ESC to close 3.9 (by 1395 users)yeoineui hyanggi 여인의 향기
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized yeoineui hyanggi
english Scent Of A Woman (literal)


genres drama, romance, illness


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 23 Jul, 2011 - 11 Sep, 2011
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:50 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 1395 users
total users 2213
rating 5438
favorites 70



The story centers around a 30 year old single woman named Lee Yeon Jae. She works hard but lives humiliated by her colleagues because she's a total push over. However, when she finds out that she has cancer and has only six months to live, she resigns from her job by throwing her resignation letter at her boss and decides to travel abroad to find happiness. On the trip she meets Gang Ji Uk, a rich chaebol, who happens to be the director of her company, who falls for her.




Gang Ji Uk
Lee Yeon Jae
Chae Eun Seok
Im Se Gyeong
Yang Hui Ju
Kim Dong Myeong




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07 Nov, 2011
Lee Yeon Jae is a very scared girl who only lives to work. Until one day, she is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. She realizes that it's no use to save up money and to be harrased at work so much, so she throws away her job and goes on a vacation. There she meets Gang Ji Uk and falls in love with him. But is it smart to fall in love with someone, when you doctor told you that you've only 6 months left to live? And additional to that, the man you love already has a fiancé?

I mainly watched the story for the actors. I like Lee Dong Uk since his My Girl days and Kim Seon A since Kim Sam Soon. The doctor also didn't look too bad, even though he didn't really live up to the "side-guy" role I hoped he would have. Oh, and Seo Hyo Rim as the second female lead was just great! Her face really fits those of a rich, nasty little girl who only makes problems. Good casting, eve though I hated her, I liked her!

For the story, it wasn't as I expected it. I felt like the ending didn't have a great impact and the story overall annoyed me at some point, because there were so many tears but I hardly ever felt like crying with them. The thing that I'll ever get is: why did they cry while making love? That was... totally unsexy. And not even sad. I was really confused by that scene. But not only that scene, they had many random scenes that made it impossible for me to give this drama more stars. The characters seem to think different than I am. The four main characters are going to talk to someone, drop one line and then run away again. There were many scenes like that, so I felt a bit left out of the story.

The only thing I really have to point out is that perfect dance scene. One of those random scenes I didn't get, that still was so epic that I had to replay it. The two main characters are dancing tango. The main guy says something and then leaves. That's all that happens but they have a sexual chemistry in that one scene, that I've sometimes missed in other scenes. (like for example the actual bed scene.)

Overall, it was a good drama with good actors and a decent story. It wasn't the tearjerker I expected but there were many touching scenes and sad moments. But also very funny moments, especially in the beginning! It felt like the drama itself is a sickness, where you feel all good in the beginning and constantly get worse and start to hurt... The happy moments started to become less. As if the drama itself was sick.

Oh, and don't forget to look for the OST! There were at least three good songs in it, so that also needs a special mention. But I didn't sexpect anything different from a Junsu song.
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16 Oct, 2011
A story that takes all the best parts of a melodramatic storyline and puts it together. While the plot makes it seems as if this show is a tearjerker-and it is-it's more about one woman's journey into fixing her wrongs, discovering herself and realizing that just because you're about to die, doesn't mean your life has to end. Scent of a Woman is realistic in its portrayal-every character has their moments of strength and weakness-and it's not afraid to point out that life is something we should cherish. Tears are wrung from moments that are needed and ring true, not because the story is sad. And the actors become their roles, so much that no one is evil, just as no one is good. With great directing, writing and music that takes you on the rollercoaster with the cast, Scent of a Woman shows us how a series about a cancer patient can be heart wrenching and relatable without being melodrama.
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29 Apr, 2016
Both centre around a female in her thirties discovering she has a terminal illness, which makes her want to change her life. The two works also have the theme of romance between a poor woman and a rich man.

04 Apr, 2016
Both are stories of people who learn that they have a terminal illness and how they decide to use the remaining time of their lives.


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iruru 03 Dec, 2017
Overall, it was solid. Strong beginning, but weakened halfway through imo (and way too much crying). But the comedy was amazing! I wish more kdrama comedies were written just as well.
moonlightangel 19 Aug, 2014
Watched it with my mom. She loved it, so did I :)
hiroyuki 05 Feb, 2014
Woah... it was so good!! :) Tough I cried like a little baby... haha.
Junsu's song is really nice, I like it very much. :) And his scene was awesome! Haha.
Tango was a great idea. ^_^
draconia 23 Dec, 2013
This was SO GOOD.
And also being an Argentine tango dancer myself I was almost squealing while watching them dance! <3
Soundtrack is great.
Ramses is the coolest, lol.
But, tbh, I would prefer different ending.
neo9000 01 Nov, 2013
Sometimes really weak, esp. the ost.

But then there are these explosive moments which make it worth to watch. Idk how you can ruin the recaps of these epic moments though. I mean, why would one replace the epic song as ost within the recap with the garbage ost?! Still kinda mad cause of the recap of ep12 in ep 13...

Whatever, worth to watch for everyone with patience.
beeesseoul 02 Sep, 2013
One of the best dramas I've watched. It was so moving, and not only in the romantic aspect. My eyes would water every minute, not only out of sadness but of how beautiful it was. My heart even feels heavy now remembering. The only part of the drama that bothered me was Im Sekyung. So much.
This drama was beautiful, Dongwook was beautiful, Seonah was beautiful, the romance was beautiful, the OST was beautiful, Dongwook was perfect, that one particular tango scene (you know which one I'm talking about, you must) was beautiful and intense, oh and Dongwook was beautiful.
tsurumi 20 Aug, 2013
It's a happy drama (: I'm sure i'll not forget about it for a long time. It not only put a smile on my face but also made me cry in the same time. I love the last episode (:
kiyoshi 20 Aug, 2013
The performance of each actor was great, except for Gang Ji Uk : how can he cry like this ? Absolutly awful. But this drama was beautiful, and the couple was sweet T_T. Oh and .... the tango moments ... were ... so intense ...