ESC to close 4.15 (by 274 users)soredemo, ikite yuku
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized soredemo, ikite yuku
english Still, Life Goes On
literal Even So, I'll Keep On Living


genres drama, family


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 07 Jul, 2011 - 15 Sep, 2011
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 4.15 of 5 by 274 users
total users 604
rating 1137
favorites 29



On a hot summer day of 1996, the young Aki who wanted to fly her kite was left alone by her older brothers. She went missing and was found in a lake the following day. Because her murderer, Misaki Fumiya, was a teenage boy, both families had hard times dealing with this dramatic case. Fifteen years later, Aki's eldest brother, Hiroki, meets Futaba, the murderer's younger sister. Will this encounter help healing their wounds or will it make them worse?




Fukami Hiroki
Tooyama Futaba
Amamiya Kenji
Higaki Kouhei
Kusama Maki
Tooyama Akari




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01 Dec, 2012
It was a hot summer day when 7-year old Aki was killed near a lake with around 5 strokes of a hammer. At that moment her father watched the kite she held fall from afar. Her mother was at work and had left her in the care of her older brother Hiroki, who didn't watch and went out with his friend to buy an adult video.

Ever since that day the lives of two families changed drastically. The family who lost their child on that hot summer day slowly fell apart, because they couldn't live with the sadness. On the other side the family of the murderer, who was a teenage boy at the time, would suffer as well from accusitions, bad-mouthing and bullying, but they could somehow stay together.

15 years later Aki's brother Hiroki and the murderer's younger sister Futaba, who had lived through all the hardship as well, meet and they notice soon enough their lives still evolve around the case. They both have the same goal, meeting the murderer, though Hiroki wants to kill him and Futaba just wants to talk to him.

It is a great drama, probably about one of the best I have seen. Every little segment is well thought-through. It's not about a shiny world, but about gloominess on both sides. Some people said it has a slow start, but I found the pace impressive, I think I've never seen such a well-paced drama, because there is a continuous movement and every episode something new happens that gives the story a new aspect. The cliffhanger at some episode ends are so well-placed it's unbearable not to watch on.

The main actors are great and their acting is fabulous, especially Mitsushima Hikari is unbelievably good in her role, but overall everyone wa convincing. This is also what makes the whole story even more realistic, beside the well thought-out plot. So the plot is great, the acting is fantastic, what else? The music is also extraordinary. It is not only well-placed, but also totally fitting for the overall mood of the drama. The title track has a very calming feeling, which perfectly describes the emptiness of everyone evolved even after 15 years passed. You can literally feel their sadness.

Though it was like that, I didn't cry as much as I expected, but I think that also fits the mood, as the involved parrties have basically also run out of tears. It's rather the few happy moments and the relationship between the main characters that makes one cry, because it's so beautiful and pure to see them smile once in a while. I loved their talks about how normal people would do this and that, but also their weird talks and sudden topic changes from serious to totally irrelevant topics. Their chemistry was special, you just had to wish them happiness.

The end was not satisfying, but it was great in my opinion. Of course I'd wish things differently, but that's just how things are and some things can't be changed, just like the overall situation in the drama can't be changed with just words, apologies or revenge. Without telling too much, the end was very fitting.

So overall this drama is perfect in every aspect and I rated it 5 stars without hesitation. I even put it in my favorites before I finished the whole thing, which is something I never do. Great watch and totally needs more love, so go watch it immediately (well, but only if you can stand gloomy dramas).
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They are very different dramas. These series have a plot, an approach a filming and accents of various kinds. However, a sorely specific situation is the basis of dramas. We have the prisoner's family and the victim's family. One day a man and a woman (these families’ members) meet each other.


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pyapi 19 Mar, 2016
I thought this was very, very interesting in the beginning. The setting as well, incredibly interesting and well executed, but I couldn't help but deflate a little with what they did with Futaba's brother's story. I felt it took away from the story and made it messier, less interesting, like they didn't quite think it through. Not necessarily his story itself, but how it was handled.

The first half is wonderful, damn near perfect, but I feel that the second half is not as brilliant. I liked it overall, but I can't say I was satisfied with how things turned out in the end or the last episode as a whole 3/5

That scene where Futaba finds the red flowers in the mountains and realizes that despite all her hopes he had actually done it. Oh god. That scene was so powerful and perfection itself, I loved it. I think this was my first time seeing Mitsushima Hikari in a main role and I'm looking forward to seeing her in more stuff, she did an amazing job here
jacqueroll 07 Jan, 2014
Such a beautiful drama. The final is so real... MASTERPIECE!
9miho 06 Jul, 2013
Hmmm, there's a few things about this drama that didn't satisfy me.
I thought that the beginning and end were both very slow and they could have cut the story down to about 8/9 episodes.
It would have been a lot more satisfying if he had got revenge and also the last episode was pointless in my opinion.

I did like the fact that they showed Fuji Q in it. That theme park is awesome. I didn't realise how recent this drama was until I saw Takabisha.

I wasn't satisfied by the ending in the slightest :). I had to force myself through the last few episodes.
krissasaur 09 Feb, 2013
junho1582 01 Dec, 2012
great watch, perfect from start to finish
crimsonmoonlight 26 Jul, 2012
Wow, I just started it and I already love it! I don't know why some people say it has a slow start.
I found it very entertaining from the first episode.
motto 02 Jul, 2012
loved this drama but the ending wasn't satisfying.
beailoveyou 23 Jun, 2012
@soffone85 I agree! I loved Mao in Ohisama, but I think Mitsushima Hikari deserved that award.