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  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized yuuki

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based on real story


genres drama, family, life, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 26 Aug, 2006
episodes 1
duration 125 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:15 - 23:20
status released


avg. score 3.78 of 5 by 1203 users
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rating 4542
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Yuuki was a cheerful young man with his life ahead of him, but that soon comes to a stop after he is affected by a rare disease that causes his bones to recede. Fighting the illness could have been difficult had he not had his friends and his courage.


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08 Aug, 2010
The mini-drama Yuuki (ユウキ) aired during 24 Hour Television is probably one of the saddest things I have ever watched. Although having seen it several times by now and knowing full well how it’s going to end, it reduces me to tears time and time again.

I know a lot of people don’t want to watch this because it’s so sad, but I would encourage them to try. No matter how much of a tearjerker it is, this movie will touch you and stay with you for a long time after watching.

The story of Yuuki begins in Perth, Australia, where he is on a working holiday along with some other Japanese people. Yuuki is a cheerful guy who loves to eat and have fun in life. Although the others initially see him as no more than someone to travel with, Yuuki is determined to stay in touch even when they return to Japan in the future.

Because of a sudden tooth ache, Yuuki visits a local hospital. Not receiving a clear explanation, he is told to return to his home country and visit a bigger hospital there. This is the beginning of a long series of tests and research which reveal that Yuuki has a rare disease which dissolves the cranial bone. Being only the 8th reported case with this illness, there is no known cure or treatment.

During the rest of the movie, we follow up on the progression of Yuuki’s disease as well as his re-encounter with the friends he made in Australia, who are moved by Yuuki’s courage and cheerfulness. No matter how bad of a state he is in himself, Yuuki always worries about his friends and their lives first.

This mini-drama is similar to 1 Litre of Tears, only this time with a male main character. Kamenashi Kazuya does an incredible job with the portrayal of Yuuki, whose energetic personality and care for other people will leave very few people unmoved. I think that when looking back at this movie, it isn’t the feelings of sadness that come to mind first – however much I cried while watching this. What sticks with you is how Yuuki was always there for his friends, how he was cheering them up and helping them to bring up the courage to achieve their goals.

I love this movie and I would recommend it to anyone, whether you know/like Kame or not. However, be sure to have tissues ready. Lots of them.
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They are both true stories about people getting a disease that can't easily be cured. Throughout both films the characters remain optimistic and determined to live until the very end, with the help of their family and friends along the way.
Both are about young people who know they about to die due to illness and want to experience life to the fullest.


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ohbeansprout 05 Jan, 2013
Honestly, this was a real good movie. I am not one of those people who just cry easily, but I cried so much while watching this movie.. Like ugh. Kame is such a good actor. He really took the role of Yuuki and that just made the movie even better (':
kiyoshi 21 Dec, 2011
Great performance from Kame. Not an excellent movie, but still good.
himurahotaru 27 Sep, 2011
nice and sad movie ...
Kame and Oguri! <3!
amerisz 02 Sep, 2011
This movie has a MEANING.
Yuuki has the power to change the mind and show to the people the right way of their life. I'm not platitudinize, I'm not that kind of person. This movie really touched me. We must to think about our lifes and enjoy every moments in our life. I'm glad that there are people same as Yuuki. He is a hero and I admire him.
Kamenashi's act was incredible and (for me) he really touched the character's true self. Kame is an amazing actor. ^^
There are no words for how I love this movie. :3
guren 12 Jun, 2011
Same for me - I just can't get enough of it.. Just yesterday (no god, it was actually today) night I watched it for like fourth time, and it was still sooo affectionate.. If I wouldn't think that it's wasting my time, I would watch it again even if right now. Geeeee...
kajitoku 25 May, 2011
God I love this movie, even though I try to hold it in, I still cry every single time!T_T
thefreak 23 May, 2011
I DID KNOW THAT I WOULD CRY, nevertheless I watched it. And I cried a lot in the end.
This film is classified in the list of the most emotional movies I've watched. After 'Koizora', 'Kisarazu Cat's Eye' and 'Myuu no anyo papa ni ageru' this is another heartbreaking and beautiful film.
Kame outdid himself again and I realized how much I missed him on the screen while I was watching this >___< He was Yuuki himself, instead of making Yuuki be him! The happier his friends got, the worse got his condition. But he kept on smiling and talked like a match-making-man who is telling advises fot life.
And I love the message of strength in having people that support you. I think Yuuki really did win, because he lived on in the hearts of others. Awesome movie! :)
Btw, Oguri Shun did really great in this supporting role, it fitted him really well.
'Yuuki' is a lot sadder when you start realizing that he really lived and everything told in this film really happened~~

So if you put impossible with impossible, maybe something will happen.
To me, being able to live normally is a miracle.
Let's make it happen. The ordinary miracle.
lynfor 08 May, 2011
Such an emotional drama~ ;___; I initially watched this about 3 years ago because of Oguri Shun but I instantly became a fan of Kame. Brilliant actor and heartbreaking scenes. I may watch this again tomorrow if my heart is strong enough. :(