ESC to close 3.49 (by 288 users)tongjeung 통증
  • 2011
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized tongjeung
english Pained
literal Pain


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 07 Sep, 2011
duration 104 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.49 of 5 by 288 users
total users 513
rating 1004
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What is it to feel pain? Nam Sun will never find out as he lacks said ability. He doesn't know what his food tastes like, nor does he feel any pain if he is wounded, all that thanks to analgesia. Obsessed with the fact that he can't feel anything he starts voluntarily hurting himself through cuts and other means. But his sad life is about to change when he meets the wonderful Dong Hyeon. But their story is not bound to be a Happily ever after one.


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Nam Sun
Dong Hyeon
Beom No
Yang A Chi
Gye Jeong
Yeong Bae




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22 Oct, 2012
They share the same atmosphere and the plot is very similar in both. Also, in both films the man is a rough gangster-like person and the woman he falls in love with is cheerful despite her fragility or disability.


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soracookie 25 Oct, 2015
Nothing special.
Thus, ending was senseless and annoying. :/
jangminhae 31 Mar, 2014
Nice movie. The begining was so warm and cute, but i could never predict this ending. It made me so sad... ='[
His friend never meant to let him in the building. He had everything ready for Nam-Soon to leave this place as soon as possible, but unlucky things happen. He was so desperate in the end. I felt sorry for him...

I thought the movie would have a predictable, our-love-lives-forever-like ending, but no. Well, I kind of prefer it that way, to be honest.
I generally liked the movie, especially the beging.
Very Good: 4/5
kiyoshi 01 Mar, 2014
This is a beautiful love story.
089110 19 Feb, 2013
They were cute together, but the overall movie was a bit boring. It has a simple storyline - nothing new and dramatic.
thefreak 12 Jan, 2013
I agree: Concerning the feelings and story development the first half was really warm and my tummy got this bubbly feeling towards the two main characters and their relationship, but the ending was too predictable (like in every dramatic Korean movie with similiar plot~~~)
I still liked the film. The performance of the actors/actresses was great and I really liked the character composition: Nam Sun had the rough appearance with all the bruises and his broad shoulders but he still was more sensitive than his female counterpart (not speaking much, walking aroung with hunched shoulders and speaking in a soft -and sometimes- almost inaudible voice) while Dong Hyeon was more fragile on the outside but really strong on the inside (shouting and cursing to defend herself against all the evilness surrounding her)
But minus points for the fake blood; it was orange xD

She had a reason. Dong Hyeon overheard Nam Sun's conversation with the doctor and also how Nam Sun promised to find the money to pay for her treatment. She left him so he wouldn't have to pay such a huge sum to buy her medicine (I think that's why she said: 'We're a burden to each other' She actually was of the opinion that SHE would be a burden to HIM)
siobhan 18 Dec, 2012
i cried my eyes out :< i wish i had never seen this. and i want to watch it again. f*ck...
wagahay 19 Nov, 2012
i was cry only once!
when Beom No pushed the car to try to save Nam Sun!!! It was really impressed.

First half was pretty good. Fanny and warm story. Charming characters. Second half was not so good. Looks like screenwriter just dont know how finish the movie
mikazuki 21 Oct, 2012
I loved the concept and story but was a little disappointed with the ending. This reminded me of "Always", but it was better than this. Pain is still a good movie, though. The atmosphere was nice and there was a few funny scenes, too :)