ESC to close 3.41 (by 1882 users)ikemen desu ne
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized ikemen desu ne
aka You're Beautiful


genres comedy, romance, music


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 15 Jul, 2011 - 23 Sep, 2011
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.41 of 5 by 1882 users
total users 3056
rating 6411
favorites 84


minami sineyo
2009 TV kr
yuan lai shi mei nan
2013 TV tw


Sakuraba Miko was perfectly happy with her life as a nun. But when a mysterious man shows up claiming that her twin brother Mio needs her help, everything Miko knows is turned upside down. Now she must take her brother's place in popular boy band A.N.JELL and enter the precarious world of the entertainment industry while posing as a boy. Miko must hide her true identity from her boss, her fans, and even her fellow band mates, which proves to be incredibly difficult as she soon moves in with the three handsome young men and her secret becomes compromised in increasingly hilarious situations. Will Miko be able to hide her gender until her brother can return, or will she be found out? And how will this affect her relationships with the other band members?




Katsuragi Ren
Fujishiro Shuu
Hongou Yuuki
Sakuraba Miko




30 Oct, 2011
Ikemen desu ne is the story of "You're beautiful", remade with japanese idols. A girl named Miko is asked to play substitude for her twin brother Mio in the popular band A.N.JELL for some time. She does it, because she wants to find her mother and hopes she will contact her, once she sees her on TV. With that, she meets her bandmates Yuuki, Shuu and Ren, has to live with them and keep her gender a secret. Well, she hides it not very well, because after a few days Ren discovers the truth and wants her to quit A.N.JELL. Shuu on the other hand found it out on the first night and ends up faling for her while Yuuki thinks he is gay. Three guys in love with one girl - that's what I call a lucky girl!

So, it won't be a good review if I don't compare it a little bit to the original. I didn't expect much, since japan isn't really great with romance dramas and additional, it was a remake of a very, very popular K-Drama. That's why I decided not to compare them, but ended up doing so anyway.

The story is pretty much the same, just cut and ended the way Japan would do it. The music is the same, just in japanese with a few additional songs like the theme song "Everybody, Go!" from Kis-my-ft2, a new debuted Johnny's Entertainment group where the two main guys are in. Compared to the K-cast, I at least know already 4 out of 5 maincharacters! I knew Shuu, Yuki, Ren and Nana since a long time, so I was excited about the casting! And I have to say, for rookies they really did a great job. Fujigaya as Shuu made me realize again how much I love the character "Sin U" and that he's my favorite member from Kis-my-ft2. Tamamori blew me away with his acting! It was only his 2nd bigger role, I think, and he really did well. Eventhough I often got the impression that he's simply trying to copy Jang Geun Seok, which made me sad.

For Yuuki, he might not be the most beautiful actor out there because of his teeth, but wasn't he cute? I mean, he nailed the character! I actually wanted him to play Shuu in the first place, but seeing him being such a good Yuuki I was happy he got this role.

As for Miko... She was okay. She delivered her role well, also seemed to copy Park Sin Hye a lot and that's fine?

Extra applause goes to Kojima Haruna. She made Nana so well! I really hated UEE in her role at first and could only slowly get to like her. But for Nana, she always seemed so human. I really enjoyed that and sarted to like her because of that role. Way better than in the korean Version! The same goes for Rens mother. I don't want to say much, but I could understand her reasons and feelings more than in the korean Version.

What made me enjoy the story was not that it's You're Beautiful all over again but the differences that I could notice. The first episode was completely like the K-Drama, but after that there were many nice variations. Tanoshingo for example, the sweet asisstant of Nana! I love that character! Or the involvement of the "Boss" of A.N.JELL. I really felt like he was an important character.

For the ending: It was so great! I really, really disliked the ending of the K-version, but here, everything seemed perfect! It made sense, you didn't have to cry over whatever drama they had to insert and I was content with everything. I only missed a proper ending for the characters that are NOT called Miko and Ren. They seemed to completely forget them...

I liked this as much as You're Beautiful and it deserves the same rating, so here you have 5 Stars, my lovely Kis-my-ft2 and Hikaru!
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12 Sep, 2011
Two versions of the same story . Both are really good!!


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tiffiany45 14 Jul, 2013
i'm struggling to get through this... they tried to change things a bit like make Go Mi Nam's character less stupid/naive, make Hwang Tae Kyung's character less abrasive, and smash a bunch of the plot points together to make the story more concise so they can add their own little sub-plots to the story-line, but overall, they only succeeded in losing the HEART of the original.

i think the major fault of this version is the pacing. they tried to jam pack too much at once and didn't give the story the time it needed to develop and set up relationships and complicating plot points. everything seems very monotone. the comedy scenes aren't funny, the sad scenes fail to make you cry, and the romance drops to a flat-line.

the love story btn mio and ren is so rushed and stilted that you don't really understand why these characters like each other, you just know they should bc that's how the story goes.
runnizy 09 Apr, 2013
i like the actor (especially hikaru yaotome! i love him!!), but not the drama. sorry to say, but for this time i will prefer korean version.

honestly i thought that it would be different in some parts, but i was wrong.. lol kinda disappointed.
yuukari 09 Feb, 2013
Maybe if I didn't watch You're Beautiful yet, this could be very good.

I started watching this version and honestly I though that it would be different in some/every parts (usually they are) but it seems that will be a copy in every way...
it's not bad, but it's a copy

The actors are nice, they act good and all... but the only thing I liked was Ren. Tamamori is much cute than Jang Geun Seok in my opinion. Sorry for his fans, but I really don't think he's THAT beautiful :/

I recommend watch You're Beautiful first :)
Specially if you like Hongki and Yonghwa so much, as me 8D
yura 05 Feb, 2013
You're beautiful is far much better than this. The emotion are better shown, the actors are playing better. Ren look like a pale copy of Tae Gyeong. The face mimic are too similar to look natural. You're beautiful have a more mature side than Ikemen desu ne IMO. Well i'ts not bad, but when you saw You're beautiful, it doesn't seem good at all, the play seems more bad than good, though it could be pleasant to see this drama. Well I saw it entirely to say to myself, my opinion is not wronged. You still can have good time. But sincerly, if you really have interest in this story, look you're beautiful ;)
ainaki 28 Jan, 2013
For me it was better than korean version 'cause I was able to finish it and didn't get bored,I got stuck at Minami Sineyo 6th episode and I doubt I will ever complete it.The other good point were female characters which were far less iritating than those in korean version.Unfortunately the great disadvantage was A.N.Jell members cast,who were not that ikemen, but still I think that Tamamori fitted the role better than Jang Geun Seok ;)
ayumi674 21 Dec, 2012
Honestly, this is a good remake of the Korean version. If you have not watched You’re Beautiful and don’t like sitting through 1hr15mins per episode, pls watch this…its a cute drama that is bound to set you squealing at some parts.

But if you’ve watched the K-version…sitting through the exact same scenes may be a lil tiresome. Its like watching a repeat tele-cast. Even the CEO here is wearing the scarf around his neck. I would have expected the J-ver. to be slightly different from the original to give this remake a fresher perspective, but nope. They copied everything, point for point.

And I really do not want to bash the cast choice, but one can’t help comparing the 3 Jap A.N.JELL members to the likes of JGS, Yonghwa and Hongki…The Kis-my-ft2 members are cute enough, but perhaps a choice of some of the JE senpais would have been much wiser…perhaps Tegoshi/Junno for Yuuki’s role, Ohkura/Sho for Shu’s role and Matsujun/Nagase for Ren’s role would have rivalled and portrayed the original A.N.JELL members better…

Because I watched the Korean version, this gets 5/10.
yuna 16 Dec, 2012
The awkward moment when ikemen-supposed-to be actors are not so ikemen :P

Anyway, still not sure if I want to watch it or not.
dutchviola 14 Dec, 2012
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