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  • 2012
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized gyakuten saiban
english Ace Attorney
literal Turnabout Trial

Based On

based on game
title gyakuten saiban
author CAPCOM


genres comedy, crime, drama, law


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 11 Feb, 2012
duration 135 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.59 of 5 by 374 users
total users 691
rating 1343
favorites 16


gyakuten saiban: sono 'shinjitsu', igiari!
2016 TV jp


Based on the well known detective game, this story is about Naruhodou and how he resolves a very thrilling case as an attorney. When Naruhodous partner suddenly dies, all that is left is Mayoi and a strange clock. Naruhodou is supposed to save Mayoi from going to prison for no reason and on the way should find out, why his partner died. A very exciting movie, that has all the elements people loved about the game as well!


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Naruhodou Ryuuichi
Ayasato Mayoi
Mitsurugi Reiji
Itonokogiri Keisuke
Yahari Masashi
Ayasato Chihiro




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28 Oct, 2012
If you ever played the game, you'll know what this movie is about.

Naruhodou is a lawyer. Suddenly his partner dies and only leaves him with her sister Mayoi, a strange clock and the note "Mayoi". Now he is supposed to save Mayoi from jail and finding out why his partner had to die. And there is a lot more than you can see...

Naruhodou played by Narimiya Hiroki was the perfect idea. Even though I've only played Apollo Justice until now, I still felt very connected to this movie and the main character. This movie is just like the game. Blinking letters everywhere, the phases of the game when it comes to cross-examining the witness, them just correcting their testimony... And the funny noises when Naruhodou showed them some evidence, when the witness slowly got cornered and got nervous... Everything was there. I'm sure they took it 1:1 from the game.

But it didn't make the movie less enjoyable. I found it funny, got excited whenever they showed me a new side of the characters and I liked the strange hair after I got used to it.

The story is exciting as well, even though I sometimes felt like it's too long and tangled. It made me stop the movie once for a tiny break, that's why I had to deduct one rating point. But in the end I didn't regret that I watched the movie, and if they made another one, I'd still watch it.

Ace Attorney is so funny. 4*!
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29 Nov, 2014
Both feature lawyers and court sessions in a comical way.

31 Jan, 2014
Both movies are comedies about lawyers and are largely set in court.


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yurisama 17 Jun, 2013
well, not Great as the video games but it was Good anyway ^^
Now I really want too see Godot, Franziska, and the other characters as well d:
mikkuchan07 07 Jan, 2013
I really enjoyed watching this ^^ Pheonix' hair war great, as well as the other significant and unique features of the characters.

The special effects, with the aura and the monitors in the court werde great.
Great adaption from a video game. ^^
gangnamstyle 20 Dec, 2012
Takashi Miike can do all sorts of movies. He is known for horror,but he shows time and time again that he can do other types of movies. Takashi-san is a true master! By the way,this is the best movie based off a video game I've ever seen !!!
ksquicci 19 Nov, 2012
i absolutely adored this film. it was really moody and i loved the cinematography/costumes/makeup. it gave it the film a really cool feel! the plot is really interesting, and there are a lot of twists that I wasn't expecting. i've never played the game before, but the movie is by far enough to keep a girl interested!!!
suki034 06 Oct, 2012
Yahari was so adorably funny, he made me laugh the most!
yuna 30 Sep, 2012
I love how they used "A Maiden's Prayer" in it.
beatte 29 Sep, 2012
At first I was a little bit confused... that hair style, clothes and... high tech. I know that it's based on game (never played), but it was weird. After 15min I forgot about it and I could fully enjoy this film :D
There was only one sentence, because of which I found out a culprit before Naruhodou (Wright) =.=

If you expect something mysterious or something like e.g. Detective Conan, it's not this kind of film.
It's really a comedy with some unexpected twists :)
leviathan 09 Sep, 2012
The movie was ok. But it has too many flaws when we compare to the game. I had high expectations for this movie but it didn't satisfied me, sorry. But still not that bad either.

I like only the part that Polly giving testimony to the court haha