ESC to close 3.08 (by 212 users)cheon beonui ipmatchum 천 번의 입맞춤
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized cheon beonui ipmatchum
english A Thousand Kisses (literal)


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 20 Aug, 2011 - 05 Feb, 2012
episodes 50
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 20:40 - 21:50
status released


avg. score 3.08 of 5 by 212 users
total users 632
rating 654
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U Ju Yeong is a housewife to an adulterous husband. She is tired of her husband's affairs and as a result, wants a divorce. However, her husband is extremely persistent about not settling for divorce because U Ju Yeong takes really good care of their son, Chan No, and his mother. However, she meets Jang U Bin through a coincidental encounter where she ends up breaking a porcelain vase he received from one of his soccer players. Jang U Bin, also, gets along great with her son as well. He seems like the perfect man for Ju Yeong to have a wholehearted romance with.

Meanwhile, the second couple consists of Ju Yeong's younger sister, U Ju Mi, and Jang U Bin's older cousin, Jang U Jin. U Ju Mi is young with a seemingly innocent charm who falls instantly for Jang U Jin. However, Jang U Jin is afraid to love because he believes he is like his father. He believes his father has never been able to make both of his wives generally happy.


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U Ju Yeong
Jang U Bin
Jang U Jin
U Ju Mi
Min Ae Ja
Park Chan No




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17 Apr, 2012
Starting off as a great show about a newly divorced woman fending for herself, A Thousand Kisses soon loses its way and because trite with cliches and unnecessary melodrama meant only to draw out plot lines.

The story begins nicely, as we watch the love lives of the two sisters unfold. And despite the early signs that there were going to be barriers (as they date two close cousins), the story deals with the issues quite nicely. And then you promptly get hit with birth secrets, characters undergoing personality changes every episode, and plot lines coming up that make no sense compared to the previous story arcs. And the final episode, while nice, has nothing to do with what the previous 49 episodes have told us. Infuriating, unless you like the fast-forward button.

The acting was one of the decent things about the show, as the acting never really falters despite the story doing so. While it was never great to begin with, it was great considering what the actors had to work with. If for nothing else, watch because you like one of the actors.

This is a show to skip unless a) you need to finish a show that you've begun, b) you've invested too much time in it or c) you really, really, really liked the actors. Either way, have your finger on the fast-forward button.
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kate64100 04 Feb, 2014
I'm only after a few episodes and I'm already ridiculously amused by the ways everyone are connected and the number of those ways only keep growing. Like, really, you'd think only ten people lived in the world, lol.
And, seriously, like it wasn't enough that it'll be cousins doing the two sisters, one of the cousin's step-mother must be the real mother of the sisters, too? Deer lord, hilariousness~
liyirna 16 Oct, 2013
Bland tasteless story with good acting. Beginning was enjoyable but finishing was a chore.
linest 20 Jan, 2013
Great drama, with very good cast.
The Ost is very nice too <3

But... Yu Gyeong so frustrating

This should be called 'A Thousand Hugs' [2] lol
sugarpain 25 Nov, 2012
It's really tiring...I'm kinda forcing myself to watch ep 39 atm. And i keep watching it only cause of Ji Hyeon U!lol But everything is such a cliche and it's so predictable i already know what's going to happen next!:/
Most of the characters are really annoying especially Ju Yeong!I can't really stand the whole "i'm hopeless, i'll sacrifice myself for no reason and be miserable for the rest of my life instead of doing what makes me happy" act...-.- And the classic situation were there is a misunderstanding and when u get the chance to explain u just sit there saying nothing being yelled at and maybe get slapped...seriously all the cliches together!lol They just cry and fight about the same things all over instead of finding a solution...nothing interesting happens!:/

I don't think it's a good drama and it's not worth spending so many hours to watch all these eps!But that's just my opinion!:) If it was 20 eps and they didn't drag the story so much it would be better but...
fumetsuka 25 Jul, 2012
the length of the drama prevented me from actually starting it for quite a while now... I'm on the 6th episode and I'm still expecting a lot :D
stellybish 03 Jul, 2012
It looks nice and I really like the actors... but I don't have time for such a long drama :/
blackkxstar 05 Mar, 2012
This should be called 'A Thousand Hugs' neverless I love this drama! <3
babo 25 Feb, 2012
Am I the only one who thinks this is really slowpaced?