ESC to close 4.29 (by 792 users)gongjuui namja 공주의 남자
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gongjuui namja
english The Princess' Man (literal)


genres drama, history, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 20 Jul, 2011 - 06 Oct, 2011
episodes 24
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 4.29 of 5 by 792 users
total users 1550
rating 3398
favorites 148



In the 15th century, turmoil threatens the unity of the Joseon Kingdom -- King Mun Jong's health is slowly deteriorating, which gives Grand Prince Su Yang a chance to make a coup and usurp the throne in the future. The opposition led by second state councilor Kim Jong Seo does its best to stabilize the position of the King's son as the rightful heir and hinder Su Yang's plan. Meanwhile, a forbidden love blooms between Kim Seung Yu, the councilor's son, and Se Ryeong, the Grand Prince's daughter.




Lee Se Ryeong
Kim Seung Yu
Sin Myeon
Kim Jong Seo
Jeong Jong
Eun Geum





05 Jan, 2013
The Princess Man takes all the quintessential parts of a sageuk (Korean Historical Drama) and put it together so that all the parts weave together into a fluid landscape.

While the heart of the story is the romance between two families, there's so much more. The politics of the story drive the plot, so you believe that the two lovers honestly cannot be together. And the politics go outside of the palace and talking men, into real battles, real risks and to real people. The acting is superb, the directing elevating the scenes, the music is spot on.

You may not like the politics in these dramas, you may hate the Romeo/Juliet storyline, but this show manages to take these plots and make them grip you, so much so that you forget that these are normal cliches.

A fantastic historical drama, it's a must watch.
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03 Feb, 2012
I really debated whether to rate this drama a "very good" or "masterpiece" after finishing it up today. For all accounts, the acting is amazing (SUPERB cast with fantastic leads), the music is moving, and it is absolutely beautiful to look at but the plot felt a little loose to me. It was fairly typical as far as sageuks go: the struggle for the throne with scheming higher-ups and revenge seeking rebels. But what makes The Princess' Man veer from the norm is its focus on the romance between the two leads. Not that sageuks don't have romance (because they do) but it is rare for the main focus of the drama to be the romantic relationship and not the politics.

And this drama does a wonderful job telling us the story of Korea's Romeo and Juliet by giving us lots of great moments...but overall I felt there were times the drama slipped into a lull. It got boring around half way through and took a bit to pick things back up. Plus I thought there was a lot of "back and forth" with some "rinse and repeat" going on with the plot, if you know what I mean.

HOWEVER! Since I loved this couple so much and because--overall--I really enjoyed this drama, I went ahead and gave it a "masterpiece" rating. I think there are better quality sageuks out there but this is still one of the best.


They give us a surprise Happy Ending for the often does that happen in sageuk land? It's worth 5 stars just for that :P
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10 Apr, 2012
The romance in both is quite the same. Everything between the main leads starts without any problems, but after lies have been revealed, everything shatters between them.

14 Nov, 2011
Both dramas are about the Joseon era. Also there is a really strong friendship between the main male characters, and the main characters' parents' actions interfere in the love story.


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sophiets 30 May, 2018
I just finished watching it. It is a masterpiece!!! Even though it was quite frustrating, it was realistic in my opinion.
What a great ending...
yokochan 26 Jul, 2017
Masterpiece Drama <3 <3 <3 i loved all episodes =D
frannam 02 Dec, 2016
Um dos melhores dramas que já vi!
danicrs1 10 Dec, 2015
Just finished watching. Definitely one of the best. I felt so immersed in the story while watching I was suffering with them. As it was based on real history I was really curious at how would the two leads were going to end but it was beautiful! Great ending scene.
superboink 20 Mar, 2015
One of the best, if not the best, sageuk I have seen. Top-notch acting from all cast and great chemistry between the actors and actresses. The flow of the story was daebak and the situations are realistic and believable at most parts. I loved all the characters, both the mains and the supporting. So glad I watched it. You should too! ^_^
limenora 27 Nov, 2014
Aaaand again me. I watched it 5 times, and I can't get bored with it. *-*
hanmin 04 Sep, 2014
One of my favorite drama. I even streamed it online without sub when it aired. Waiting for the new episode was frustrating!!
otike 12 Jul, 2014
I agree with you, but good does not always triumph over evil, it was frustrating but realistic in a way, and people die for their cause everyday ...