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  • 2012
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized ai to makoto
english For Love's Sake
literal Love And Sincerity
aka Ai And Makoto, The Legend Of Love And Sincerity

Based On

based on manga
title ai to makoto
author Kajiwara Ikki (梶原一騎)


genres action, comedy, romance, music


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 16 Jun, 2012
duration 134 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.89 of 5 by 125 users
total users 293
rating 361
favorites 1


ai to makoto
1974 TV jp
same setting


Saotome Ai pledged her devotion to Taiga Makoto after a shared childhood experience, and when she meets him again she tries her best to help him, despite his lack of interest in anything but fighting. When Makoto is transferred to a yankee ridden school after yet another violent incident, Ai soon follows, but their strange relationship attracts the negative attention of an unlikely gang leader who develops a grudge against Makoto.




Taiga Makoto
Saotome Ai
Iwashimizu Hiroshi
Takahara Yuki
Zaou Gonta




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10 Jan, 2015
Makoto seeks revenge. And then there is Ai, that seeks Makotos love, because he onces saved her, when she was small. But they couldn't be any different. She is the lovely, pure daughter from rich parents while he is a lonvely delinquent, that can't keep his fists by himself. When he switches schools, Ai meets him again and decides to follow him to his school. But it's different from her usual surroundings, because the whole school consists of gangs, delinquents and other violent people. But she wants to stay by Makoto and gain his trust and love.

This movie was easier to watch than I thought. It is really interesting, how Takashi Miike filmed it. And the best part about it is it beaing a musical. I love the songs, because they spice up the story and at the same time make it all the mor ridiculous. The acting could probably be better or at least more realistic, but that would do the movie nothing good. It is strange and probably doesn't have any great message.

But this movie tries good and fun things, and you should give it a try. It's a romance story, so you can enjoy it for the romance. It has good, fun music, so you can enjoy it being a musical. It has fights and gangs, so you can enjoy it as an action movie. And then it has the beautiful animation in the beginning and the end, which makes it even a bit artsy. Also, there are many things to laugh about, so you can also enjoy it as a comedy.

This movie has it all. Except - like I said - a proper message. It is there to be enjoyed and I definitely did. I had to deduct one point, because I am not fond of the ending. But I still enjoyed the movie and would suggest fans of japanese cinema to watch this piece of art. 4*.
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japanfreak 25 Jun, 2017
the only thing that hold down this movie was the musical part but if you manage to ignore that its a nice movie
soulmarket 16 Jan, 2014
I was going to say that this is another quirky parody-film by Miike Takashi, but Miike Takashi doesn't quite do quirky as much as he does bizarre, somewhat disturbing, absolutely ridiculous, and totally awesome.

If you're a Miike fan, then you need to see this. If you're a musical fan, you may want to pass. ^^;; (Not that the two are mutually exclusive.) If you're looking for a nice, normal high school romance jmovie, then you'll definitely want to give this a pass.

It's weird. It's a weird movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also a thirty-something-year-old Tsumabuki Satoshi playing a high school student hahahahahahahahaha. <3
neo9000 10 Aug, 2013
All 30sec they start to sing for 3min. Better stay away from it, japanese disney musical or something happened here.

Is what I thought first. But then it is actually kind of entertaining. The end is also rewarding.
dokmi 08 Jul, 2013
worth watching once if you're Satoshi's fan x3♥
suki034 13 Jun, 2013
yep he did :(
eunhye 23 Mar, 2013
My god it's just a wonderful parody, don't take it so serious.
I was like hmmm another bad schoolboys story, okay. But than he started to SING. Amazing.
Now the OST is my all-time favourite.
Aaaaishiteru~~~ aaaishiteru~~
angi 17 Mar, 2013
I like this movie it's so weird and funny but I am super confussed about the ending! >-<

Did he died in that scene?
invincible 11 Feb, 2013
really weird