ESC to close 3.91 (by 192 users)sinui quiz 2 신의 퀴즈2
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sinui quiz 2
english God's Quiz 2 (literal)


genres crime, drama, mystery, romance, medical


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 10 Jun, 2011 - 26 Aug, 2011
episodes 12
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday
status released


avg. score 3.91 of 5 by 192 users
total users 345
rating 751
favorites 3


sinui quiz
2010 TV kr
sinui quiz 3
2012 TV kr


After the turbulent happenings at the end of season one, the second season starts with Han Jin U taking care of himself at the countryside, where he undergoes treatment against the drug which causes his disease. But he soon notices that the team in Seoul needs help with solving another case. So Dr. Han returns to the college hospital in Hanguk university to help investigate the said case with the intention to go back as soon as it's solved. In the end, he remains with his team anyway, challenging another round of mysterious deaths including rare diseases, while always being careful of his own.




Gang Gyeong Hui
Han Jin U
Jo Yeong Sil
Kim Seong Do
Jang Gyu Tae
Jeong Ha Yun




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vanityfull 08 Mar, 2016
An Yong Jun is amazing in this one! x
thefreak 08 Jun, 2013
There are only a few shows which manage to keep their quality and 'God's Quiz' is definitely one of them if not pretty much the only (Korean) one I watched. What's also positive about this drama is that it manages to fit an interesting storyline with additional stories into 12 episodes; so it neither drags out, nor squeezes in.
Dr. Han's character is just perfectly written and I'm really glad they finally focused more on his personal arc^^ The supporting roles also didn't disappoint (especially the performance of An Yong Jun!!!).
The OST is also awesome and really fits the feeling of the drama (I'm replaying it a lot :D).

But I'm still really frustrated about the editing and cutting of the episodes! It seemed way too amateurish and interrupted the flow of the scenes and therefore also the suspense/emotion!
And I still don't like the romantic relationship between Dr. Han and Detective Gang! They just don't suit each other in my opinion and their relationship was not developed enough~~~

The ending was alright if you have the third season in mind; but if you decide to not watch it, the ending of season two is kind of unsatisfying as it leaves too many open questions.
It was interesting to see -and also left me curious- that Korean drama censor weapons (knives etc.) but don't censor blood or organs...
malice 10 Sep, 2012
Great cases! this season was better than the first one, each episode was interesting and not boring not even a second!
mikomi0e 12 Aug, 2012
In here they didn't make only Dr. Han funny but the supporting roles as well, it's more enjoyable. I'm missing the two female doctors from season 1 though.

//Finished. I rated this with 5/5 Stars. They improved totally, how it should be expected from a second season. The last episodes didn't disappoint me, it was exciting like in the first season. They also concentrated more into the storyline about 'god'. It looked boring sometimes but 'Dr. Han Jin Woo and Detective Kyung Hee scenes' made up for it. ^^
They even upgraded the 'making of' part in the end. I'm really curious about the third season now.
foxygirl05 07 Mar, 2012
I enjoyed this serie so much. The first season was great.. but this season is better! I love it. Ryu Duk Hwan did a really great job! And I like the harmony between JinWoo und Kyung Hee. ^^
iwannaafly 12 Jun, 2011
Me too,I hope so (:
malice 11 Jun, 2011
so,first ep has just aired. I hope that someone will start to make sub for this drama,because it seems really good.
and no,i didn't watched first season but i'd be happy to watch at least season 2 ^^'