye 23 Mar, 2013
I've completed it in the "Make me watch" event, so just copy my review.
I cried my eyes out watching this. Thanks to the person who recommended it. I was pleased. First of all, it fits all my wishes. It was a life drama, with great actors, interesting plot (hell yeah, the screenwriter of "love shuffle") and magic music. I'll try to describe it more detailed.
I dedicate a lot of attention to the cast. I mean, I can even start watching something without reading an information, just because the cast is good. It's the first thing that makes a drama good for me. And the cast here was great.
* Katori Shingo. Well, as I see, not everyone liked his acting. But I did. I think it's because it was my first 'meeting' with him. I'm not a SMAP fan. I'm not watching Japanese entertaining shows. And, till now, I didn't saw any of his dramas. All I know about him - is that he's hilarious and my friend loves him very much. So, I was free of all kind of impression. And I really enjoyed his acting. I can't even imagine somebody who'd fit this role as much as Katori san did. Maybe someone wanted to see Ohanaya-San more vivid and happy, but I loved every expression, every single sound of his voice saying "I'm okay", "Don't worry", and hundreds of "hai". In his eyes I saw all the sadness, but also the love he dedicated to his daughter. That awkwardly smile, his tears. Ahh... Now I must watch something else with him!
* Yagi Yuuki. Though she isn't listed as a main, I can't help but mention her after Shingo. Little daughter, little Shizuku. I adore how great do this child act. She did the great job, despite to her young age. I cried when she cried, I smiled when she smiled. Her smile is certainly "the smile of an angel".
* Takeuchi Yuuko. I must say, that I don't really like her. She's just 'whatever' to me. But here she wasn't annoying, she act well and made me believe in her.
* Terajima Susumu. My God, this man! I mean, how could be he bad? He's wonderful! He has that charm image which follows him from one drama to another. He's great supporting actor. Always makes the drama a bit softer, a bit funnier.
* Matsuda Shouta. Again, I'm just speechless. He is one of my most loved actors. He's good-looking, but he doesn't afraid to act dumb or just not so good person. He showed the changing of the character. The growth.
I liked the rest of the cast either, but I want just stop here and go to the other part.
After the checking of the cast I always check the screenwriter. Nojima Shinji is the writer of other my fave drama - 'love shuffle'. And in the 'Flower Shop...' he did the great job too. I loved the story from the beginning till the end. Every single episode was full of deep thoughts, of love, friendship and warm family feeling. There were interesting twists, which hold me in tension, there were wise, but not a pathetic phrases and there was even showed a bigger problem, society problem with the child family abuse. And it was lightened so soft, but still with so much attention. And yes, the love. The main thing in this drama is love and how this feeling changes people. Parental love, friend love, romantic love. The way they showed it in the drama wasn't a bit like in many others, when you just can feel the hypocrisy of everything. No over-acting, no over-dramatization. Wonderful.
Another very strong part of a drama is the music. I didn't really liked the main ost, but the instrumental themes were magnificent.
I'd like to recommend it to...
Anyone. The masterpiece which anyone can get. Especially the girls who are in love with 'single dad and his child' theme.
sayitaintsojoe 19 Jun, 2012
Sooooo good! I loved it!
xdsmile 09 Jul, 2011
@liyirna I agree with you! =_=
liyirna 30 Apr, 2011
Such cast! Such plot! And Shingo Mama predictably spoilt everything. The man can't make natural expressions even if his life depends on it.
hidde 16 Apr, 2011
With that story, at first i thought this drama going to be just another drama. But it turned out suprisingly good :). I even completed the last 8 episodes in one go. I think it should have just 10 episodes though cause it was kinda slow. And for me, Katori's acting was fine.
iwaya 30 Mar, 2011
For me, Katori acting was pretty good. I don't understand compleinging about his acting ~ but everyone has their own feeling ^^
Anyway ~ drama was really really good, for me it's masterpiece. I'd totally recommend it to everyone too.
xdsmile 30 Jan, 2011
A very good drama,but I didn't like Katori's acting ><"
the ending came so fast maybe it needs more episodes!