ESC to close 3.62 (by 1141 users)bokura ga ita: zenpen
  • 2012
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized bokura ga ita: zenpen
english We Were There: First Part (literal)

Based On

based on manga
title bokura ga ita
author Obata Yuuki (小畑友紀)


genres drama, romance, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 17 Mar, 2012
duration 123 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.62 of 5 by 1141 users
total users 2101
rating 4131
favorites 37


bokura ga ita
2006 TV jp
same setting
bokura ga ita: kouhen
2012 film jp


The new school year is starting and every girl in Takahashi's class is talking about Yano. After meeting him on the school rooftop, she falls for him, not knowing that his heart still belongs to someone else he can't have.




Yano Motoharu
Takahashi Nanami
Takeuchi Masafumi
Yamamoto Yuri
Yamamoto Nana
Yano Youko


original creator
producer, planner


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19 Apr, 2013
Nana ends up falling in love for Yano - the guy that 2 out of 3 girls in school fall for. But she's different and gets closer to him, so they finally start a relationship. But she soon has to realize, that he isn't fully ready to give his heart away, because it's still with his ex-girlfriend: in her grave.

I was kind of looking forward to it for Ikuta Toma. And even though he plays really well, I think he's too old for this role of a high schooler. But since the 2nd part will play in the future, where he needs to look all grown up, I'll just accept it.

But now to my real problem with Yano - and only with Yano, because Ikuta Toma himself was wonderful.

What did the makers of the movie think, when they cut out the whole perverted-side of Yano? It's rather important, since it will make you understand some of the nearly-bed-scenes in the movie. As well as his whole issue with being all easygoing and telling her to date just because she confessed. There was missing so much of the playboy Yano, and even though I didn't find it bad at first, I really missed it in the end. Also, his feelings came from nowhere. It was just like that, because it was like that in the manga and the anime. Honestly, if I hadn't watched the Anime, I probably wouldn't have understood a lot of the movie...

For the good parts, the rest of the characters are really lovely. I like the friendship between Yano and Takeuchi. I also like Nana and how she deals with him. The scenery of the movie was also very nice and everything was filmed nicely. I felt like I saw a lot of the scenes from the manga again. I also hope that the second part will be better, even though the first part was so slow and at times even boring.

I'll rate it 3*, since I still enjoyed watching it a bit. There were funny parts and I love the storyline with Nana and Takeuchi.
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09 Jul, 2012
Both star Ikuta Touma and are about the protagonist's high school love interest. Both movies follow their love story to see if they live happily ever after (Treating Bokura Ga Ita 1 and 2 as one story).


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sutoikkunana 24 Jun, 2014
they were really adorable in bgi :)
deformedchrist 07 Mar, 2014
It was a really beautiful adaptation!
stellybish 13 Sep, 2013
I loooved this movie so much!!!
The couple had soo much chemistry!
Maybe a typical highschool love story but still Nanami impressed me. Not like most female leads!
She was strong! Really admire that.
The scenery was also really beautiful. Ah, everything was just perfect! <3
This couple is soo damn adorable <3
cutedevil 03 Jul, 2013
It was really good in the begging! but at the end I'm not sure whether I was sleepy or it was boring :|
so is part 2 any better?
honey 15 Apr, 2013
Just like @anulka406 said. Couldn't have said it better. Yanos character is lacking in the movie, even though the movie is 2 hours long...
bhagwanti 17 Feb, 2013
For me, it was pretty good, but Nanami is one who annoyed me.
She should understand why he must stay with Yuri on the hospital, but she even told him that she will be waiting. When I saw that I thought that she's really stupid.

I like Yano.
nestel 04 Jan, 2013
I knew before the movies the anime, but i liked so much better the movies. My only problem was the age of the actors... They seemed so much older like a teenagers. But everything else... was really-really good. :D
It's a pretty nice moovie with good, but a little old actors, actresses, with a good story and beautiful pictures.
anulka406 01 Dec, 2012
I'm a little disappointed. The movie was just average (though I ranked it "good" because of sentiment). I didn't feel the chemistry between the main characters, I just couldn't feel Yano and Nanami's love like in an anime or a manga. And you know, maybe I will sound shallow, but I didn't like Yano in the movie. I'm not saying the actor is ugly, because I have already liked him in other movies, it's just he's ugly here. He just doesn't look like Yano so I can't stand him. The things that I could let him get away with in the original (like he was a jerk who couldn't make his mind, and then we all know what happend when he moved to Tokyo... JERK), I despided here and I end up not liking this character. I know he's hurt, and nobody loved him, and everyone abandned him, but that's just what HE thinks and HE can't go over it, and if he were so cute like in and anime I would say "woah, a poor one, I forgive him!", but since he's a real person here (it's a movie after all) I can't. I know he has some problems with himself but poor Nanami.
I also disliked a lack of some cute scenes, like this one where Nanami and Yano meet. That scene showed that Yano is not a saint, and so we could exept those next scenes with Nana etc., and here in the movie he looks like a nice boy from the beginning and his later behaviour just looks jerky. And what is suprising, I miss Yano's...
sex need? It's just that in the original he SO wanted to touch and kiss Nanami all the time (like placing his hands under her clothes), so that this sex scene wasn't unexpected. I think it's normal for a boy his age to be interested in those stuff and I also found it quite cute.

Anyway, in this movie I just couldn't believe him that he
actually let go of his past girlfried and started to love Nanami... It looks to me like he's indifferent when it comes to her. I simply don't believe his love and I'm sure this impression will grow even more in the next part, where he will abandon her.