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  • 2012
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized rurouni kenshin
aka samurai x

Based On

based on manga
title rurouni kenshin
author Watsuki Nobuhiro (和月伸宏)


genres action, martial arts, fict. history


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 25 Aug, 2012
duration 134 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.15 of 5 by 1433 users
total users 2198
rating 5953
favorites 84


rurouni kenshin: meiji kenkaku roumantan
1996 TV jp
same setting
rurouni kenshin: kyoto taika hen
2014 film jp


Himura Kenshin, also known as the Ishinshishi assassin 'Hitokiri Battousai', is now a wandering swordsman carrying a reverse blade sword. Japan has opened to foreign trade and is transforming with new western ideas. He meets Kamiya Kaoru, a headstrong girl continuing her father's 'Sword that Saves' dojo, and finds that there are still people who need his protection.




Himura Kenshin
Kamiya Kaoru
Takani Megumi
Sagara Sanosuke
Udou Jine
Takeda Kanryuu


singer, composer
costume designer


11 May, 2013
I have mixed feelings about this one.

As a samurai action movie I liked it; it was pretty good: plenty of fight scenes, a vague story-line you won't hate and follow easily, and likable characters.

As a Kenshin movie; I did not hate it but neither I found it good. Some characters from kenshin made cameos, grabbed their 15 mins of fame but it was more like cosplay for me. Only way I was able to have fun was by kinda not making comparisons with the original and just treat this as a clip of people cosplaying their favorite kenshin characters. I was pleasantly surprised by the cast (I thought I was going to hate this when I saw the cast), they were pretty good.. Just not good enough for a kenshin fan like me.
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26 Dec, 2012
Watched it! Finally! And... What can I say... Well, for starters when the movie was first announced along with the cast I was more than sure that I'm not going to like it, probably even hate it. Kenshin is one of my most, most favorite characters ever, and to be honest, as much as I like Sato Takeru, I just couldn't image him as Kenshin in any way possible. The same thought was, still is actually, even stronger when it comes to the rest of the cast, which, in my eyes, is just... the worst ever imaginable (Who did this ridiculous casting anyway?), and I had about a million doubts on how the fights will be presented, or what parts of the story they will take and how they will ruin it, probably, and so on, and so on... I had about a million reasons to hate it but still... This is Kenshin, so despite everything said I had to watch it and to my absolute astonishment this movie is actually much, much better than I ever expected it to be...

The colors and the music are just amazing. Everything looks much more realistic than I thought it will be. The battle scenes were just breathtaking, without too much special effects, but still spectacular in kind of realistic way. The story is a nice mesh-up of the arcs at the begging of the manga (Thank God, they didn't try to cover the whole manga!). The characters were put up nicely and had some part in the story, not just being there, only for the fans to see them... Also the biggest surprise was that Sato is actually a pretty good Kenshin. Much more good than I would have ever given him credit for... After the first few scenes I found myself even liking him as Kenshin quite a lot... Still surprised at that!

Still... the movie gets only 'very good' from me, because I still don't like the rest of the cast, but as a whole this is one really good live-action, so Kenshin fan or not, I would definitely recommend it.
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keepingbreath 26 Mar, 2016
i fell in love with Gein by Ayano Go...
yokochan 27 Sep, 2014
Amazing Movie <333 *___________________*
iluvlynx 04 Sep, 2014
I like storylines that are set in old Japan, but often can't find a movie or drama that's actually good with a good plotline or especially acting. I liked the way it was shot - they had a lot of fade-out transitions and that was a little weird, but it worked, as it went with the "ancient" feel of the setting, and DAMN THAT BOY IS CUTE. For the first 15 minutes or so I just kept rewinding certain parts because I just had to study his beautiful face and hair. I am a sucker for pretty boys with long hair.

I think I've read a couple of volumes a few years back so I only vaguely remembered a couple of scenes and only Kaoru and Kenshin and shirtless guy (I forget his name but I'm 99% sure I remember him downing that raw egg in the manga). However, I liked this movie. I wasn't completely sucked into it and I wasn't really moved like I should have been by the sadder moments, but I did greatly enjoy the movie and was glad that it wasn't as bad as the poster art for the movie was not an indication of how good (bad) it was going to be.

I'm excited for the two sequels! I mean, yes, it's almost 4am, but I would totally forgo sleeping and watch them! I think this is a testament to my belief that J-movies are done much better than J-dramas. I love J-dramas, but they could put more money into it and therefore get a better result. This movie might even move me to start the manga again.
d0npian0 08 Mar, 2014
So I'm definitely not a Kenshin expert (I read like the first ~3 volumes of the manga over ten years ago), so I can't really tell whether it's as good as the original but as a movie I really quite liked it. The pacing was nice, the soundtrack really added to the fight scenes and I think the message came across.
beautifur 14 Jan, 2014
Not a fan of samurai & action movies in general but this was surprisingly good!
The fight scenes were cool and the ost was beautiful. And obviously, Takeru Sato ♥
miufuna 18 Nov, 2013
Ohh...amazing movie ♥ ♥
nyappymiyu 06 Jul, 2013
@watashiwachiaki I know I know but lhsjdhds I can't wait and I want those movies right now ♥ ;__;
watashiwachiaki 06 Jul, 2013
@nyappymiyu uhmm... I guess because they don't want to give us a crappy movie =D