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  • 1999
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized audition


genres drama, horror, mystery, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 06 Oct, 1999
duration 115 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.17 of 5 by 308 users
total users 456
rating 975
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This horror film is about a father who lost his wife seven years ago and after he is told by his son that he looks old, gets help from his close friend to find a woman to marry him.
Those two hold auditions to find the perfect match, and finally find a good looking woman with an unordinary charm and attitude.

The story, besides being horror, shows two different aspects of life and talks about its worth.


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Aoyama Shigeharu
Yamasaki Asami
Yoshikawa Yasuhisa
Aoyama Ryouko
Old Man In Wheelchair


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11 Aug, 2013
This movie is really interesting. It's kinda horror-ish, but more weird and confusing than anything. But in a good way, like a David Lynch movie. In fact, it's actually a lot like his movies.

I don't quite get it still, but I think it is what makes this movie good, the confusion about what is true and what is not, or what all this means.

I really like the actress that plays the part of Asami. I might even try to get the leather apron and gloves for Halloween and go disguised as her while saying "kiri, kiri, kiri". You have to understand though, the acting is really... down key? It's not like dramas or light hearted movies at all. I feel like the girl acts like a really "japanese" shy girl. It goes with the feel of the movie in the way that the main character is searching for such a girl. The way he falls for her though... I would have created a better build up since it's kinda too quick.

That said, I feel like the Asami character is really well described. Her purpose is really clear, even though we are not completely sure why exactly she's like that. But I doesn't really matter since the point is mainly to be able to say she has a motive to do what she's doing.

That said, you have to love Lynch's movie to enjoy this I think. If not, you'll find this a bit boring or too weird. And you also have to immerse yourself in the acting. It's not soo much acting as being true to the character ways, in my mind.
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aqu135 11 Jul, 2014
The premise is actually really interesting and the
dream(?) sequence
was nicely filmed...but the acting was top-notch, especially by the main guy
noodlemouth 19 Dec, 2012
My first Miike Takashi movie!
I didn't think the film was boring, I enjoyed it :D
But the ending was difficult to watch O_O (but I was expecting it to be gory ^.^)

The book was interesting too.
gangnamstyle 03 Nov, 2012
this movie is one strange cookie. i just don't understand it. anyone cares to explain?
pandablepsia 24 Oct, 2012
for people who found it boring, it's called tension and purposefully misleading the viewer into feeling safe. Then it just, well... kiri kiri kiri... people who've seen this understand the terror. it's not a violent blockbuster. it's psychological, twisted japanese horror at its best.
gleamnightmare 25 Jun, 2012
This was really boring and once it near the end I had to stop watching. I can't handle stuff like that and according to my dad it was really gross and I didn't miss much.
r0lan 11 May, 2012
The movie was slow paced but i found the story overly interesting.
Though the last 20 mins of this film was really disturbing x.x
Overall, it's kinda boring... idk. I don't like this movie :|
nanuklein 08 Aug, 2011
First time in my life where I saw human cruelty so purely. It was a shocker for me, but nonetheless a masterpiece for being so blunt, and direct, not trying to hide anything behind censorship.
iwantcertainwords 27 Jul, 2011
I was disappointed, too. I was intrigued by the premise, which had potential, but this movie is just poorly, poorly written. It had its moments but even those were all forgettable. Hopefully the novel is better.