ESC to close 3.88 (by 936 users)blind 블라인드
  • 2011
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized blind
aka beullaindeu


genres suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 11 Aug, 2011
duration 111 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.88 of 5 by 936 users
total users 1351
rating 3629
favorites 19


wo shi zheng ren
2015 film ch


It all starts on a rainy night, when Su A walks angrily away after an argument with her mother about her deceased brother. Su A, who is blind due to a traffic accident, naively enters a car that halted in front of her, thinking this is a taxi. Everything seems fine until Su A hears and feels that the car bumped into something quite big. The driver leaves the car to see what it is, and Su A follows suit as she heard a feminine moan of pain. But the taxi driver assures her that it was just a dog and puts it inside of the car trunk. But Su A won't let herself fool that easily and informs the police which leads then to further investigations where her blindness becomes a hindrance.




Min Su A
Gwon Gi Seop
Detective Jo
Myeong Jin
Seul Gi


producer, planner


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22 Dec, 2011
The main character in both these stories, who were both cops previously, has failed to protect a precious family member in the past. After struggling to change, they break away from their dark past.


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lovelyashley 23 Mar, 2017
how dared this piece of shit
kill poor Seul Gi! T_T she protected her lady till the end!
sillysym 02 Sep, 2015
i cried a river for the dog...and the death of det Jo was unnecessary..but the killer..nope the movie was too cruel to let him survive
mikazuki 06 Dec, 2014
wow, i was positively surprised how good this film was! koreans do make good thrillers, even though the films do follow a certain type of pattern, but this film was so thrilling i couldn't sit properly on my chair! also, i think they really portrayed the feelings of a blinded person very well, or at least it was easy to identify with the man character.
and i was even more surprised of the happy ending! gee, there's way too little happy endings in korean movies
hephzibah 12 Jan, 2014
What is wrong with you all people? O.O
I quite can't get it... Are you all so used to terrible things done to people, that you are raising hell over
a dog more than over a half dozen girls? Don't get me wrong! I loved the dog! She was cute and loyal and everything a dog can be. And she was protecting her best friend, so she was biting the hell out of the bad guy. What did you expect? He will just pat its head: Good dog? Hell, I love dogs much more than cats, there was no time in my life I did not have one, and I loved them all, cried rivers for them when they passed... My heart ached for this one, too.
Why is that more shocking than a girl getting on a taxi and gettting drugged for no other reason than this way the bad guy can drag her down to some basement easier where she is stipped, beaten, cut, raped repeatedly until she dies while watchin the dead bodies of the girls arrived before her, knowing all too well that is what will be the end of her, too?

Reading back the comments just raised my blood pressure...

The film was not that good, by the way. It was predictable. It is a good watch, when you want something enjoyable but not too fluffy but you don't want to work your brain too much.
It is certainly not something I will watch again, though.
draconia 11 Jan, 2014
That scene where that bastard
killed poor Seul Gi
was unnecessary. =\\\
blackpearl 22 Dec, 2013
Amazing movie, keeps your attention throughout -- wasn't expecting Kim Ha Neul and Seung Ho to be so good.
kuroflame 22 Sep, 2013
the movie is awesome! it's very exciting and the end is good too! one of the bests!
missdrama 22 Aug, 2013
The scene with the dog was DAEBAK!