ESC to close 3.94 (by 496 users)musa baek dong su 무사 백동수
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized musa baek dong su
english Warrior Baek Dong Su (literal)
aka warrior baek dong-soo, honorable baek dong su, 야뇌 백동수

Based On

based on manhwa
title yanoe baek dong su (야뇌 백동수)
author Lee Jae Heon (이재헌), Hong Gi U (홍기우)


genres action, friendship, martial arts, fict. history


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 04 Jul, 2011 - 10 Oct, 2011
episodes 29
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.94 of 5 by 496 users
total users 1173
rating 1952
favorites 75



Baek Dong Su loses his father years before his own birth. Raised by his father's friend, he aims to become the best swordsman in Joseon. During his training, Dong Su meets another boy around his age, Yeo Un, who becomes his best friend and greatest rival. When their paths cross again in the future, it becomes clear that the two of them were never on the same side in the ongoing conflict.




Baek Dong Su
Yeo Un
Hwang Jin Ju
Yu Ji Seon
Baek Dong Su (young)
Kim Gwang Taek




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03 Jul, 2013
Both series, though theme and media may be different, are alike in terms of the protagonists' goals (i.e. to be Hokage/to be the best swordsman) and the hardship they endure against their rival (i.e. Sasuke/Yeo Un).

04 Sep, 2011
Both historical drama are about a young man who has lost his parents because they were killed by cruel politicans. Both families were suspected to be the head of a revolt against the king. They are also full of fights and action scene and involve light comedy and romance.


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unknown 27 Feb, 2017
Does anyone know how or from where i can get the soundtrack?! The OST was SO GOOD! But i can't find it :(
shayaqus 09 Feb, 2016
omg I love it!
the best parts for me are with Cheon <3
michikohime 22 Sep, 2015
Am I the only one that really don't care about the tattooed girl? I mean... I get they wanted some love line in there, but gosh. I don't knoe if it's the writting of the acting, or both, but I'm so not interested in her.

This drama is really flawed in so many ways. It's still good, but it could have been better. I might do a real review at some point, when I finish it, but gosh, I hope I'll be able to go through the rest of it because I'm halfway there and I'm already losing most of my interest in it.
nami24 30 Jan, 2015
just finished it
the last ep is heartbreaking ;-; i wanted Un to have a happy ending too.. i wonder how it would be..
i felt ever since the beginning when he killed his father that he would kill himself or make dong su kill him.. didnt know it would really happen...
i liked that girl who was helping Un :< why did she have to be so evil at the end.. if she wasnt then... idk..maybe it would change? his fate...
and i kinda mad at cho rip how could he smile when he caused his friend to die.. :<< couldnt be happy for his ending.. sorry cho rippah am mad at u u.u

it was a great drama i enjoyed watching it the cast did good job in it but the camera movment and that stuff is kinda not good
5/5 ^-^
i still wanted jin ju to be the main she has been thro lots of things that a main should.. will she is a main but like for dongsu.. but will i like her partner hes cute but still i cant just get what is jiseon rule in all of this... they just made her up to fit the manhwa.. a nobel girl or something..
nami24 29 Jan, 2015
this drama is great i really loved it but the only annoying thing in it was
ji seon :l i really don't understand her part in the story and she doesn't seem to show any emotions and she is too slow and idk i dont get why they like her i feel she was put there so that Un have a reason to do what he is doing for that minster and to show his weakness tho it would have been a better weakness if it was dongsoo tbh for the friendship part
they just wanted dongsu and Un to be like the sward saint and skylord with Ga ok :l they could have made it with jin ju but idk... or there could have been another main girl..
i feel jin ju is better for a main girl... but that guy who likes her is cute so its ok for her :")

will i still havnt finished it yet but so far thats it the one thing that annoys me... e.e
it wouldve been a masterpiece if the main girl role was written diffrently and she wasnt so slow and "ladylike?" i think or whatever ._.

leylachan 04 Oct, 2014
First part was ok then it went downhill right about after Dong Soo
recovers from his depression
the swordmaster and Sky Lord die
at that point I really struggled to watch the rest of the episodes...
It wasn't all bad but I'm glad I finished it at last!
danisensei 28 Jul, 2014
I just disliked one thing about the plot of this drama:
Un shouldn't have died. He should keep living on with Dong Soo and Cho Rip.
vaniahs 11 Jun, 2014
Regardless of the noticeable camera angle flaws, plot loop holes, and horrible acting by ALL the actresses, I still give this one a good rating, and I'm satisfied with the overall drama. The first half of the drama is really boring.. the real fun starts when Yeowoon had his first assassination.

I love the chemistry between Dongsu and Yeowoon. Their superb acting really brought the life of this drama. I already am in love with Yoo Seungho, and this drama brought my love for him onto another level--- like damn!! This boy is hot, and he should always be an assassin.

Anyway, I was a bit puzzled by the 5 men who swore brotherhood by blood. Who are the 5 men?
1. Gwang Taek 2. Sa Gweng, 3. Daepo, 4. Yeowoon's father ..
Who is the 5th one? I was waiting until the end hoping to see who the other one is but didn't get any clarification... is it Samo?