ESC to close 3.16 (by 336 users)yeonggwangui jae in 영광의 재인
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized yeonggwangui jae in
english Man Of Honor
literal The Glory Of Jae In
aka Yeong Gwang's Jae In, Young Love Jae In, Glory Jane


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 12 Oct, 2011 - 29 Dec, 2011
episodes 24
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.16 of 5 by 336 users
total users 783
rating 1062
favorites 5



When Jae In and Yeong Gwang meet as kids, the world is still fine and nice. But because of the schemes of In Us father, Jae Ins father dies, her mother falls into coma and Jae In loses her memory and grows up as an orphan, not knowing she is originally a rich daughter of a loving father.

Yeong Gwang's father on the other hand knows about Jae In's whereabouts and sends her money. When he dies, because he knows to much about the time when Jae Ins parents were murdered, everybody starts to think that Jae In must be the daughter of Yeong Gwang's father and they reluctantly take her in.

With Jae In in his house, Yeong Gwang faces many problems. The debt his father left, his shattered dream of becoming a baseball star and his growing feelings for Jae In, that is supposed to be his half sister.
Will they find out the truth behind all the things that are currently happening to them?




Yun Jae In
Kim Yeong Gwang
Seo In U
Kim Gyeong Ju
Park Gun Ja
Seo In Cheol




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13 Jan, 2013
Yeong Gwang is the son of a driver, who drives around the president of a big business. The poor family is accepted like good friends from the president and so Yeong Gwang gets closer to the rich daughter Jae In and falls in love. Destiny hits in, when the father of Jae In gets killed by his co-founder and she's kidnapped. Yeong Gwangs father pretends to be her father later when he finds her and takes care of her by sending her money every month.

After they grow up, they once again have a destined meeting with each other, the murderer of her father and his son, Seo In U. Yeong Gwang whos fighting for his family, Jae In who seeks for her family and happiness and In U, who wants to fight against his evil father get together by destiny and start to uncover one secret after another to make the current president fall.

Sounds like an interesting story?

Well, it's not. Not really. Or at least not for me. To tell you the truth, I didn't care for this drama any more after episode 4, but since I decided to make german subtitles for this, I saw this through until the end. It certainly does have fans, but I can't understand them. The story is average at most and even though the characters are really interesting, how they built up problems and let the story flow wasn't all that great. The acting wasn't the problem, rather the story that dragged on and on. The evil guy was evil and more evil while the good side was good.

But to be honest, there also were nice things that made it good for me to sub and watch.

First is the acting, especially of Lee Jang U. His acting as a rich child who is desperate for love from his father was great! His tears, his psychological problems, his love... I liked his character the most, and if he were the main character, I'd probably enjoy it more. Second good thing are the characters from sales team 1. They work together, have fun characters, spice up the story and I especially liked to watch the tests they give Jae In, In U and Yeong Gwang. That were my favorite parts of the drama.

Still, they couldn't save the show for me. The story dragging really destroyed it a lot, and even after the last episode I felt like this drama was just a filler for the original story. It starts with Yeong Gwang playing baseball and ends with that, after a big filler "episode" with him working in a big company and doing random stuff, until he goes back to his original position... That's not really what I wanted to see.

For the acting of Jang U and the originally lovey characters in a boring story, I'll give it 2 stars. I won't recommend it to anyone. I really don't see the use of this drama. Not even a moral.
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rimawholoves 11 Feb, 2014
the first episodes are great and the ending isn't so bad as I expected, but after episode 14/15 it gets so boring that I almost dropped this...
matsuj88 02 Jan, 2013
couldnt continue to watch it. i liked the first few episodes, but it became more and more boring...dropped
sillysym 19 Apr, 2012
I finished it after a lot of effort. It became boring episode after episode, the end is awful. I'm totally deceived.
myades 16 Mar, 2012
Great star awful ending.. It was boring! Seo In U was the only thing gets better through the drama, Park Min Yeong & Cheon Jeong Myeong weren't as good as I was expecting
ilate 12 Mar, 2012
For now, I've only seen 5 episodes but I already love this drama. And I love the role of Seo In U - I mean, he may be a horrible person but look how kids can be affraid of their own parents. His moving neck says all. I'm wondering how it will go on. I'm going back to watch! :)
keelin 08 Feb, 2012
eunhye 04 Feb, 2012
It was nice at the beggining, but then it was going worse and worse... At first I skipped some scenes, then - some lines and then some episodes. Can't believe I completed it.
sonoko 21 Jan, 2012
it was good drama
had a deep meaning