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  • 2008
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized yougisha x no kenshin
aka galileo film, suspect x

Based On

based on book
title yougisha x no kenshin (容疑者Xの献身)
author Higashino Keigo (東野圭吾)


genres mystery


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 04 Oct, 2008
duration 128 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.8 of 5 by 318 users
total users 521
rating 1207
favorites 11


2007 TV jp
parent story
yonguija x
2012 film kr
same setting


Kaoru Utsumi and her ex colleague Shunpei Kusanagi are assigned to solve a case of a murdered man found on a shore. Once again, Kaoru needs help from Manabu Yukawa to solve this case. However, he isn't particularly interested in it, until he learns that his old college friend, whom he considers as a math genius, lives in the neighbourhood of the victim's ex wife and might play a role in the murder. Will they be able to solve this seemingly impossible case? And what's the role of a 'math genius' in it?


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Ishigami Tetsuya
Yukawa Manabu
Utsumi Kaoru
Togashi Shinji
Kusanagi Shunpei
Hanaoka Yasuko


original creator


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28 Jul, 2012
The movie Yougisha X no Kenshin is based on the third book of the Tantei Galileo series by Higashino Keigo.

Single mother Hanaoka Yasuko lives with her daughter Misato in a new apartment next to the rather quiet Maths teacher Ishigami Tetsuya.

It doesn't take long until Yasuko's ex-husband finds their new address and comes to pester her, begging for money as he always does. Fed up with her violent father's frequent visits, Misato assaults him and the two women find themselves in a struggle that eventually leaves the man strangled to death.

Just when Yasuko is about to turn herself in for murder the intelligent mathematician Ishigami appears and suggests to help the Hanaokas to cover up their crime. His intentions for doing so remain unknown at first.

Even though we know that the Physic's professor Manabu Yukawa, also known as Galileo, is the main character of the Tantei Galileo-series, it is very hard to take sides in this complex setting.

You easily sympathize with the 'criminals' and end up finding yourself wanting both sides to win. The characters are deep and you feel with them from the start.

The strongest point in the story are the many plot twists.

Some scenes were not in the original book but synergize well with the turn of events.

The only thing that seemed out of line was the female detective Utsumi Kaoru who didn't exist in the book. Personally, I think that her superficial behaviour ruined the deep and intelligent traits of the main characters Ishigami, Yukawa and Kusanagi. However, this might not be such a weak point for people who haven't read the book.

It's probably just my own opinion.

Overall, I can say that this film is an excellent adaption of a brilliant book.

Very nice acting, good directing and suspense building with a great starcast (Fukuyama Masaharu, Shibasaki Kou).

I especially recommend this movie to people who like well thought out plots with truly unexpected twists and a shockingly surprising ending. You will not be disappointed.
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daredaniel 31 Mar, 2014
Not a bad film, but it didn't feel like the Galileo series. Not because it focused more on drama (which the film did pretty well), but for the fact that it didn't have anything to do with solving mystery cases throught mathematics and physics problems... which was what made the series so interesting. In fact, you could replace both teachers with other characters and the film would be the same.

melissa 01 Aug, 2013
It was really nice to see that they kept some really good quotes from the book. As some conections, as Ishigami and Yukawa great friendship. The acting was right on the spot too.
Of course it was different from the book, just some details, but still it didn't change in a bad way.
I highly recommend the book, you think that you know everything, but no, you don't.
mokyulpwns 19 Jan, 2012
This movie was so sad.
flcl 01 Aug, 2011
@randomchan, I could swear by my 2 incher that this had no comedy in it, other than irony at most, but does that count as comedy? *cry*
Random chan 17 Jun, 2011
@flcl: don't know what you're talking about... was a lot of comedy actually... there were moments I had to pause because I died. Anyway, I agree, this one was way deeper than the whole series.
flcl 18 Jul, 2010
Probably my favorite movie. Whole Galileo should have been like this, no comedy... Was really touching story and helped evolve the characters. Nice + for the drama.
zaharisa 03 Jun, 2010
I liked all parts of "the Galileo saga" :P
Actually.. maybe I liked this movie the most. I really was able to "feel" the feelings of Tsutsumi Shinichi's hero in it.
Although he became a murderer- almost all the time - I was able to take his place*.... I was able to feel his feelings. When he cried at the end.. I felt like I was the one feeling pain.
I envied his character for being able to love like that.. also I envied Hanaoka Yasuko's character.. being loved like that.

*I still can't forgive him for his crime toward that homeless person ;( It was horrible that he did that. I still can't believe it, 'cause I liked his character a lot /until the moment I found out what he did with that homeless person ;(/. I was so much disappointed- just like Galileo was- because I knew his kindness from the start.

With this movie I was able to experience a lot of different feelings. I'm really glad I watch it.