ESC to close 3.54 (by 1027 users)zenkai girl
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized zenkai girl
english Full Throttle Girl
literal All Out Girl
aka zenkai gaaru


genres comedy, family, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 11 Jul, 2011 - 19 Sep, 2011
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.54 of 5 by 1027 users
total users 1646
rating 3640
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Because of her difficult childhood, Ayukawa Wakaba aimed all along to become a top class lawyer. Her dream finally came true and she's about to enter an international office but on the day of the entry ceremony, things turn unexpectedly bad. Having to find rapidly a new job, she is offered a position in an office managed by a charismatic single mother but she didn't know that her new job would be to babysit her five year old girl. At kindergarten, Wakaba meets again with Souta, a young man she took as a pervert in the subway. He takes care alone of his ex wife's son and is known as the ikumen star, the perfect houseman, all the opposite of Wakaba's ideal man. Despite their differences, is love going to blossom between these two?




Ayukawa Wakaba
Yamada Souta
Sakuragawa Shouko
Shiota Soyoko
Shindou Kyouichi
Morris Sakota




24 Sep, 2011
A law school graduate with very high standards dreams of being a top-class lawyer. When things don't happen as she has planned them, she has to take the next best job and learns about the hardships of life and love while babysitting her bosses daughter and dealing with people way below her standard.

This surprised me so much because, against all expectations, I enjoyed it quite a lot. I initially thought it would be like "My Girl!!", only in reverse, but it wasn't really.

Also, it went against all clichés I've been constantly confronted with in just about every dorama I watch.

A strong-willed female lead and a somewhat weak male lead instead of the standard reverse.

A lady boss that was very likeable, supporting and a good mother instead of being a bossy, ruthless bitch that puts her career before her child.

Kids that weren't bratty, nosy and generally annoying, but really cute and quite mature.

Co-workers that were supportive and understanding, rather than planning one intrigue after the other.

So it was really quite refreshing.

Even the minor characters, such as the other dads, the law firm people and the pre-school people, were great and always helped the story to develop instead of annoyingly taking up time with their own side-story drama going on.

And I was really impressed with the child actors of Hinata and Pitaro. They are going to be great actors one day, because they did a fantastic job. They were actually *acting* and I believed them, unlike most kids who are all awkward in front of cameras and annoy me endlessly.

In this dorama I even liked Ryo. A lot. And I never like Ryo. That should say enough about this dorama. ^^
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08 Mar, 2013
The main male characters have a similar personality, though one is the ideal son and the other is the ideal father.

22 Dec, 2011
Both are about a man who is raising his child alone. He meets a woman and falls in love with her. Their points of view are different; the man is caring and passive, while the woman is more aggressive and also selfish in her feelings. While showing the man her point of view he suffers. Seeing his honesty and gentleness she falls in love with him. Her love is the opposite of her goal.


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tangerine 21 Sep, 2011
I totally agree!
misekeith 20 Sep, 2011
I liked it until the last episodes. To tell the truth, I really think the ending was too hasty and half-baked.

And I still don't understand why she had to resign from Sakurakawa sensei's office, when she could have just asked to keep working there but in Japan.
y0urlorelei 20 Sep, 2011
Lovely drama, I enjoyed every minute of it :3
aries 17 Sep, 2011
@beautifur I know right!
I was hoping everything was going to be alright again and Sota finally would accept her feelings but then he went and ruined it even more :(

Oh well, it's good that this drama isn't predictable :)
beautifur 17 Sep, 2011
wtf is ep 10 ;___;
this is not the reality I wanted
rnoo 14 Sep, 2011
Wooooooooooow !!
I Like Ryo-Chan in this hair-style ^-^
The drama So Sweet !!!
When I saw [Yakushimaru Hiroko] I sayed :"Woow !! Her 2nd drama with Ryo-chan from the dramas I watch them"
After I see her As [Aya Oka-san] In 1 litter of tears, that's the 1st time I saw her with RYO-CHAN, I like her sooo much ^^
Then when I see her in Q10 I sayes :"[Aya oka-san] is here !! wooow !!" , She was actor with [Satou Takeru] =) . .
Then now in [Zenkai Girl] the 2nd time I saw her with RYO . . <3
Hontony this women HONTONY an "AMAZING & FANTASTIC ACTOR" I love her sooo much !! <3
kate64100 14 Sep, 2011
Now, I need to stop crying and start waiting for the last episode. Both are difficult.
I'd love a sequel about older Emitaro and Hinata~ <3
suketeru 09 Sep, 2011
The last scene in ep 8 totally had me. Really nice touch and well executed ^_^

ROTFL isn't he!!

Oh and just a side note, his nickname is Biitarou. Because when you cry you go bii bii, not pii pii XD (that would make you think of sth else actually ROTFL)