ESC to close 3.43 (by 2808 users)naege geojinmareul haebwa 내게 거짓말을 해봐
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized naege geojinmareul haebwa
english Lie To Me
literal Try Lying To Me
aka sweet scandal, 달콤한 스캔들, 내거해


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 09 May, 2011 - 28 Jun, 2011
episodes 16
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.43 of 5 by 2808 users
total users 4204
rating 9637
favorites 121



Gong A Jeong is a hapless but dedicated civil servant who is quickly nearing her 30s. When an old school rival begins to poke fun at her single status, A Jeong thinks fast, and answers a phone call from her 'husband'. Unfortunately, once the rumour mill gets started, it's hard to stop. After she's coincidentally spotted several times around well known hotel director Hyeon Gi Jun, word spreads quickly that her mystery husband is none other than the chaebol himself. Soon enough, A Jeong's harmless little fib has snowballed into a big, big lie, and everybody is caught in the middle.




Hyeon Gi Jun
Gong A Jeong
O Yun Ju
Hyeon Sang Hui
Hyeon Myeong Jin
Park Hun




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24 Mar, 2013
This was a great drama. Had comedy, romance, and the usual drama. I'm glad that the people finally found closure, that some were able to endure their hidden love, and that some were able to be friends again and also to realize who they loved. The acting is good and the plot was also good too. Also I'm glad there wasn't that rich family member that wasn't against the nephew marrying a poor girl. I'm happy about that. I'm glad that Ah Jung & So Ran were able to be friends again. The ending was good and all in all satisfying. I would recommend this drama.
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13 Jun, 2012
In both of them the main characters have a marriage contract to avoid rumours. Then the main characters end up falling in love.

17 Oct, 2011
Although Miss Ripley is more serious, they are both about the main character lying about herself, and how she starts dating a hotel official. Miss Ripley is definitely for someone who liked Lie to Me, but wanted a more serious and dramatic setting. Plus Miss Ripley has JYJ's Yoochun.


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seoltang 05 Jul, 2017
Gente, eu lembro de ter começado a ver esse drama pelo Viki...Mas de ter parado porque, né, muito esquisito pra mim.
linny 25 Nov, 2014
sweet! :)
nomadicwriter 18 Aug, 2014
I really liked this drama, but after about halfway through (more near the end) pretty much all the other characters just disappeared, usually I wouldn't mind so much, but I thought they were really great characters... it was like the writers just forgot they were there and couldn't be bothered to use them for various plots that they could have.
Sang Hui especially turned into a nothing character, :( I would have loved to have seen him confess, or become happy with someone else... *cough*like Yun Ju*cough* although, she didn't deserve him.
so many things were just left unsaid, however it still will enter my favourites list.
dashich 17 May, 2014
After the cola scene can stop watching this drama tbh
limenora 02 Feb, 2014
It was nice.
Sometimes boring, but there were chemistry between the mains, the romantic scenes were great, it ain't lacks of comedy... so it's not that bad, give it a shot. (:
beeesseoul 19 Nov, 2013
Honestly, there was nothing to pull you in after the Cola scene.
fabyanna 12 Oct, 2013
Foi o primeiro drama que vi com a Yun Eun Hye e ja achei ela mara,o drama é lindo,chorei,ri,enfim... completo e perfeito com um final lindo tb.
vanelya10 07 May, 2013
The kissing cola scene was just *___* looooooving........loved it