ESC to close 3.91 (by 437 users)no.6
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized no.6
aka nanba shikkusu

Based On

based on book
title no.6
author Asano Atsuko ( あさのあつこ)


genres sci fi


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)
by bones (ボンズ)


date 08 Jul, 2011 - 16 Sep, 2011
episodes 11
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 01:15 - 01:45
status released


avg. score 3.91 of 5 by 437 users
total users 712
rating 1709
favorites 44



On his birthday, in the middle of a typhoon, a strange wounded boy named Nezumi enters Shion's room. Shion gives him a hand and saves him, with it putting himself in danger before the Public Security Bureau for assisting a runaway. What will happen to Shion and how will his life change?






director, storyboard creator


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Random chan 17 Sep, 2012
@majorzero yup, no one should think their opinion is better than that of the others.

Sad thing about the entertainment industry today is exactly what you mentioned. It became, in a way, a lot less daring and most stuff out there are written by the book. I personally consider story over any other aspect when I watch a film or a series. However, I do find bad cover (aka: bad cinematography or art) a letdown

I don't see anything special in No.6 as well, as I said before. But I do believe that in aspect of character interaction, it is way better than other animations currently out in the market. I personally tried to convince myself nothing romantic was going on between the two main characters, because as friends they were presented just great... but as soon as there was more to it, well, I started to tend to agree with you.

When I watched the first episode back in 2011, I dropped the series first thing, to be frank. However, around half a year ago I watched the first episode again and thought it's not half as bad so I completed it. As a total piece, it's very junky and I do not like it. However, there are certain aspects in it that do make it better than over 60% of the series you are feed with today, which I unfortunately have to consider.

There are enough series that were out long time ago and they are extremely fun to watch as they are literally epic. However, there is a limited amount of series like that (even if *all* series were epic back in the days and no new series worth watching are going to be released, there is a clear limit of the amount of titles you can watch). The new material is as important for my judgment as older one for that reason mainly =\. And for this reason also, I am always depressed at how people try to get as much money as they can instead of presenting material worth watching. On the one hand, you can understand them but on the other hand you are the one getting hurt from that.
majorzero 17 Sep, 2012
@Random chan Yeah, well, you know, me and my friend went to the Prometheus premiere this summer, so, after film I said him 'Dude, Lindelof screenplay is something beyond good and evil, he's messed everything, he tried to play in hard sci-fi then in reality it was soft as hell, he's characters it's a clean list, and finally he screwed up all movie in the very end', my friend answered 'Say thanks they are do something besides romcoms today. Plus, film was visually outstanding'. What I mean under this meaningless tirade, well, it's very obvious that this days media industry lack of material which is more risky for business than your average summer movie (tv, anime etc...),but I don't think that because of this you must be generous or soft on something that seems to be more complicated and risky especially than it is weak or mediocre in many aspects such as storytelling, edit, cinematography and even VFX there it needed. Of course, some works can be excused, for example PTA's 'There Will Be Blood' which is visually absolute boredom, but story itself was told masterfully. Unfortunately, I don't see anything masterful in No.6 nor Prometheus, but funny thing is, that it's just my opinion and everybody have one, so, if somebody think that his or her opinion better than others this person arrogant and ignorant in the same time. But again, people can defend their opinions by using some math and facts lol.
Random chan 17 Sep, 2012
@majorzero XD it's ok. Yeah, I guess I understand what you mean. There are certain aspects I didn't like as well. Most of the characters were just floating around the mains and the story was a little too chaotic. Nevertheless, it wasn't as bad as you describe for me. Lol, at least when you look at all the other junk... you feel like it is the best it can get lolol.
majorzero 16 Sep, 2012
@Random chan I consider it bad because it's weak science fiction and not that great action flick. Of course, I'm not part of target auditory (and you know what I mean), so all tricks that was used here didn't touch me at all. Animation was good, but, personally I not found anything interesting in story which is more important for me than visual (at least if this is just good animation and not some crazy work like Mononoke). Fortunately, at least for me, there is no sequels, prequels, or any other quels of No.6. Oh, sorry for broken english, usually I write a little bit better, but I'm sick, so brain cells aren't working properly.
Random chan 15 Sep, 2012
@vanityfull XD ok. I just found it offensive :P but I'll take my anger back, since you didn't mean it in a bad way.

I thought it was quite nice as well. Quite appealing ^^.
vanityfull 15 Sep, 2012
@Random chan I wasn't saying that the idea is something that haven't been told before, of course it was, it's just the way it was delivered, I found it quite refreshing and appealing. I only mentioned Ghibli because No.6 had some really beautiful animation. For me Ghibli is the best one can get when talking about this stuff, No.6 was pretty close, imho. No offence taken :)
Random chan 13 Sep, 2012
@majorzero why do you consider it bad? I mean, from my own point of view it wasn't the best series ever
and I believe that they should have made a sad ending and not force a dead person to come to live =\.

However, it was not that bad overall. Looking at nowadays series, I actually enjoyed it. One thing that really bothered me was the fact the creator of No. 6 is a shounen ai author and apparently wasn't able to filter those elements out x.x. You know, fanservice is totally necessary... because guys can't be just good friends nowadays anymore x.x.


@vanityfull XD I don't think it'll fall under 'brilliant', but it's not bad either. The 'idea' behind it was told many times. What I would actually consider 'good' in this series is the fact it had very well done main character interaction and solid animation. What do Studio Ghibli have to do with this series? I don't see why you should write their name as this series doesn't fit their style at all and they would never be jealous for production a shounen ai flick. No offense.
vanityfull 18 May, 2012
Step back? II don't think so. This is a brilliant anime with a much bigger idea behind it than it seems. Studio Ghibli is jealous right now for not producing this one.