ESC to close 3.65 (by 687 users)is: otoko demo onna demo nai sei
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized is: otoko demo onna demo nai sei
english IS: Not A Boy And Not A Girl (literal)
aka Intersexual, aiesu: otoko demo onna demo nai sei, アイエス〜男でも女でもない性〜

Based On

based on manga
title is: otoko demo onna demo nai sei
author Rokuhana Chiyo (六花チヨ)


genres drama, family, romance, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Tokyo (テレビ東京)


date 18 Jul, 2011 - 19 Sep, 2011
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.65 of 5 by 687 users
total users 1112
rating 2510
favorites 20



Hoshino Haru was born an IS (intersexual), neither being a boy nor a girl with attributes from both genders. Registered as a girl, because she was interested in boyish games, her parents raised her as a boy with the cooperation of her first school directors. But when they explain the situation to the high school Haru wants to enter, the director refuses to have Haru as a boy. Determined to graduate from this specific high school, Haru decides to spend her three years of high school as a girl, thus leading to big changes in her life.




Hoshino Haru
Aihara Miwako
Saitou Reon
Ibuki Kenji
Hoshino Tarou
Hoshino Youko




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stellybish 02 Jul, 2014
It was an intresting drama. The acting was also good.
I liked the unbreakable bond in Haru's family. I hope people like that really do exist.
But sadly, I don't think people change their opinion so fast and embrace the different with warm feelings.
Still, the drama gives you hope for a somewhat brighter future ~
iluvlynx 22 Jun, 2014
I really enjoyed this drama. It reminded me of the hardships that those who are perceived as "different" by society have to face, and it renewed my desire to accept - and make it clear that I accept them - as many people as I can. The strength in this drama was empowering to me, and I felt I could connect with the characters a lot.

The acting was good, and the message was awesome. I hope that this could broaden some minds to the difficulties those with identity differences may have.

I also want to know how Haru and Kenji turned out >_> What a cruel ending, leaving their relationship open for us to decide. I just want to know Dx They were so cute together.

Oh, and I rate this 9/10 :) You don't see this kind of drama often with this kind of societal issue, and I'm glad it's out there now. It's pretty somber most of the time, though, so if you're looking for something funny, I do not recommend this. For those who may want to look at life another way, I definitely recommend this.
yoonmin 26 Oct, 2013
This was an amazing drama. Very interesting!
The acting was good, the characters were interesting, the plot was highly interesting. I have nothing to complain about. It´s a master piece!
But in the end, I wanted to know how haru and Kenji were going to turn out. Did they just stay friends? Or did they date(even when Haru went to school as a Boy again?)
kamilles 10 Sep, 2013
One of my favorite dramas! It was perfect all the way through!
9miho 03 Sep, 2013
Looks interesting!

EDIT: The first thing I thought when watching this was "Why is she wearing her skirt so short"

EDIT EDIT: I just finished it. It was alright. I don't watch 'school dramas' so much anymore but it was a bit better than most of them.
kyouki 15 Jun, 2013
Awesome awesome awesome. Watch this, and open your horizons~
Just a wonderful drama!!
ahmadz 28 Mar, 2013
I will give it 5 of 5 not only because of a good acing, because it show how the society and humans are harsh and disrespectful as beasts.
infidence 22 Jun, 2012
Really bad actors but I kinda liked this drama anyway, strangly enough.