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  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized steins gate
aka Steins;Gate, shutainzu geeto, シュタインズ・ゲート

Based On

based on game
title steins;gate
author 5pb. & Nitro+


genres romance, sci fi, friendship, time travel


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TVS (TV Saitama, Teletama)
by White Fox


date 06 Apr, 2011 - 14 Sep, 2011
episodes 24
duration 30 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 02:05 - 02:35
status released


avg. score 4.22 of 5 by 259 users
total users 517
rating 1093
favorites 42


steins gate
2012 video jp
steins gate: soumei eichi no cognitive computing
2014 web jp
side story


Somewhere in Akihabara a group of people managed to create a tool that can provide communication with the past. However, soon enough, an organization that has been researching time travel finds out about them. Will they be able to stand against the SERN organization and protect their invention?






director, storyboard creator
singer, composer, planner
director, storyboard creator


08 Apr, 2015
Okabe Rintarou is an eccentric scientist who invents all sorts of objects together with the otaku hacker Daru inside what they name as the "Future Gadget Research Laboratory"; alongside them there is also his childhood friend Mayuri.

Although not in his plans Okabe discovers by accident a way to travel through time.

From the beginning until the end we see that the story revolves specially around Okabe, who calls himself "Hououin Kyouma" and he is essentially a clown that plays with time getting him into rather difficult positions which force him to deal with his own messes.

The first few episodes have a slow paced rhythm which introduce you to the main characters and the situation, however the second half is totally the opposite. You start to actually have a hard time to keep up with the fast pace and see yourself entangled with the plot. It also surprises you all the time when they explain things you almost forgot or did not think they would touch again and you are faced with questions you might have also not even thought about.

The topic of "time traveling" has been dealt with many times, however "Steins;Gate" had a different approach to it and based the whole story in a real life theory (the multiple world theory and the strange case of John Titor, a man who claimed to time travel back in 2000). This already sets a good base for a complex story that can either go wrong or well. In this particular case it is clear that they researched what they introduced in the plot trying to make it as believable as possible, and therein lies the greatness of this anime.
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sillysym 21 Mar, 2016
raahman 25 Oct, 2013
Have not finished...not sure I will....trying so hard....

hou-o-o-o-in kyouma > *
addy1884 11 Sep, 2013
@cfaust well... i guess ill give it another go *eventually*.. but for now im prioritizing a few other =P i wanna check out
bakuman, spice and wolf, sword art online, arcana famiglia, brothers conflict, gosick, The Demon King In The Back Row, When They Cry Seagulls and bakemonogatari ... lol so yea if i dont end up gettin hooked on one of these ill go for steins gate ep2 and on =D

not sure u noticed but i have watched the first ep of like.. 20 animes and didnt continue them cuz well.. :/
so hard for me to get hooked on something =( and there are so many films i musse jetzt sehen =P
aber, danke xD
cfaust 11 Sep, 2013
@addy1884 The first eps didn't convince me either, but I am close to the end now and it is actually pretty good! I think the sci fi aspect in this show isn't that important like the one of friendship..
addy1884 11 Sep, 2013
ep 1 = boring :/ should i keep going lol? i mean.. im not even a fan of sci fi stuff to begin with :|
yurisama 18 Aug, 2013
A club about Leapt Through Time :3 Plz, share us what you know if you like that kind of stories! ^_^
monjaelisa 22 Dec, 2012
I've got so much to say about this anime, and that is something that I wouldn't have thought I would ever have. I started watching it when it was still currently airing, What I hadn't expected however was that I practically really throughoutly disliked the first episodes.. I couldn't get the point.. I decided that this really isn't my genre.. But that was mostly the first ten episodes.. So how does something you dislike half of really get a score as high as ''very good''?
The romance was awesome, The last 14 episodes all were amazing.. You couldn't stop yourself from watching.. I am so glad I continued watching this anime, And I want to tell all others out there, Don't just drop this anime even though its first parts might be a bit slow and dragged out.. Trust me, It is by far worth the watch..
gomaberry 14 Sep, 2011
I loved the ending so much. All of the hardships Okarin had to go through in traveling through the world lines really were great. The characters are well built and you get to understand them better as the series progresses. At first, I didn't know what to expect with this show but now I'm glad to have watched it. Long live Dr. Pepper! :D