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  • 1999
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized gto
english Great Teacher Onizuka
aka gureeto teiichaa onizuka, jiiteiioo, グレートティーチャーオニヅカ, ジーティーオー

Based On

based on manga
title gto
author Fujisawa Tooru (藤沢とおる)


genres comedy, drama, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 18 Dec, 1999
duration 108 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.26 of 5 by 563 users
total users 892
rating 1837
favorites 15


1998 TV jp
parent story


Eikichi becomes a substitute teacher in Horobinai, Hokkaido. On arriving he notices two of his students trying to commit suicide. One of them is Ayano, the daughter of very famous person of this small village. The other one is just a normal boy, bullied by his schoolmates. With his unusual and extreme methods he is trying to teach his students how to live the life they would like. Unfortunately, that makes him popular neither in the town, nor among his colleages, the teachers. Maybe everything wouldn't be that bad if after him wasn't a resourceful journalist, mistakenly taking him for famous serial robber.




Onizuka Eikichi
Katsuragi Ayano
Ichikawa Raku
Tadokoro Chouichirou
Ishihara Midori




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daredaniel 18 Apr, 2011
I agree with genosan... although the ending scenes were awesome, it took me a while to get into this film since it was nothing new and the story was too predictable.

" I also liked the fact they played the soundtrack 'Poison' from the original at the end for nostalgia purposes as it is an epic soundtrack,"

True. I watched the tv series like 2 years ago and felt very emotional listening to Poison again ;_;
keithjon13 06 Apr, 2011
i just finish the entire Great Teacher Onizuka Saga from anime to drama !!! Its so damn200000x good and very very very and very2000000x touching and really gives you the spark on what is real life be your real self!! i will miss it for sure! hayss. one of the dramas and animes that stays in your head forever!! ^^
kiyoshi 27 Mar, 2011
I didn't like it...
carolhiis 24 Mar, 2011
very very good ♥
genosan 24 Oct, 2010
The movie wasn't bad but it was let down due to the fact it was off the back of such a successful drama.

First of all for some reason I didn't enjoy the comedy as much as the original. Also I couldn't really connect with the side story of that reporter. I could never really connect with that character or part of the story as it just seemed like a meaningless side show, like as meaningful as a random rock at the side of the road.

Furthermore I disliked the fact that it pretty much ignored everything that had already happened in Onizuka's life in the original apart from one brief indication to the idol that he taught from the original, there was nothing at all. What happened to Ms. Fuyutsuki? I just thought that it ignored the original and the special by having no recurring characters apart from Onizuka himself. Although to be honest when movies do that it seems to be more like the cast didn't want to return so they had to rewrite the story but that to me is just speculation.

Ignoring that however I did think the plot warranted some sort of approval as it was captivating even if it just seemed thrown together. Although isn't it a bit much to go to all that trouble just for a school relationship? I also liked the fact they played the soundtrack 'Poison' from the original at the end for nostalgia purposes as it is an epic soundtrack, but overall the movie is nothing special and I think while the success of the original was a blessing, in this case it is a curse and lets the movie down.

flcl 18 Jul, 2010
This movie was amazing, amazing comedy and bit more serious than the drama. (just like in Galileo)
Soundtrack was good and the plot was amazing + more interesting characters.

Also an epic ending for GTO drama if you watched them in order: Drama, Special, Movie.
zaharisa 04 Jul, 2010
muahahahahahahahaha :D