ESC to close 3.49 (by 203 users)cheonirui yaksok 천일의 약속
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized cheonirui yaksok
english A Thousand Days' Promise (literal)
aka 1,000 day promise, forget me not, 물망초, 千日的约定


genres drama, romance, illness


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 17 Oct, 2011 - 20 Dec, 2011
episodes 20
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.49 of 5 by 203 users
total users 616
rating 709
favorites 8



Park Ji Hyeong and Lee Seo Yeon have been having an affair for the past year, and are perfectly content to keep things that way. When Ji Hyeong's wedding date with long-time fiancee and childhood friend No Hyang Gi is finalized, the two lovers decide to part ways. However, when strong-willed and independent Seo Yeon is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, she finds her world collapsing around her. Now, Seo Yeon must cope with losing everything that's precious to her, as she starts recessing further and further into her own mind, and slowly starts becoming someone else.




Park Ji Hyeong
Lee Seo Yeon
Jang Jae Min
No Hyang Gi
Cha Dong Cheol
O Hyeon A




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17 Mar, 2013
I start this with a warning. There will not be a happy ending, do not even hope for it, if you don't want them crashed into invisible pieces, please!

God! Until this, I have seen Kim Rae Won only as a sweet, cheerful, allways laughing, cute bear (for an asian guy)... I really was afraid how he will make this role work. Well he did, whitout a doubt. I really loved him before, but this made him one of my favourites.

I have never seen Su Ae in anithing before. How could I miss her???? She was great as well.

I really enjoyed their chemistry in the first few episodes. And then, the disease kicked in... From there it was just one big and long descent to hell... And I was just sitting there before my screen, watching it, my heart sinking, aching, breaking then disappearing together with Seo Yeon. And more than for Seo Yeon I was crying for Ji Hyeong and her family. How can anyone watch their loved one fading away? I was amazed how every single person put their best together to make the main couple's life at least bearable, helping them anyway they could. In this drama every single person is in misery becouse one so important is suffering, and their bond grows stronger and stronger as the things are getting harder and harder.

It was a drama so hard to start... Becouse I knew what was coming... I took out the first episode, then whitout starting it closed it again and again at least 10 times. I knew I can only watch it in one sitting, becouse I didn't want to bring the heavy feelings whit me one week after another. Oh, God, on that weekend I wasn't even living. While watching and after I finished it I was just praying for days: Please God, don't let me find out if my family could go through somthing like this with the same togetherness.

This drama definetly worth it. Everything. Your time. Your heartache. Your tears.
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06 Jan, 2012
A heart-wrenching story, Thousand Day Promise delves deep into the mind of a dementia patient to show us what it's like to slowly lose your mind and memories.

The story is written exceptionally, as its chronicles the pains and trials of both Seo Yeon, who must cope with slowly loosing herself, as well as those around her, as they watch the strong-willed woman they love recess further into her mind and become unrecognizable. While it does start of slow and feel long-winded (the first four episodes or so are pretty hard to get through), once the diagnosis is revealed, the story continues on an upward rise to a great ending.

The acting was superb in the later episodes, as Su Ae wows you with her best performance yet and those who play her family show what it really means to be your characters. Kim Rae Won started off slow and, quite frankly, really dull, until later on, when his character starts to show some depth. Ji Hyeong is played with a deep seated understanding, and Rae Won shows the struggle Ji Hyeong goes through as he attempts to not fall apart under the stress.

While the directing was strong, and the cinematography great, it does get a bit dull after a while, but never enough to detract from the viewing.

Overall, a Thousand Day Promise is a great show to watch, if for nothing else than for Su Ae's amazing acting.
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22 Jul, 2012
Both female protagonists have Alzheimer's disease, and the whole story of each drama is about their relationships with their beloved men.


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ichyuuki 27 Apr, 2014
Ai meu pobre coração... :´( O final foi... Droga! Eu continuo chorando! Minha cabeça dói.
thefreak 20 Aug, 2013
I'm so glad this drama is finally over (as in ' I completed it') because this show was just suffocating me for the last half!
Although the characters were wonderfully played and most of them just endearing in all their rotten glory, stubbornness and non-sense morality; 1000 Day Promise is still a painful and lenghty run through the lives of an alzheimer patient and all the people close to her. There is close to no development, no twists, no turns, the only enemy is the disease, and that's just not enough!
I think the character of Ji Hyeong was totally wasted in the first half! The second half was way better for him as you could finally see why he is the hero in this drama!
Yoohwan's performance surprised me in a positive way! His character actually made me cry the most!
thefreak 06 Aug, 2013
Up to episode 4
I really like the fact that all the characters are so selfish, because that's exactly what makes them so real! Every character so far has its flaws; one is naive and stupid, the other overprotective, the other shallow, and another one is a big coward. And the difference is what helps them develop; without knowing it, they're all taking turns in pointing out each others flaws and trying to correct them.

I also started it because of Yoohwan and the story; but I'm staying for the characters and the emotions!

//edit 7.8.2013//
Up to episode 8
The last episodes were missing plot and visible development which makes them rather slow and boring although the performance of the cast is still top-notch. The parents are cracking me up instead of driving me to the edge by being evil! I love their dynamic and their nonsense-morals!

//edit 13.8.2013//
Up to episode 13
I'm glad the slump is finally over. As there is always this huge fear to lose a character or for things to (eventually) go totally wrong in this kind of drama, it's nice to have a few episodes where the characters can breath and be happy (at least for a moment)~~ Because episodes 7-10 were just void of interesting development (which is already rare in this show) and heartwarming moments, so I had a hard time continuing.
naath 05 Feb, 2013
Such a heartbreaking drama. Aaaww, I'm still sobbing rn. BEAUTIFUL.
kasumii 12 Aug, 2012
everybody cried during this drama...seo yeon, ji hyung,moon kwon,the aunt. everyone. and me of course.
it was a really touching story.heavy and have to be prepared to shed buckets of tears when you start watching it.the actors were great.not even one of them did awfully:D
keelin 27 Jul, 2012
FINALLY good and heavy drama! Its intense, beautiful and heartbreaking

I hope this show will deliver what I expect.
kanae 23 Jun, 2012
Très beau drama
stehcamine 05 Mar, 2012
Chorei. MUITO .