ESC to close 2.85 (by 171 users)jigoneun motsara 지고는 못살아
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized jigoneun motsara
english Can't Live With Losing (literal)
aka Can't Lose


genres comedy, life, romance, law


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 24 Aug, 2011 - 20 Oct, 2011
episodes 18
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 2.85 of 5 by 171 users
total users 474
rating 488
favorites 6


sasaki fusai no jingi naki tatakai
2008 TV jp


Two capable lawyers Eun Jae and Hyeong U fell in love during a baseball match. Soon after that they got married and open their own small law firm. But when there is love there are also fights. Soon both of them face problems in their young relationship. Will they get over it or is it the end of their relationship?




Lee Eun Jae
Yeon Hyeong U
Go Gi Chan
Kim Yeong Ju
Jo Jeong Gu
Yu Jeong Nan


assistant director


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05 Feb, 2012
An interesting twice on romance stories, Can't Lose takes the 'Happily Ever After' and gives it a twist.

As we watch Eun Jae and Hyeong U attempt to navigate their marriage life after a whirlwind courtship, we get to see that marriage and dating are two different lives. As their problems come to clash, the story takes us on a completely realistic rollercoaster ride of ups, downs and realizations. The show remains true to it's ideas, and it finished as perfectly as it began. The two still bicker and mismatch, but through new, more understanding eyes that reflect actual relationships.

The acting was great, with chemistry not only between the leads, but also with their friends and supporters. There are no evil characters, no misunderstood ones. They're normal people, which takes the acting another notch up because you get the feeling that the actors are themselves. My only complain is that Choe Ji U (Eun Jae) sometimes lost me in her portrayal, where I couldn't feel for her. But she still hit it out of the ballpark during most of the scenes.

While not the best of shows, Can't Lose is a breath of fresh air from the overly dramatic or comedic shows. Grounded in reality, with enough laughter to be fun and enough, daily problems to resonate with you, this is a show to watch when you need something new.
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blancwing 19 May, 2013
A really low paced drama with so many boring (fighting) scenes. Even though I like most of the actors, I've been pushing it since episode 1. I'm up to ep 08 and to think I still have 10 eps left makes me want to drop it. I'll try a few more, I know this is supposed to be a realistic topic, but instead of enjoying a drama I'm just annoyed.
litaap 11 May, 2012
So much fun ! I admit there were some parts of the drama that got me a bit bored cause i wanted the story to develop faster, but it was a reeeeally good drama :D And Yun Sang Hyeon is one of my favorite actors :3
rooomanoooma 21 Mar, 2012
It's a realistic family drama. It provides precious advices for married couples <3 Although there were boring scenes, but the main couple's charisma stood out powerfully throughout the drama. I liked their second stage relationship the most. So many funny romantic moments to watch in this stage plus that most of the cases that have been dealt with were heartedly touching ;D This drama proved that forcing someone to be with you may keep them there, but not out of love. It can be out of obligation or fear. As Doug Horton once said;“If you love something let it go free. If it doesn't come back, you never had it. If it comes back, love it forever.”
yoonmin 06 Nov, 2011
The drama is quite good.
It´s a good family drama. It includes many problems that might come up in a family and I really like family related things. It´s a little long though, and iI did have some trouble concentrating on it.
But still. It´s good. Not perfect, but not bad.
Interesting script, good acting, fun characters. I liked it.
zaharisa 01 Nov, 2011
I dropped it, because I don't like it. Couldn't endure further than episode 2.
filipinabebot 01 Nov, 2011
the rating is so bad because most people in Korea are watching princess man which had the same airing as cant lose.. i think this drama is awesome :D
leylachan 31 Oct, 2011
Well, I'm currently watching it. I love the cast and some characters are really interesting. But I can't help but feel that something is missing. Usually I have to fight myself not to start looking the next episode of a drama. With this one I can spend days without watching. I'm usually very excited about whatever happens to the characters but not this time. It's slightly boring. but I'll watch it till the end
florcoop 17 Oct, 2011
Why the rating is so bad? I watched first episode and I think is really good :/