ESC to close 3.05 (by 2370 users)dream high 2 드림하이2
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dream high 2
aka deurim hai


genres comedy, romance, school, friendship, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 30 Jan, 2012 - 20 Mar, 2012
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.05 of 5 by 2370 users
total users 3814
rating 7226
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dream high
2011 TV kr


Once a renowned performing arts academy, Kirin has become a shell of its former self, and is even in danger of shutting its doors. Unexpectedly, a popular entertainment company decides to take over the school and enrolls its own talent, causing friction with the far less glamorous current student body.




Jin Yu Jin
Sin Hae Seong
Ri An
Yang Jin Man
Na Na


singer, composer



18 Dec, 2012
Dream High 2 is an interesting take on the sequel franchise. Individual enough to be a separate series from the previous show but with enough common threads to tie the two together into one world.

The acting in Dream High 2 wasn't the best. While having idols acting doesn't necessarily equate to terrible acting, even the members who were actors by profession didn't seem to be wholly invested in their characters. Some moments were great, but most of the time it was simply going through the motions.

The story could have been much better, unfortunately, terrible directing removed any changes of that. With 10-minute long music videos, many that seemed unnecessary outside of showing off the idols, and bad editing, the show often had you scratching your head.

For what could have been a great show turned out to be pretty bad. A easy watch for those days when you have nothing else to do or if you like one of the cast members, but other than that, a likely skip on the watch list.
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31 Mar, 2012
Dream High 2 is - like the prequel - a sotry about students of Kirin High, that learn how to dance and sing. But this time, they approach it differently. Compared to season one, Kirin High isn't as prestigious as it was. Everbody gets accepted and there aren't only talented people anymore. One day, the CEO of a idol-agency decides to buy the school for various reasons. And so his idols have to attend the school. This splits the students into "talented idols" and "normal people" that attend the school. Aside from that, the school starts an audition, where they are looking for the "Super Idols". Now if that doesn't sound like fun?

Until some point it's really great and fun to watch. There aren't really only two or four main characters, but I felt like all the important students are like a main character. At first I thought Sin Hae Seong would be the main character, but there are times where she just disappears for a 3/4 episode and they focus on JB or Ri An. It somehow got on my nerves, since those characters were really despicable in the beginning, but it got better at the last few episodes. Which doesn't mean that it's good. I really disliked the way they change Ri An and JB during the drama. Yes, they might change a little bit. But how did they change so drastically? At least for Ri An, I thought it was too much.

What made me still keep watching this drama, even when things got bad, was Jin Yu Jin and side characters like Na Na and Hong Ju. They all have an interersting story and show how hard it is to achieve your dream.

Oh, and one thing I have to point out greatly: if you're watching this for the romance, don't do it. I mean, it is there. They try to have some romantic scenes and people do fall in and out of love but... I couldn't really feel it. I didn't see why Sin Hae Seong liked who she did or see her show her feelings. I also didn't see how the couples actually could be seen as couples. Maybe it's the cultural difference (and the fact that some of the characters are already famous idols) but... If you're attending one school with your boyfriend, you could expect to at least hug him sometimes? Or behave like a couple? Anything?

So, season two isn't better than season 1. The only reason for me to not rate it worse is Jin Yu Jin. He totally saved the drama vor me. He was the only sane character, he was funny, I understood his actions and feelings and he was the best unperfect perfect character I could think of. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't have watched this until the end.

So 3* for Dream High 2!
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29 Nov, 2014
In both, music is the major topic. Also, these series show the struggle of the "B category" or "Leftovers." Both show how much the characters love music and how they try to become famous, and how they have to beat those who have talent and money or good connections.
Both are 2012 hit dramas about music, love , dreams and strong friendship. Also, both dramas are funny and give special meaning about high quality music.


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yamapixluver43735 26 Feb, 2018
if you compare it to the first dream high, it sucked. but if you leave it alone, its really good! i just wish they wouldnt have had so much about the first one in this :/
lovelyashley 02 Dec, 2015
if you endure the first episodes it will get better but the 1st part of Dream High was WAAAY better, shouldn't even compare it :]
I like the fact that they showed actors from previous series and that's somehow connected to it but in general, the plot of this one wasn't great....

I hate the downfall of main character of JB... what happend to his attitude from the beginning ? well, it's good that he became nicer and stuff but it was too much.... where all his determination went ? he basically gave up as for me.
jihye 21 Jul, 2015
I liked, it isn't the best drama but isn't worst neither. The last episode wasn't awful like a heard, I think I saw some much worse. JB is wonderful and Sora didn't bother me and the songs was very good most of it
reinajo 09 Jun, 2015
alexadm81 17 Sep, 2014
After reading all the comments, I was waiting to watch a boring drama, but I still decided to give it a try because the first season was very good and I wanted to watch a 16 episode drama. I realised that it was a really enjoyable watch.

I didn't compare it to the first season because it had a really different story. The acting was a bit exaggerated in the beginning (mostly Kang So Ra), but later it was a lot better, so no complaints about it overall. The plot was pretty good. The singing was awesome and so was the dancing. Not a masterpiece for sure, but it deserves a 4/5.
ryofanka 20 Jul, 2014
I've watched 1st episode last night, and not sure if it I was me being too tired but it was just 'too much for me' like so many new characters introduced in first episode and the stuff they said and did, didn't make any sense to me :( And what is this all about withe the stupid director or the main girl behaving like an idiot? This doesn't look nothing like the first season :(
Will try few more episode to see if anything will make sense to me :(
*Edit...just finished episode 2 and OMG this isn't Dream's a parody of Dream High...whyyyy *cries* But need to admit the dancing parts are done way better then in season one ;)
sillysym 29 Apr, 2014
bad bad bad bad bad bad
embery 04 Feb, 2014
I am quite disappointed in this season, I am 6 eps in and it is pretty good but the main girl just bugs me. Her just constantly getting bullied by pretty much everyone around her and she doesn't push back which just really bugs me, I am going to watch it till the end so hopefully she makes a come around?

Edit: Once you get past about ep 6/7 it starts getting better at least for now anyways. On ep 10 and am enjoying it now. :) Lots of cutesy moments.