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  • 2000
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized yasha

Based On

based on manga


genres action, drama, mystery, suspense, sci fi


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)


date 21 Apr, 2000 - 30 Jun, 2000
episodes 11
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 23:25 - 23:55
status released


avg. score 3.55 of 5 by 153 users
total users 328
rating 543
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Arisue Sei and Amamiya Rin are twins who were created in a laboratory as experiments. Separated while babies, they grow up to be polar opposites. When a virus breaks out on a small Japanese Island, Sei is sent to investigate where he discovers Rin. As the two come to terms with just who they are, they discover that the experiment, which was supposed to have ended years ago, is still occurring and that there are still many things being hidden; with them at the center.


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Arisue Sei
Amamiya Rin
Kurosaki Ken
Suzuki Kumiko
Nagae Moichi
Amamiya Kyouichirou


director, screenwriter



08 Mar, 2011
A look into where we're headed with science, Yasha delves into the darkest recess of the human mind. Not afraid to ask, "What are we doing fiddling with the world around us?" we see the results through not only our eyes, but those who are a result. Well acted-you feel what the characters feel and the story nearly becomes yours-, tightly plotted so that nothing goes to waste, and as far from a romantic comedy as you can probably get, this show is perfect if you're looking for something thought provoking, gritty, and dark.
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Both include a virus breaking out. They have completely different story lines, but in some ways they have the same feel to them. Both have brilliant suspense and mystery.

12 Nov, 2011
Bloody Monday and Yasha both deal with the topic of biological terrorism. They also contain a lot of edge-of-your-seat action scenes, and have extremely well done characters you will find yourself becoming attached to. If you love one, you will without a doubt love the other. (Also, just because Yasha is dated, don't let that dissuade you!)


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9miho 10 Feb, 2012
I died inside at episode 8.

P.S @rizzle edit your comment as a spoiler please. It's a spoiler even if it's vague.
I knew something bad was going to happen in episode 8 because of you. Kinda ruined it because I guessed it from the context.
krissasaur 12 Nov, 2011
This is one of the best dramas I have ever seen in my life.
komorebi 14 Feb, 2011
This was very good. Until the last episode, I thought I'd probably give it 3 stars, but after completing it it definitely has to be 4. This was really touching.
haruharu 01 Feb, 2011
Though this drama is now what, 11 years old, it's still one of the best in my opinion.
Really good actors, good story and it's cool, haha, especially Abe Hiroshi! I so much liked him in this story...
Actually this is the drama which made me a fan of Abe-san <3
rizzle 20 Aug, 2010
I've just finished watching episode 8, and all I can do is cry. I didn't expect it to affect me as much as it did. Definitely an amazing performance...I'm still sad though ;__;