ESC to close 3.64 (by 2005 users)tatta hitotsu no koi
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized tatta hitotsu no koi
english Just One Love (literal)
aka love of my life


genres drama, family, romance, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 14 Oct, 2006 - 16 Dec, 2006
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.64 of 5 by 2005 users
total users 2967
rating 7294
favorites 164



Hiroto, Ayuuta and Kou were trying to scrape up some much needed cash by selling fish to local markets when they bumped into college students Nao and Yuuko. Hiroto, poor and in charge of feeding his mother and sick brother, instantly falls in love with rich Nao, who is carefree and rich.




Tsukioka Nao
Kanzaki Hiroto
Motomiya Yuuko
Tsukioka Tatsuya
Oozawa Ayuuta
Kusano Kou




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26 Feb, 2014
Both romance dramas are about a wealthy woman and a poor man who become romantically involved.


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addy1884 27 Apr, 2015
im bored lol forcing myself to finish this cuz ive already wasted a few hours on it... i guess ill keep fast fowarding the slow moments till the end lol
like when Nao takes 10 F'ING MINUTES to say a 5 word sentence

i im beginning to realize i hate this actress.. srsly, ive only seen maybe 3/4 things with her... i really liked her in himitsu no akkochan, but now that i think about it, i think she was only good there cuz she was portraying this young child/teen, the thing is she acts like a moron or child like in every freaking drama/movie, even when shes playing a 30yr character and that seriously pisses me off! -.- this will be the last drama/film ill watch with her as a main, and only cuz im already halfway through with it...
retrohelix 05 Feb, 2013
Dropped it...
Ayase Haruka and Toda Erika in one drama. Mmh, could be good. But... I just can't stand Kamenashi Kazuya (or was it another boy idol who looks the same?). Maybe that's not a reason to drop this but the bad acting is! Besides that its hard to see any chemistry building up between the leads. Someone with more character on Ayases side would have been better I guess. But not this sissy.
Take as a better example for a cinderella story. Not the best drama but at least the actors had character and brought their roles to life.

Oh, and tatta hitotsu no koi was boring.
ayumi674 21 Dec, 2012
No "perfect" in the sense that everything is excellent, but rather in the sense "perfectly correct". It is not "too" or "not enough", the middle unlike all the dramas I’ve seen so far, who were either "too much" or "not enough". It was a year that I ‘had downloaded the episodes but it had never really connected (despite many excellent opinion) so I put a lot of time to me and frankly I regret not having seen it sooner! But I think it’s partly because I was expecting something much means that I liked: the element of surprise. Each episode was going too fast and I wanted all the time see more, I did more than that. Above all, I found this drama a realism never seen before: I do not know how to explain it, but the character of the characters, their reactions, they say, what they do and all that struck me as so true and this is the first time I see ?a.Le that the drama is very simple has made things even more realistic: a banal love story but wonderful characters as found everywhere without past bleeding or blended family, no forbidden romance, no promise of childhood, in short j ‘I loved that side of the simple and true drama.Un true favorite for casting: and say that I did not like Kamenashi Kazuya! I tell myself that I was crazy it is to die for in this drama, both physically and mentally! Ayase Haruka and is the first time I see her in a drama and shit, what she’s beautiful! Big favorite for Tanaka Koki, which really touched me in his role. Her character is the little comic story and he really good laugh. As for Hiraoka Yuta Toda Erika and no complaints, I love these actors as well as their personnage.Beaucoup scenes touched me, I also loved the end is sublime, a perfect ending to the story beautifully clot , we are happy but sad that it is little more fini.Un also plans for the city is seen throughout the drama: the city of night or day, the decorations and stuff, a pleasure for eyes.
apfel 28 Jul, 2012
I agree, it's really banal. A shame for such a great cast.
idontknowhowifee 12 Mar, 2012
This was my very first drama. If anyone is ever looking for a recommendation as their first drama or not I would definitely recommend this!
Its not about this drama being cliched its about what real JDramas are about.. and that's what they do to your heart. JDramas get you right at your heartstrings and this drama is sure to do that so go! watch thisss!!!
kiraning 10 Mar, 2012
Clichéd, clichéd, clichéd.
ladyleen92 31 Dec, 2011
poor and prince/princess ~> It's very well known stories

Ayase is sooo annoying in every role she get
the story line was so booooring
koki is such a big baka in this Drama

IF it wasn't Kame I will have never watch this boring drama
komorebi 29 Dec, 2011
Wonderful drama, wonderful soundtrack. ♥

Didn't mind the stereotypes at all. I originally watched it because I had nothing better to watch, but it might as well be one of my favorite romance dramas now. I blame a lot of it on the soundtrack, since it created such an incredible atmosphere that it still resonating now.