ESC to close 3.39 (by 658 users)romancega piryohae 로맨스가 필요해
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized romancega piryohae
english I Need Romance (literal)
aka in need of romance, we need romance, romaenseuga piryohae, 로맨스가 필요해 시즌1


genres comedy, life, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 13 Jun, 2011 - 02 Aug, 2011
episodes 16
duration 50 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 23:50
status released


avg. score 3.39 of 5 by 658 users
total users 1211
rating 2229
favorites 12


romancega piryohae 2012
2012 TV kr


The story of the love lifes of three friends in their 30's. In Yeong has been going out for ten years but there's no prospect of a marriage proposal, Hyeon Ju is supposed to get married after a three year relationship, but they haven't done more than kissing, and Seo Yeon just keeps going from one relationship to another never getting serious.


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Seon U In Yeong
Park Seo Yeon
Gang Hyeon Ju
Kim Seong Su
Bae Seong Hyeon
Yun Gang Hui




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30 Jul, 2013
Seon U In Yeong is together with Seong Su for 10 years already, yet they still aren't married or engaged. Her best friends are Park Seo Yeon, who is a true maneater, and Gang Hyeon Ju, virgin at the age of 33 but only one step before finally becoming a woman, through the marriage of her boyfriend, who she kissed over 500 times in their 3 year relationship. But things start to get busy when In Yeong finds out about her boyfriend cheating with the main actress of his new movie while Hyeon Jus boyfriend never makes it to the wedding. Only seo Yeon seems to be happy with her current lifestyle of not growing attched to a man... Right?

The first two episodes were quite funny and reminded me of "12 men in a year". The main character is hardworking and seems like every woman. The story of her and Seong Su was told very cutely, but I have to say, I had major problems with the theme of the drama. I guess it's a personal thing, but for me, once you cheat it's over. And there he is, cheating on his girlfriend but still re-appearing again and again because either he approaches her or she approaches him... I would tell him it's over and disappear from his life. But... well, I haven't ever been in a relationship for 10 years and with that, I have to be honest and say that this drama somehow opened my eyes. I'm not saying I changed my mind about kicking a cheating guy out of my hose, but I understand why it is hard to leave someone you thought you loved and who you were together with for so many years. I understand the struggles and the problems and how hard it can be to try and leave someone.

Now this drama helped me understand people, but that doesn't automatically mean it's a good drama. I always felt angry and uncomfortable and to be honest, I also wasn't feeling good watching In Yeong running around, searching for "love" and what it is... The ending didn't make it nay better. The only thing I really enjoyed were the stories of her friends. But I felt like they never really got wrapped up. The story of In Yeong herself already felt rushed at the end, but her friends somehow didn't get any ending at all. For me, In Yeong dragged the story down a lot and I got annoyed by her actions.

So, in the end, I was able to finish the drama fast because my overall imporession of it was, that they just showed some kind of really freaky real-life documentary, which is very fluffy and funny but sometimes is drives you mad. But I can't rate it better for all the flaws and the cut-off ending. 3*!
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17 Feb, 2015
Both dramas follow the lives of three female friends through many ups and downs. The dramas center around love, friendship, work and family and have a "Sex and the City" kind of flair.
Both dramas have group of single women in their 30s who are trying to find their love and get married. They have struggles, they give up on trying to do anything, If you like "Sex and the City" and "I need romance," you should definitely check this drama out!


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yamapixluver43735 07 Jan, 2015
there are so many bad comments here about this drama so i thought id add my input. i happened to really like this drama! i like dramas where you cant predict whats going to happen next, which is how this was for me. sure, somethings were so cliche, but it wouldnt be a drama without SOME cliches, am i right? xD

but honestly, i loved this thing and i cried in so many episodes!! so many emotions through this, and, to me, it had a satisfying ending. I would recommend this!! :)
samanthawoo 22 May, 2014
Completed it within 2 days. Easy watchable, however...
Main character was pissing me off with her desicions about sorting her men during the whole drama, by the end when she got both of them she decided that men are bad. In the end, rather than starting her new life,rich life with a beloved person, who loves her even more, she decided to stay with someone who already abandoned her?! doesn't make sence. This girl was weak in my opinion. Usually main characters inspire to wait for a real love - here makers show that there're many challenges to overcome. But it's still does not make sence for me, because she loved the other guy who went to Singapour.

This gets only 2/5 only because there was a hot scene with Jin Hyuk, otherwise the score could be even lower than that. Gonna try the third season afterwards.
somiboo 03 Mar, 2014
Finally finished, trying to figure if this really isn't the worst drama I have ever seen in all my years. After some deliberation, I must say that indeed it is.
somiboo 27 Feb, 2014
Trying to finish this drama, I feel as if I am punishing myself. Like, I am literally here wondering what I did to deserve this. However, I can't start it and not finish, so I'm trying. Drinking while watching it helps a little. That and looking forward to all of Choe Jin Hyeok's screen time. And yes, Ricky Kim.
minhee 16 Jun, 2013
I really like american original. When I watched it I was bored. I'm really disappointed.
moonlightangel 29 Dec, 2012
Kinda boring
alex3 07 Sep, 2012
I really enjoyed watching this drama. Although it wasn't perfect, I wanted to watch more and more episodes. I liked main chracters and sometimes I even laughted! I don't regret watching it at all.
yumichan86 09 Jul, 2012
@crimsonmoonlight cool