ESC to close 3.56 (by 170 users)joseon yeohyeongsa damo 조선 여형사 다모
  • 2003
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized joseon yeohyeongsa damo
english Damo
literal Joseon's Female Detective Tea Servant

Based On

based on manhwa
title joseon yeohyeongsa damo (조선 여형사 다모)
author Bang Hak Gi (방학기)


genres crime, drama, romance, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 28 Jul, 2003 - 09 Sep, 2003
episodes 14
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.56 of 5 by 170 users
total users 364
rating 606
favorites 6



A damo is officially a tea servant, but secretly, she is a lowly ranked female detective. The main character, Chae Ok, is one such damo. She is skilled in swordplay and beautiful but not only does she have to fight crime, she has to fight discrimination against her social status as a servant woman and the fact that she is a woman. However, she was originally the daughter of a nobleman, but her father was accused of treason and killed. Shortly after, while they were escaping the pursuers, she was painfully separated from her brother. At such a young age, Chae Ok, becomes the servant girl of Hwang Bo Yun and his family. Hwang Bo has also faced discrimination against his social status because he is the son of a commoner mistress even though his father is a nobleman. As a result, he feels a connection between Chae Ok and Chae Ok in return has feelings for him as well. Hwang Bo becomes the commander of the police department Chae Ok works for. Little does she know that her brother grows up to become a rebel leader to fight the very societal injustice she faces every day. However, Chae Ok is a member of the police and so it's her duty to stop her brother who is breaking the law.


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Jang Chae Ok
Hwang Bo Yun
Jang Seong Baek
Baek Ju Wan
Lee Won Hae
An Nok Sa


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23 Jun, 2011
While nothing in joseon yeoheyeongsa damo ever comes close in class to shi mian mai fu, both series share a whole bunch of superficial, thematical and plot similarities. Over-dramatic plotline, stylish wuxia fight scenes and outlaw syndicates.


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kasumii 12 Apr, 2012
it was very good.a little bit boring at times but still interesting.(despite the all *flying*)love ha ji always she was amazing,cool and extremely talented.great work from all the actors and interesting well as fantastic soundtrack.recommended to anyone who loves historical drama.
well, the ending...
what the hell was that?everyone died?i mean have mercy!all three of them in one episode????but still it was very touching
spluffen 23 Jun, 2011
Great one. Though the music is bad overall and some of the more emotional dialogue is pretty hilarious, this series made a great impression. I love how it just cracks me up with a super serious monologue to a boyband-soft voice-ballad and then just tears me apart the minute after with something horribly fucked up happening, not accompanied by any kind of song; just silence.
sakurauchiha 17 Apr, 2011
reviewing this drama 'cause the story is very beautiful. Ji Won is perfect :D
nanuklein 02 Jan, 2011
Omg, soundtrack <3 plot <3 acting <3 <3 <3

heartbreaking ending, but it had to be, it was the best that could happen to them and their ill fate

Loved the soundtrack. Loved the acting. Didn't like the flying around too much, since I prefer it realistic, but otherwise it was a masterpiece! <3

Man, the ending was so heartthrobbing, but it was the best that could be for those. I mean, what if I would have found out right before he gets shot that he's actually my long lost brother? I'd have tried to save him, too!
nanuklein 28 Dec, 2010
Gosh, only on episode 3 but I'm already immersed in this show. Love Ha Ji Won, and the whole setting. Wow, and the clothings look so fashionable unlike in other sageuks where the Korean hanboks, etc. look a little plump. Must say, with such a sexy police uniform I would have also become part of the police if I was from that period ;)

@canas: agreed, the soundtrack is <3
canas 01 Dec, 2010
I picked this show after finishing Jumong because it's short. I hear it's also pretty good, one of the most popular Korean miniseries. It was especially popular online for netizens. Anyway, the music is breathtaking, I had no idea the music would be this good.